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United States documents

U.S. documents are shelved as a separate collection. They are arranged on the shelves by Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) classification which groups materials by issuing agency. Please visit the Government Information office or the research desk in Library Services if you need assistance locating materials.

The documents stacks are accessible from the first floor, on either side of the alcove on the east side of the Gearhardt Reading Room. The stacks are three floors high on either side and do not have elevator access. Library staff are available to assist with the retrieval of documents.

Texas and European Union documents

The TCU Library has a robust collection of Texas state documents. The Texas State Depository Program ceased in July 2011 and the TCU Texas collection is current through that date. Most Texas publications are indexed in the library online catalog. This collection is located on the second level of the documents stacks, on the north side.

The TCU Library is also a European Union Documentation Centre. EU publications are cataloged in the online catalog and are shelved in the main stacks.

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Department of Justice (1870- )

J 1.1: Annual Report of the Attorney General of the United States 1870-
J 1.1/3: National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice: Annual Report 1974-
J 1.1/5: Annual Report to the President and the Congress on the Activities of the Rehabilitation Act Interagency Coordinating Council
J 1.1/6: Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the United States: Annual Report
J 1.1/7: Financial Litigation Annual Report
J 1.1/8: The Attorney General's Advisory Committee of United States Attorneys Annual Report
J 1.1/9: Office of the Inspector General Semiannual Report to Congress
J 1.1/10: Statistical Report
J 1.1/13: The Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Program Annual Report
J 1.2: General Publications
J 1.5: Official Opinions of the Attorneys General of the United States
J 1.5/3: Legal Opinions of the Office of General Counsel of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration
J 1.5/4: Opinions of the Office of Legal Counsel 1970-
J 1.6: Digest of Official Opinions of the Attorney General
J 1.7: Register, Department of Justice and the Courts of the United States 1871-
J 1.8: Rules, Regulations and Instructions
J 1.8/2: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
J 1.8/3: Prescriptive Package Series
J 1.8/4: Technical Assistance Guide
J 1.14/1: Annual Report
J 1.14/2: General Publications
J 1.14/7-3: Assaults on Federal Officers 1972-
J 1.14/7-5: FBI Uniform Crime Reports: Law Enforcement Officers Killed
J 1.14/7-6: Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted, Uniform Crime Report
J 1.14/7-7: Uniform Crime Reports Bomb Summary
J 1.14/7: Uniform Crime Reports for the United States 1930-
J 1.14/8-2: FBI Bomb Data Program, General Information Bulletins
J 1.14/8: FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
J 1.14/16: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
J 1.14/18: Crime Laboratory Digest
J 1.14/22: Terrorism in the United States
J 1.14/23-2: Cybernotes
J 1.14/23: Electronic Products
J 1.14/24: CJIS, Newsletter for the Criminal Justice Community
J 1.14/25-3: National Domestic Preparedness Office Information Bulletins
J 1.14/25-4: National Domestic Preparedness Office Fact Sheet
J 1.15/1: Annual Report 1911-
J 1.20/2: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
J 1.27/2: Report of the Attorney General Pursuant to Section 252(i) of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act 1976-
J 1.27/3: Report of the U.S. Department of Justice Pursuant to Section 8 of the Federal Coal Leasing Amendments Act of 1975
J 1.30: Report of the Attorney General to the Congress of the United States on the Administration of the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, as Amended 1942/44-
J 1.32/2: Attorney General's Annual Report, Federal Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Assistance Activities 1972-
J 1.34: Addresses
J 1.37: National Criminal Justice Information and Statistics Service, Series SC-EE 1969-
J 1.37/3: Criminal Justice Monograph Series
J 1.37/5: Criminal Justice Research Solicitations
J 1.41: Law Enforcement Standards Program, LESP-RPT-
J 1.41/2: Law Enforcement Standards Program, NILECJ-STD- 1972-
J 1.41/3: NILECJ-Guides
J 1.42/3: National Criminal Justice Reference Service: Miscellaneous Publications Series
J 1.43: Lists of Participating Institutions, Fiscal Year
J 1.44: Research Series
J 1.44/2: Monograph Series
J 1.46: National Evaluation Program 1975-
J 1.46/2: NILECJ (National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice) Evaluation Series
J 1.47: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention: Annual Report 1975-
J 1.49: Cost Analysis of Correctional Standards
J 1.54: Program Models
J 1.56: Freedom of Information Case List 1978-
J 1.57: Employment Fact Book
J 1.58: FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Update 1979-
J 1.59: Justice Assistance News 1980-
J 1.86: Program and Resource Digest
J 1.87: Annual Report of Justice System Improvement Act Agencies
J 1.88: Legal Activities
J 1.89: Telephone Directory
J 1.89/3: Directories
J 1.90: Narcotic and Dangerous Drug Section Monographs
J 1.92: Civil Division
J 1.93: Annual Report of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Program
J 1.95: Truth in Criminal Justice Series
J 1.96: Report to the Attorney General
J 1.101: Justice
J 1.103: Administrative Decisions Under Employer Sanctions and Unfair Immigration-Related Employment Practices Law of the United States
J 1.104: Civil Rights Forum
J 1.105: Nation to Nation
J 1.106: Enforcing the ADA, A Status Report from the Department of Justice
J 1.107: On the Beat: Community Oriented Policing Services
J 1.109: Legal Activities
J 1.110: Weed & Seed In-Sites
J 1.111: Reentry Report (The Newsletter of the Reentry Courts and Partnerships Initiatives)

