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United States documents

U.S. documents are shelved as a separate collection. They are arranged on the shelves by Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) classification which groups materials by issuing agency. Please visit the Government Information office or the research desk in Library Services if you need assistance locating materials.

The documents stacks are accessible from the first floor, on either side of the alcove on the east side of the Gearhardt Reading Room. The stacks are three floors high on either side and do not have elevator access. Library staff are available to assist with the retrieval of documents.

Texas and European Union documents

The TCU Library has a robust collection of Texas state documents. The Texas State Depository Program ceased in July 2011 and the TCU Texas collection is current through that date. Most Texas publications are indexed in the library online catalog. This collection is located on the second level of the documents stacks, on the north side.

The TCU Library is also a European Union Documentation Centre. EU publications are cataloged in the online catalog and are shelved in the main stacks.

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Department of Health, Education and Welfare (1953-1969)

FS 1.1: Annual Reports
FS 1.2: General Publications
FS 1.6/3: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 1.13/5: Facts on Aging
FS 1.18: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
FS 1.19: Health, Education, and Welfare Trends
FS 1.23/4: Programs for the Handicapped
FS 1.23/5: Mental Retardation Activities of the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
FS 1.26: Education and Training, Annual Report of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare to the Congress on Training Activities Under the Manpower Development and Training Act 1962-

Public Health Service (1939-1969)

FS 2.2 General Publications
FS 2.6/2: PHS Rehabilitation Guide Series
FS 2.6: Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
FS 2.21: Public Health Bibliography Series
FS 2.22: General Publications
FS 2.22/8: Research and Training Grants and Awards of Public Health Service
FS 2.22/11: Highlights of Heart Progress
FS 2.22/13-9: NIH Quarterly Publications List 1969-
FS 2.22/13: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
FS 2.22/14-2: Progress Against Cancer, 1958-
FS 2.22/15: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 2.22/16-2: Research Project Summaries, National Institute of Mental Health
FS 2.22/16: Highlights of Progress in Mental Health Research
FS 2.22/17: Highlights of Research Progess in Allergy and Infectious Diseases
FS 2.22/18: National Cancer Institute Monographs
FS 2.22/25-2: Research Programs in Aging
FS 2.22/25: Research Highlights in Aging
FS 2.22/28: Research Highlights, national Institutes of Health
FS 2.22/31: Mental Health Monographs
FS 2.22/33: Resources for Medical Research, Reports
FS 2.22/34: Heart Research News
FS 2.22/35: Resources Analysis Memos
FS 2.22/38-2: Data on Staff and Man-Hours, Outpatient Psychiatric Clinics in the United States
FS 2.22/38-3: Outpatient Psychiatric Clinics, Community Service Activities
FS 2.22/38: Data On Patients of Outpatient Psychiatric Clinics in the United States
FS 2.22/42: National Institute of Mental Health Training Grant Program
FS 2.22/43: Research Profiles
FS 2.22/45: Proceedings of Annual Conference, Mental Health Career Development Program
FS 2.22/48: Androgenic and Myogenic Endocrine Bioassay Data
FS 2.22/50-3: Occupational Health Notes
FS 2.22/50-6: Bulletin of Suicidology
FS 2.22/51: Current Projects in Prevention, Control, and Treatment of Crime and Delinquency
FS 2.22/55: NINBD (National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindness) Monographs
FS 2.22/57: Nutrition Surveys [by country]
FS 2.24/2: List of Publications Issued by the Public Health Service
FS 2.24: Bibliographies
FS 2.30: Addresses
FS 2.33: Workers' Health Series
FS 2.42/3: Reported Tuberculosis Data
FS 2.53/2-2: Mental Health Statistics
FS 2.53/2: Mental Health Statistics, Current Report Series, MHB
FS 2.53/3: Mental Health Manpower, Current Statistical and Activities Reports
FS 2.53: Mental Health Series
FS 2.59: Patients in Mental Institutions
FS 2.60/2: Communicable Disease Center Publications
FS 2.60/7: Communicable Disease Center, Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 2.60: Communicable Disease Center, Activities
FS 2.61: Cancer Morbidity Series
FS 2.62: Public Health Technical Monographs
FS 2.64/7: Water Pollution Control Research and Training Grants, List of Awards, Research Grants, Research Fellowships, Training Grants, Demonstration Grants
FS 2.64: Water Pollution Publications
FS 2.69: Tuberculosis Beds in Hospitals and Sanatoria, Index of Beds Available
FS 2.74/3: Hospital and Medical Facilities Series Under Hill-Burton Program
FS 2.74/4: Hospital and Medical Facilities Series, Health Professions Education
FS 2.74/5: Hospital and Medical Facilities Series, Facilities for the Mentally Retarded
FS 2.77: Directory of Local Health Units
FS 2.84/2: Public Health Service Water Pollution Surveillance System
FS 2.84: Statistical Summary of Municipal Water Facilities
FS 2.85/2: Vital and Health Statistics
FS 2.85/4: Life Tables
FS 2.86/4: To the 1st Americans, Annual Report on the Indian Health Program
FS 2.86/3: Dental Services for Indians, Annual Report, Fiscal Year
FS 2.93/3-2: National Air Pollution Control Administration Publications, APTD (series)
FS 2.93/3: National Air Pollution Control Administration Publication, AP (series)
FS 2.93/5: Reports for Consultation on Air Quality Control Regions
FS 2.93: Digest of State Air Pollution Laws
FS 2.98: National Conference on Air Pollution, Publications, Addresses, Etc.
FS 2.109: Vital Statistics, Special Reports
FS 2.309: Health Consequences of Smoking, A Public Health Service Review

