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United States documents

U.S. documents are shelved as a separate collection. They are arranged on the shelves by Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) classification which groups materials by issuing agency. Please visit the Government Information office or the research desk in Library Services if you need assistance locating materials.

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Texas and European Union documents

The TCU Library has a robust collection of Texas state documents. The Texas State Depository Program ceased in July 2011 and the TCU Texas collection is current through that date. Most Texas publications are indexed in the library online catalog. This collection is located on the second level of the documents stacks, on the north side.

The TCU Library is also a European Union Documentation Centre. EU publications are cataloged in the online catalog and are shelved in the main stacks.

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Department of Energy (1977- )

E 1.1: Annual Report
E 1.1/7: Annual Report to Congress, Department of Energy Activities Relating to the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
E 1.1/2: Office of the Inspector General: Annual Report
E 1.1/3: Laramie Energy Technology Center: Annual Report
E 1.1/6: Inhalation Toxicology Research Institute, Annual Report
E 1.2 General Publications
E 1.2/2: The Tampa Electric integrated gasification combined-cycle project, an update
E 1.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
E 1.10: Conference
E 1.11: Energy Abstracts for Policy Analysis 1975-
E 1.12: Telephone Directory
E 1.12/3: National Telephone Directory
E 1.13: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
E 1.13/5: New at the Energy Library
E 1.16: Environment DOE/EV
E 1.16/2: Environmental Readiness Documents DOE/ERD
E 1.18: Energy Technology DOE/ET
E 1.19: Energy Research DOE/ER
E 1.24: National Survey of Compensation Paid Scientists and Engineers Engaged in Research and Development Activities
E 1.25: (Information Publications) DOE/OPA
E 1.28: Contractor Research and Development Reports
E 1.28/15: Annual Water Quality Data Report
E 1.28/16: Ecological Monitoring Program at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant: Annual Report
E 1.28/17: Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review
E 1.28/18: Science & Technology in Review
E 1.30: Resource Applications RA-
E 1.33: Intergovernment and Institutional Relations IR-
E 1.33:0049 Employment in Nuclear Energy Activities, A Highlights Report
E 1.33/3: DOE/PA- (Office of Public Affairs)
E 1.34: Congressional Budget Request
E 1.38/5: Wind Power Today
E 1.39: Voluntary Business Energy Conservation Program, Progress Reports
E 1.39/2: Small Business Report to Congress for Fiscal Year
E 1.40: Annual Procurement Operations Report 1977-
E 1.41: U.S. Central Station Nuclear Electric Generating Units, Significant Milestones
E 1.42: Annual Report of Radiation Exposures for DOE and DOE Contractor Employees 1968-
E 1.43: Translation Series DOE-TR-
E 1.45: Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Program, EHV/Quarterly Report -1981
E 1.47: Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement Program, Annual Report
E 1.50: Energy Management in the Federal Government 1977-