Federal Bureau of Prisons (1930- )

J 16.1: Annual Report 1930-
J 16.2: General Publications
J 16.6/2: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
J 16.23: National Prisoner Statistics 1950-
J 16.23/2: State Prisoners: Admissions and Releases
J 16.23/3: Characteristics of State Prisoners
J 16.23/5: Statistical Report 1967-
J 16.26: Annual Program Plan and Academy Training Schedule for Fiscal Year
J 16.30: Federal Prisons Journal
J 16.31: Facilities
J 16.32: Weekly Population Report
J 16.51: Federal Prison Industries, Inc.: Annual Report
J 16.102: General Publications
J 16.108: Handbooks, Manuals, and Guides
J 16.110: National Institute of Corrections, Annual Program Plan, Fiscal Year
J 16.111: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications

Immigration and Naturalization Service (1940- )

J 21.1: Annual Report 1892-
J 21.1/2: Annual Report to the Commissioner
J 21.2: General Publications
J 21.2/10-2: Quarterly Nonimmigrant Statistics
J 21.2/10: Statistical Yearbook of the Immigration and Naturalization Service
J 21.2/11: INS Fact Book
J 21.5: Laws Applicable to Immigration and Nationality 1953-
J 21.5/2: United States Immigration Laws, General Information
J 21.5/3: OSC Update
J 21.6: Regualtions, Rules, and Instructions
J 21.6/3: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
J 21.9: Federal Textbook on Citizenship
J 21.10/2: INS Reporter 1952-
J 21.11: Administrative Decisions Under Immigration and Nationality Laws 1940/44-
J 21.14: Citizenship Day and Constitution Week Bulletins 1959-
J 21.16: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
J 21.20: Advance Report Immigration Statistics: Fiscal Year
J 21.21: The President's Comprehensive Triennial Report on Immigration
J 21.25: INS Communique

Community Relations Service (1966- )

J 23.1: Annual Report 1966-
J 23.2: General Publications
J 23.3: Hate Crime: The Violence of Intolerance, CRS Bulletin
J 23.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

Drug Enforcement Administration (1973- )

J 24.1/3: Annual Statistical Report
J 24.2: General Publications
J 24.3/2: Drug Enforcement
J 24.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
J 24.10: Fact Sheets 1969-
J 24.14: RTP-TR- 1971-
J 24.15: Addresses
J 24.17: Registrant Facts 1974-
J 24.18/4: Quarterly Intelligence Trends
J 24.19: DAWN (Drug Abuse Warning Network) Quarterly Report
J 24.19/2: Project DAWN, Annual Report 1978-
J 24.20: DEA World
J 24.21: Appropriation Hearings
J 24.22: Narcotics Intelligence Estimate
J 24.24/4: Project Label, Alphabetical Listings by Drug Product
J 24.25: Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program