National Library of Medicine (1956-1969)

FS 2.202: General Publications
FS 2.209: Bibliographies
FS 2.214: Scientific Translation Program Publications
FS 2.300/2: Environmental Health Factors, Nursing Homes
FS 2.300/5: Analytical Reference Service Studies
FS 2.300: Environmental Health Series
FS 2.303: Activities Report
FS 2.304: Fluoridation Census

Social Security Administration (1946-1969)

FS 3.1: Annual Reports
FS 3.2: General Publications
FS 3.3/2: Social Security Yearbook
FS 3.4: Information Service Circulars. ISC
FS 3.5: Laws
FS 3.6/3: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 3.6/4: Health Insurance for the Aged, HIM-
FS 3.6: Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
FS 3.9: Bureau Reports
FS 3.10: Addresses
FS 3.11: Bureau Memorandum
FS 3.13: Public Assistance Reports
FS 3.14: Bureau of Circulars
FS 3.20: Illustrations From State Public Assistance Agencies, Current Practices in Staff Training
FS 3.28/4: Health Insurance Statistics
FS 3.28/5: Health insurance statistics. HI
FS 3.35 OASI-
FS 3.38: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
FS 3.40: Handbook of Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Statistics
FS 3.41: Advisory Council on Social Security, Report
FS 3.52: Social Security Information, SSI-

Bureau of Employment Security (1939-1949)

FS 3.102: General Publications

Children's Bureau (1946-1963)

FS 3.213/2: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
FS 3.214: Statistical Series
FS 3.222: Juvenile Delinquency, Facts, Facets
FS 3.224: Headliner Series
FS 3.225: Addresses

Bureau of Federal Credit Unions (1948-1969)

FS 3.301: Report of Operations
FS 3.302: General Publications
FS 3.306/2: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 3.306: Regulations, Rules, and Instructions

Civilian Conservation Corps (1939-1943)

FS 4.1: Annual Reports
FS 4.2: General Publications
FS 4.7: Forestry Publications

Office of Education (1939-1969)

FS 5.1: Annual Reports
FS 5.2: General Publications
FS 5.3: Bulletins
FS 5.4: Circulars
FS 5.6/2: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 5.6: Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
FS 5.8: Addresses
FS 5.10: Publications
FS 5.17: Pamphlets
FS 5.18: Leaflets
FS 5.22: Educational and National Defense Series Pamphlets
FS 5.30: Bulletins
FS 5.34: Nutrition Education Series Pamphlets
FS 5.43: Selected References
FS 5.46: Progress Report of School Facilities Survey
FS 5.47: Scientific Manpower Series
FS 5.51: Special Publications
FS 5.52: Teaching Aids for Developing International Understanding
FS 5.57/2: Information on Education Around the World
FS 5.62: Progress of Public Education in United States of America
FS 5.73: Public School Finance Program
FS 5.80: Status of Compliance, Public School Districts, 17 Southern and Border States, Reports
FS 5.81: Higher Education Reports
FS 5.82: Report on Cooperative Research to Improve the Nation's Schools
FS 5.86: Better Education for Handicapped Children, Annual Report
FS 5.210: Miscellaneous Publications: General, OE 10,000-10,999
FS 5.214: Miscellaneous Publications: International Education
FS 5.215: Miscellaneous Publications: Library Services OE 15,000-15,999
FS 5.220: Elementary & Secondary Education: Misc., General Statistics, OE 20,000-20,999
FS 5.250: Higher Educations: Miscellaneous, General Statistics, OE 50,000-50,999
FS 5.250:50023 Financial Statistics of Institutions of Higher Education
FS 5.254: Miscellaneous Publications: Admission, Enrollment, Retention, Degrees, Graduates, OE 54,000-54,999

Vocational Division (1939-1945)

