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Cari Alexander

Cari Alexander

Music/Media Librarian

Phone: 817.257.7667

Charles Bellinger

Charles Bellinger

Religion and Philosophy Librarian

Phone: 817.257.7668

Diana Boerner

Diana Boerner

Business Librarian

Phone: 817.257.5336

Jeff Bond

Jeff Bond

Scholarly Communication Librarian and Science Research Liaison

Phone: 817.257.7107

Linda Chenoweth

Linda Chenoweth

Head of Reference & Instruction Services

Phone: 817.257.5430

Ammie Harrison

Ammie E. Harrison

Humanities and Theatre Research Librarian

Phone: 817.257.5338

Bogi Huddleston

Bogi Huddleston

Health Sciences Liaison & Assessment Librarian

Phone: 817.257.6063

Robyn Reid

Robyn Reid

Social Sciences Librarian

Phone: 817.257.5337

Laura Ruede

Laura Ruede

Dance Research Librarian / Van Cliburn Archivist

Phone: 817.257.7774

Alysha Sapp

Alysha Sapp

Nursing & Nurse Anesthesia Librarian

Phone: 817.257.5348

Laura Steinbach

Laura Steinbach

Art & Design Librarian

Phone: 817.257.7311

Note: Basic research lectures require forty-five minutes to one hour of class time.

Library room 3202. Seats 25.

Library room 1208. Seats 60.

Library room 3181. Seats 24.

Library room 3182. Seats 24.

Library rooms 3181+3182 combined. Seats 48.

Classroom not in the library.
If you would like the class to take place in another classroom, please specify the building and room number:
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