United States Marshalls Service (1789- )

J 25.2: General Publications
J 25.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

Bureau of Justice Assistance

J 26.1: Annual Report
J 26.1/4: National Advisory Committee for Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention: Annual Report 1976-
J 26.1/5: BJA Program Plan
J 26.2: General Publications
J 26.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
J 26.9/2: Bureau of Justice Assistance Publications List
J 26.10: National Criminal Justice Information and Statistics Service: (Reports)
J 26.11: Visiting Fellowship Program Reports
J 26.13: Prescriptive Package
J 26.14: Criminal Justice Perspectives
J 26.15: Research Series
J 26.15/2: Monograph
J 26.16: Program Models
J 26.17: International Summaries 1978-
J 26.18: Criminal Justice Research Solicitation
J 26.20: Law Enforcement Standards Program, NILECJ-STD- 1972-1980
J 26.21: National Evaluation Program 1975-
J 26.21/2: National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Evaluation Series
J 26.27: Reports of the National Juvenile Justice Assessment Centers
J 26.29: Asset Forfeiture
J 26.30: Monographs
J 26.30/2: Effective Programs Monograph
J 26.31: Program Brief
J 26.32: Bureau of Justice Assistance Bulletin
J 26.32/2: Bulletin, Community Partnerships
J 26.33: Fact Sheets

United States Parole Commission

J 27.1: Annual Report
J 27.2: General Publications
J 27.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
J 27.8/2: Rules and Procedures Manual
J 27.9: Federal Parole Decision-Making: Selected Reprints 1978-

National Institute of Justice (1979- )

J 28.1: Annual Report
J 28.2: General Publications
J 28.3/2: Construction Bulletin
J 28.3/3: AIDS Bulletin
J 28.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
J 28.8/2: Policy Briefs
J 28.8/3: NIJ Guide
J 28.9: Program Models
J 28.10: Exemplary Project Reports
J 28.12: Test Design
J 28.13: Criminal Justice Research Utilization Program
J 28.14/2-2: National Institute of Justice Journal
J 28.14/2: National Institute of Justice Catalog
J 28.14/a: NIJ Reports/SNI
J 28.15: Technology Assessment Program, NIJ Standard 1980-
J 28.15/2-2: Research in Action
J 28.15/2-3: DUF: Drug Use Forecasting
J 28.15/2: NIJ Reports
J 28.16: International Summaries 1978-
J 28.16/2: Executive Summary
J 28.17: Criminal Justice Research
J 28.18: Monographs
J 28.21: National Evaluation Program
J 28.23: Issues and Practices
J 28.24: Research in Brief
J 28.24/3-2: Perspectives on Crime and Justice, Lecture Series
J 28.24/3: Research Reports
J 28.24/7: Research Preview
J 28.24/10: The NIJ Research Review
J 28.27: Perspectives on Policing
J 28.29: Annual Evaluation Report on Drugs and Crime: A Report to the President, The Attorney General, and the Congress
J 28.30: Program Focus
J 28.31: Electronic Products
J 28.33: Solicitation
J 28.35: NIJ Research Forum
J 28.36: Building Knowledge About Crime & Justice
J 28.37: TechBeat

Bureau of Justice Statistics (1979- )