FS 5.123: Bulletins
FS 5.129: Leaflets
FS 5.131: Digest of Annual Reports of State Boards for Vocational Education to Office of Education, Vocational Division
FS 5.200: Stronger Schools Through Guidance, Counseling, Testing, State Leadership, Instructional Resources, Equipment
FS 5.211: Miscellaneous Publications: Publications about OE and HEW, OE
FS 5.212: Miscellaneous Publications: Research, OE
FS 5.213: Miscellaneous Publications: Adult Education, OE
FS 5.221: Miscellaneous Publications: Buildings, Equipment, OE
FS 5.222: Miscellaneous Publications: Finances, Receipts, Expenditures, OE
FS 5.223: Miscellaneous Publications: Administration, Faculties, Salaries, OE
FS 5.224: Miscellaneous Publications: Enrollment, retention, Graduates, OE
FS 5.225: Miscellaneous Publications: Guidance, Testing, Counseling, OE
FS 5.227: Miscellaneous Publications: Foreign Languages, OE
FS 5.228: Miscellaneous Publications: Health, Physical Education, Recreation, OE
FS 5.229: Miscellaneous Publications: Mathematics, Science, OE
FS 5.230: Miscellaneous Publications: Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Speaking, OE
FS 5.231: Miscellaneous Publications: Social Studies, OE
FS 5.232: Miscellaneous Publications: Curriculums, Subjects, Activities (elementary only), OE
FS 5.233: Miscellaneous Publications: Curriculums, Subjects, Activities (Secondary and Elementary-sec.)
FS 5.234: Miscellaneous Publications: Audiovisual, OE
FS 5.235: Miscellaneous Publications: Elementary and Secondary Education: Special Education, Exceptional Children, OE
FS 5.236: Miscellaneous Publications: Rural Schools, Rural Education, OE
FS 5.237: Miscellaneous Publications: Education of the Disadvantaged, OE
FS 5.238: Miscellaneous Publications: Equal Educational Opportunities, OE
FS 5.251: Miscellaneous Publications: Buildings, Equipment, OE
FS 5.252: Miscellaneous Publications: Finances, Receipts, Expenditures, OE
FS 5.253: Miscellaneous Publications: Administration, Faculties, Salaries, OE
FS 5.255: Miscellaneous Publications: Student Financial Assistance, OE
FS 5.256: Miscellaneous Publications: Courses of Study, Subjects, OE
FS 5.257: Miscellaneous Publications: Junior Colleges, Community Colleges, Post High School Courses, OE
FS 5.258: Miscellaneous Publications: Teacher Education, OE
FS 5.280: Vocational Education. Miscellaneous, OE
FS 5.281: Miscellaneous Publications: Agricultural Education, OE
FS 5.282: Miscellaneous Publications: Distributive Education, OE
FS 5.283: Miscellaneous Publications: Home Economics Education, OE
FS 5.284: Miscellaneous Publications: Trade & Industrial Education, OE
FS 5.285: Miscellaneous Publications: Practical Nurse Education, OE
FS 5.286: Miscellaneous Publications: Business Education, OE
FS 5.287: Miscellaneous Publications: Manpower Development and Training, OE

National Youth Administration (1939-1942)

FS 6.2: General Publications
FS 6.11: Modern World at Work

Food and Drug Administration (1949-1946)

FS 7.1: Annual Reports

Office of Community War Services (1943-1946)

FS 9.2: General Publications
FS 9.6: Regulations, Rules, and Instructions

St. Elizabeth's Hospital (1940-1967)

FS 11.1: Annual Reports

Committee on Physical Fitness (1943-1945)

FS 12.2: General Publications

Food and Drug Administration (1946-1969)

FS 13.101: Annual Reports
FS 13.102: General Publications
FS 13.111: FDA Publications
FS 13.117: Leaflets
FS 13.118: Report on Enforcement and Compliance
FS 13.119: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

Vocational Rehabilitation Administration (1962-1967)

FS 13.202: General Publications
FS 13.207: Rehabilitation Service Series
FS 13.217/2: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

Welfare Administration (1963-1967)

FS 14.2: General Publications
FS 14.11: Addresses
FS 14.13: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
FS 14.14: Welfare Research Reports
FS 14.17: Parole Series

Children's Bureau (1963-1967)

FS 14.102: General Publications
FS 14.108: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 14.110: Addresses
FS 14.111: Publications (numbered)
FS 14.112: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
FS 14.113: Statistical Series
FS 14.213: Public Assistance Reports

Bureau of Family Services (1962-1967)

FS 14.202: General Publications
FS 14.208/3: Mental Health in Public Assistance
FS 14.208/4: Staff Development Series
FS 14.208: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 14.217: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications

Administration on Aging (1965-1967)

FS 15.2: General Publications
FS 15.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 15.11: patterns for Progress in Aging

Federal Water Pollution Control Administration (1965-1966)

FS 16.2: General Publications
FS 16.9: Building for Clean Water, Report on Federal Incentive Grants for Municipal Waste Treatment

Social and Rehabilitation Service (1967-1969)

FS 17.2: General Publications
FS 17.8/2: Manuals for Volunteer Probation Programs
FS 17.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 17.13: Public Assistance, Annual Statistical Data
FS 17.15: Social and Rehabilitation Service Research and Demonstration Projects
FS 17.17: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
FS 17.19: Public Assistance Reports

Rehabilitation Services Administration (1967-1969)

FS 17.102: General Publications
FS 17.108: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 17.110/3: Rehabilitation Services Series

Children's Bureau (1967-1969)

FS 17.202: General Publications
FS 17.208: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 17.210: Publications
FS 17.213: Statistical Series 1947-
FS 17.214: Research Reports

Assistance Payments Administration (1967-1969)

FS 17.408: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

Medical Services Administration (1967-1969)

FS 17.502: General Publications

National Center for Social Statistics (1968-1969)

FS 17.638: Child Welfare Statistics, NCSS Report CW-1


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