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United States documents

U.S. documents are shelved as a separate collection. They are arranged on the shelves by Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) classification which groups materials by issuing agency. Please visit the Government Information office or the research desk in Library Services if you need assistance locating materials.

The documents stacks are accessible from the first floor, on either side of the alcove on the east side of the Gearhardt Reading Room. The stacks are three floors high on either side and do not have elevator access. Library staff are available to assist with the retrieval of documents.

Texas and European Union documents

The TCU Library has a robust collection of Texas state documents. The Texas State Depository Program ceased in July 2011 and the TCU Texas collection is current through that date. Most Texas publications are indexed in the library online catalog. This collection is located on the second level of the documents stacks, on the north side.

The TCU Library is also a European Union Documentation Centre. EU publications are cataloged in the online catalog and are shelved in the main stacks.

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Department of State (1789- )

S 1.1: Foreign Relations of the United States
S 1.1/2: Foreign Relations of the United States [by country]
S 1.1/3: Foreign Relations of the United States, Conferences
S 1.1/3:C 12 The Conferences at Cairo and Tehran, 1943
S 1.1/3:M 29 The Conferences at Malta and Yalta, 1945
S 1.1/3:W 27 The conferences at Washington, 1941-1942, and Casablanca, 1943
S 1.1/4: Report of the Visa Office
S 1.1/6: Annual Report / Inspector General of the Department of State and Foreign Service
S 1.1/7-2: U.S. refugee admissions program for fiscal year ...
S 1.1/7: World Refugee Report
S 1.1/8: Report to Congress on Voting Practices in the United Nations
S 1.1/9: The Secretary's Semiannual Management Report to the Congress
S 1.2: General Publications
S 1.3: Department of State Bulletin
S 1.3/4: Visa Bulletin
S 1.3/5: US Department of State Dispatch
S 1.3/a: Department of State Bulletin (separates)
S 1.8: Diplomatic list 1893-
S 1.21: Telephone Directory
S 1.26: Inter-American Series 1929-
S 1.30/5: New acquisitions for ... / The Ralph J. Bunche Library of the Department of State
S 1.33: Map Series
S 1.33/2: Maps and Atlases
S 1.37: Commercial Policy Series 1934-
S 1.38 East Asia and Pacific Series 1932-
S 1.40: Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
S 1.40/2: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
S 1.40/5: Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
S 1.67: International Information and Cultural Series 1948-
S 1.69: Department of State and Foreign Service Series; Biographic Register; Foreign Consular Offices in the United States
S 1.69/2: Foreign Consular Offices in the United States
S 1.70: International Organization and Conference Series 1959-
S 1.70/1: International Organization and Conference Series, General
S 1.70/7: Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
S 1.70/8: United States Participation in the United Nations
S 1.70/9: United States Contributions to International Organizations
S 1.71: General Foreign Policy Series 1948-
S 1.71/2: American Foreign Policy Current Documents
S 1.71/3: Economic Foreign Policy Series 1970-
S 1.71/4-2: Current Policy Digest
S 1.71/4: Current Policy (series)
S 1.71/5: Public Information Series
S 1.71/6: Regional Brief
S 1.74: European and British Commonwealth Series 1948-
S 1.76/3-2: Maximum Travel per Diem Allowances for Foreign Areas
S 1.76/3: Standardized Regulations: Government Civilians, Foreign Areas
S 1.76/4: U.S. Department of State Indexes of Living Costs Abroad, Quarters Allowances, and Hardship Differentials
S 1.82: Documents on German Foreign Policy 1918-1945
S 1.85: Information Bulletin / Office of Military Government for Germany (U.S.)
S 1.86: Near and Middle Eastern Series 1948-
S 1.86/2: Near East and South Asian Series
S 1.92: Bibliography
S 1.106: Addresses
S 1.114/2: Foreign Service Institute: Basic Course Series
S 1.114/3-11: Foreign Service Institute: Bulletin
S 1.114/3-12: Foreign Service Institute: Center Paper
S 1.114/3: Foreign Service Institute: General Publications
S 1.116: American Series 1960-
S 1.118: State (newsletter)
S 1.119/2: Geographic Bulletins 1963-
S 1.119/3: International Boundary Studies 1961-
S 1.119/4: Geographic and Global Studies 1964-
S 1.119/5: Limits in the Seas
S 1.123: Background Notes [various countries]
S 1.123/2: Background Notes, Index
S 1.126/3: Foreign Affairs Notes
S 1.128: Gist (series)
S 1.129: Special Reports
S 1.129/2: Implementation of Helsinki Final Act
S 1.131: Selected Documents
S 1.133: Environmental Impact Statements
S 1.138: Patterns of Global Terrorism
S 1.138/2: Significant Incidents of Political Violence against Americans
S 1.140: Focus on Central and Eastern Europe
S 1.141: Defense Trade News: The Bulletin of the Center for Defense Trade
S 1.142: Electronic Products
S 1.142/2: U.S. Foreign Affairs on CD-ROM
S 1.145: U.S. MAB Bulletin
S 1.146: International Narcotics Control Strategy Report
S 1.147: Annual Report to the Governments of Canada, United States, Saskatchewan, and Montana / by the Poplar River Bilateral Monitoring Committee
S 1.148: Hidden Killers
S 1.149: Issues in Global Crime
S 1.151: Annual Report on International Religious Freedom
S 1.152: Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act 2000, Trafficking in Persons Report

University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries

S 1.1: Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States

Arbitration and Mixed Commissions to Settle International Disputes

S 3.25: Canada and the United States Annual Joint Report / International Boundary Commission

International Congresses, Conferences, and Commissions

S 5.30: Conference Series
S 5.48: U.S. National Commission for UNESCO: Publications

Laws of the United States

S 7.9: Statutes at Large
S 7.12: Digest of International Law
S 7.12/3: Digest of United States Practice in International Law

Library of Congress American Memory

S 7.9: The statutes at large of the United States of America

Bureau of Rolls and Library (1789-1921)

S 8.2: General Publications


S 9.5/1: Treaties and Other International Acts of the United States of America (Miller)
S 9.10: Treaties and Other International Acts Series 1946-
S 9.12: United States Treaties and Other International Agreements
S 9.14: Treaties in Force: A List of Treaties and Other International Acts of the United States in Force

Agency for International Development (1961- )

S 18.1/3: Implementation of Section 620(s) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as Amended: A Report to Congress
S 18.2: General Publications
S 18.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
S 18.47: A.I.D. Research and Development Abstracts
S 18.52: AID Project Impact Evaluation Reports
S 18.52/2: Discussion Papers
S 18.52/3: Special Studies
S 18.52/4: Evaluation Reports
S 18.52/5: Design and Evaluation Methods
S 18.54: Regional Profiles
S 18.55: Women in Development (series)
S 18.56: Selected Statistical Data by Sex [various countries]
S 18.61: USAID Highlights
S 18.62: Publications Series
S 18.68: FEWS Bulletin: USAID Famine Early Warning System
S 18.68/2: FEWS Special Report

United States Information Agency

S 20.2: General Publications
S 20.16: Economic Perspectives
S 20.17: U.S. Foreign Policy Agenda
S 20.18: Global Issues
S 20.19: U.S. Society & Values
S 20.20: Issues of Democracy

Educational and Cultural Affairs Bureau

S 21.15: English Teaching Forum

Arms Control and International Security

S 22.116: World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers


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