J 29.1/2: Bureau of Justice Statistics Fiscal Year: At a Glance
J 29.2: General Publications
J 29.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
J 29.9: Bureau of Justice Statistics Technical Reports
J 29.9/2: Criminal Victimization in the United States
J 29.9/4: Prosecution of Felony Arrest
J 29.9/5: Children in Custody
J 29.9/6-2: Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
J 29.9/6: Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
J 29.9/7: Prisoners in State and Federal Institutions on (date)
J 29.9/8: Criminal Justice Information Policy
J 29.10: Privacy and Security of Criminal History Information
J 29.11: Bureau of Justice Statistics Bulletin
J 29.11/2-2: Justice Expenditure and Employment Extracts
J 29.11/2-3: Justice Expenditure and Employment in the U.S.
J 29.11/2: Justice Expenditure and Employment
J 29.11/3: Capital Punishment
J 29.11/4: Telephone Contracts
J 29.11/5-3: Jails in Indian Country
J 29.11/5-5: HIV in Prisons
J 29.11/5: Jail Inmates
J 29.11/6: Probation and Parole
J 29.11/7: Prisoners
J 29.11/8: Crime in the Nation Household
J 29.11/9: Tracking Offenders
J 29.11/10: Bureau of Justice Statistics Bulletin, Criminal Victimization
J 29.11/11-2: Felony Sentences in the United States
J 29.11/11-3: State Court Sentencing of Convicted Felons
J 29.11/11: Felony Sentences in State Courts
J 29.11/12: Felons Sentenced to Probation in State Courts
J 29.11/13: National Corrections Reporting Program
J 29.11/14: Pretrial Release of Felony Defendants
J 29.11/15: Prosecutors in State Courts
J 29.12: Uniform Parole Reports
J 29.13: Special Reports
J 29.13/3: Drugs and Jail Inmates
J 29.15: Technical Reports
J 29.16: Census of State Adult Correctional Facilities
J 29.17: Correctional Populations in the United States
J 29.18: Felony Laws of the Fifty States and the District of Columbia
J 29.19: BJS Data Report
J 29.20: Compendium of Federal Justice Statistics
J 29.21: Census of Local Jails
J 29.22: BJS Statistical Programs, FY
J 29.23: Teenage Victims, A National Crime Survey Report
J 29.24: National Update
J 29.25: Survey of State Prison Inmates
J 29.26: BJS Discussion Paper
J 29.27: Crime Data Brief
J 29.28: Selected Findings
J 29.30: Federal Justice Statistics Program
J 29.31: Fact Sheet

Executive Office for United States Attorneys

J 31.2: General Publications
J 31.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
J 31.9: Report of the U.S. Attorney for the District of (area) to the Attorney General
J 31.10: Statistical Report
J 31.12: United States Attorney's Bulletins

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (1974- )

J 32.1: Annual Report
J 32.2: General Publications
J 32.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
J 32.10 Juvenile Justice Bulletins
J 32.10/3: Report to Congress, Title V Incentive Grants for Local Delinquency Prevention Programs
J 32.11: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
J 32.15: Juvenile Court Statistics
J 32.16: Delinquency in the United States
J 32.17: OJJDP (Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention) Annual Report on Missing Children
J 32.18: Juveniles Taken into Custody
J 32.19: Juvenile Justice Conditions of Confinement
J 32.20: OJJDP Summary & Research Summary
J 32.20/2: OJJDP Summary & Program Summary
J 32.20/3: OJJDP Report & Research Report
J 32.21: OJJDP Fact Sheet
J 32.21/2-2: Youth in Action Bulletin
J 32.21/2: OJJDP Youth in Action Fact Sheet
J 32.21/3: Highlights of the National Youth Gang Survey
J 32.22: OJJDP Discretionary Program Announcement

Office for Victims of Crime

J 34.2: General Publications
J 34.3: OVC Bulletin
J 34.3/3: OVC's Legal Series Bulletins
J 34.4: OVC Fact Sheets
J 34.5: OVC Help Series
J 34.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
J 34.8/2: OVC Publications Resource Guide
J 34.10: Directories

Violence Against Women Office (1995- )

J 35.2: General Publications
J 35.5: Laws
J 35.8: Handbook, Manuals, and Guides
J 35.21: Domestic Violence and Stalking

Office of Community Oriented Policing Services

J 36.2: General Publications
J 36.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
J 36.15: Problem-Oriented Guides for Police Series


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