E 1.50/2: Annual Report on In-House Energy Management
E 1.51: National Uranium Resource Evaluation: Annual Activity Report
E 1.53: Science and Technology Review
E 1.53/2: LBL (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory) Research Review 1976-
E 1.53/5: Breakthroughs: Science, Technology, Innovation
E 1.60: Office of the Secretary DOE/S-
E 1.60:0010 Secretary's Annual Report to Congress, Posture Statement, Outlook and Program Review
E 1.62: National Energy Plan
E 1.68: Nuclear Energy DOE/NE
E 1.68/2-8: Site Characterization Progress Report. Yucca Mountain, Nevada
E 1.68/2-7: Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Annual Report to Congress
E 1.68/2: DOE/RW- (Radioactive Waste)
E 1.68/3: DOE/NS
E 1.68/4: DOE/NP (Office of New Production Reactors)
E 1.68/5: DOE-NE-STD (Nuclear Safety Policy Standards)
E 1.81: DOE/PE (Policy and Evaluation)
E 1.83: Solar Thermal Report
E 1.84: DOE/FE
E 1.84/8: Natural Gas Imports and Exports
E 1.84/2: Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves, Annual Report of Operations
E 1.84/3: Fossil Energy Review
E 1.84/4: Clean Coal Today
E 1.84/5: Clean Coal Technology: Tropical Report (series)
E 1.86: Argonne National Laboratory, Division of Educational Programs: Annual Report
E 1.86/3: Logos
E 1.86/4: Argonne National Laboratory: Research and Highlights
E 1.86/6: Faculty and Student Programs
E 1.86/11: University Currents
E 1.86/14: TransTech
E 1.86/15: TransForum
E 1.86/16: APS Science
E 1.88: WSUN (Western Solar Utilization Network)
E 1.89: DOE/CE- (Conservation and Renewable Energy Office)
E 1.89/5: FEMP monthly update
E 1.89/2: Federal Energy Management Activities
E 1.89/4: FEMP Focus
E 1.90: DOE/EP- (Emergency Preparedness)
E 1.90/9: Fact Sheets on Fossil Energy Projects
E 1.90/10: Technology Fact Sheets
E 1.90/11: Journal of Energy & Environmental Research
E 1.90/2: Strategic Petroleum Reserve Quarterly Report
E 1.90/3: DOE/EM
E 1.92/3: Symmetry: dimensions of particle physics
E 1.92/2: Fermilab Reports
E 1.95/2: Southwestern Power Administration: Annual Report
E 1.96: Los Alamos Science
E 1.96/2: Los Alamos Laboratory: Research Highlights
E 1.99/3: Human Genome News
E 1.99/5: Biofuels Update
E 1.99/7-2: Inertial Confinement Fusion, ICF Annual Report
E 1.99/7: Inertial Confinement Fusion Quarterly Report
E 1.99/13: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, ClearingHouse
E 1.101: DOE/CP
E 1.107: Research Summary
E 1.108: National Photovoltaics Program Review
E 1.109: R & D Technology Transfer, an Overview
E 1.112: PETC Review
E 1.113: Beam Line
E 1.114/2: Federal Alternative and Fuel Program, Annual Report to Congress
E 1.118: DOE/PO
E 1.119: Current Awareness Buildings Energy Technology DOE/BET
E 1.120: DOE/EE
E 1.120/2: Partner Update
E 1.121: DOE/HR
E 1.122/2: Forecast Contracting and Subcontracting Opportunities
E 1.123: DOE/RL
E 1.125: DOE/FM
E 1.133: Report of Investigations
E 1.137/4: Energy Citations Database
E 1.137: DOE Information Bridge
E 1.143: Report on Inadvertent Releases of Restricted Data and Formerly Restricted Data under Executive Order 12958 that Occurred before October 17, 1998
E 1.147: Strategic Plan
E 1.151: Research Programs, Division of Materials Sciences and Engineering
E 1.153: Annual site environmental report
E 1.154/2: Annual merit review proceedings
E 1.154: Annual merit review and peer evaluation report

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (1977- )

E 2.1: Annual Report
E 2.1/2: Annual Performance Report for Fiscal Year…
E 2.1/3: Annual Freedom of Information Act report FY…
E 2.1/4: Fiscal year ... annual financial report
E 2.2: General Publications
E 2.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
E 2.9/2: FERC News
E 2.12: DOE/FERC- 1978-
E 2.12/2: Telephone Directory
E 2.15: Maps and Charts
E 2.23: Staff Discussion Paper
E 2.23/2: Paper No. DPR
E 2.25: The Chronicle

Energy Information Administration (1977- )

E 3.1/2: Annual Energy Review
E 3.1/4-2: Comparison of Annual Energy Outlook, Forecasts With Other Forecasts, Supplement to the Annual Energy Outlook
E 3.1/4-3: Assumptions for the Annual Energy Outlook
E 3.1/4: Annual Energy Outlook, With Projections to (year)
E 3.1/a-2: Annual Energy Summary
E 3.1/a: Annual Energy Balance
E 3.2: General Publications
E 3.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
E 3.9: Monthly Energy Review
E 3.11: Natural Gas
E 3.11/2-2: Natural Gas Annual
E 3.11/2-12: Natural Gas Weekly Market Update
E 3.11/4: Weekly Coal Production
E 3.11/5-2: Petroleum Statement
E 3.11/5-3: International Petroleum Annual
E 3.11/5-4: Petroleum Refineries in the United States and U.S. Territories
E 3.11/5-5: Petroleum Supply Annual
E 3.11/5-6: International Petroleum Statistics Report
E 3.11/5: Petroleum Supply Monthly
E 3.11/7-7: Coal Data, A Reference
E 3.11/7-8: Annual Outlook for U.S. Coal
E 3.11/7-9: Annual Prospects for World Coal Trade
E 3.11/7-10: Annual Outlook for Oil and Gas
E 3.11/11-3: Fuel Oil and Kerosene Sales
E 3.11/15-2: Cost and Quality of Fuels for Electric Utility Plants
E 3.11/17-10: Electric Power Annual
E 3.11/17-12: Electric Trade in the United States
E 3.11/17-8: Electric Power Monthly
E 3.11/20-3: International Energy Outlook (year) With Projections to (year)
E 3.11/20-4: International Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Activities
E 3.11/20: International Energy
E 3.12: Monthly Petroleum Statistics Report 1975-
E 3.13/4-2: Petroleum Marketing
E 3.13/4: Petroleum Marketing Monthly 1983-
E 3.13/5: Distillate Watch
E 3.13/6: Motor Gasoline Watch
E 3.13/7: Propane Watch
E 3.13/8: On-Highway Diesel Prices
E 3.13/9: Retail Gasoline Prices
E 3.16: All Electric Homes, Annual Bills
E 3.17: Steam-Electric Plant Construction Cost and Annual Production Expenses
E 3.17/2: Gas Turbine Electric Plant Construction Cost and Annual Production Expenses
E 3.17/3: Hydroelectric Plant Construction Cost and Annual Production Expenses
E 3.17/4-2: Electric Plant Cost and Power Production Expenses
E 3.17/4: Thermal-Electric Plant Construction Cost and Annual Production Expenses
E 3.17/6: Nuclear Power Plant Construction Activity
E 3.18: Electric Power Statistics
E 3.18/2: Statistics of Privately Owned Electric Utilities in the United States
E 3.18/3: Statistics of Publicly Owned Electric Utilities in the United States
E 3.18/4-2: Financial Statistics of Major U.S. Investor-Owned Electric Utilities
E 3.18/4-3: Financial Statistics of Major Publicly Owned Electric Utilities
E 3.18/4: Financial Statistics of Selected Electric Utilities
E 3.19: Solar Collector Manufacturing Activity and Applications in the Residential Sector
E 3.19/2-2: Renewable Energy: Issues and Trends
E 3.19/2: Solar Collector Manufacturing Activity
E 3.21: Maps and Charts
E 3.22: Electric Sales and Revenue DOE/EIA-540
E 3.24: Monthly Petroleum Product Price Report -1983
E 3.25: Statistics of Interstate Natural Gas Pipeline Companies
E 3.25/2: Domestic Natural Gas reserves and Production Dedicated to Interstate Pipeline Companies
E 3.26/2: Analysis Memorandum AM-
E 3.26/3: Technical Report
E 3.26/4: Analysis Report
E 3.26/5: Service reports 1979-
E 3.26/6: Model Documentation Reports
E 3.26/7: DOE/EIA/CR-
E 3.27: EIA Publications Directory
E 3.27/6: Energy Education Resources, Kindergarten Through 12th Grade
E 3.29: Inventory of Power Plants in the United States
E 3.29/2: Inventory of Nonutility Electric Power Plants in the United States
E 3.30: Foreign Energy Supply Assessment Program Series 1979-
E 3.31: Short-Term Energy Outlook
E 3.32: Weekly Petroleum Status Report
E 3.32/3: Winter Fuels Report
E 3.32/4: Energy Situation Analysis Report
E 3.33: Energy Information Directory
E 3.34: U.S. Crude Oil and Natural Gas Reserves, Annual Report
E 3.34/2: Oil and Gas Field Code Master List
E 3.34/3: Crude Oil Watch
E 3.37: Performance Profiles of Major Energy Producers
E 3.38: Natural Gas Production and Consumption
E 3.42: State Energy Data Reports
E 3.42/6: Residential Energy Consumption Survey
E 3.42/2: State Energy Review
E 3.42/3: State Energy Price and Expenditure Report
E 3.42/5: State Energy Data System
E 3.43: Residential Energy Consumption Survey
E 3.43/2-2: Energy Consumption Survey: Commercial Buildings Consumption and Expenditures
E 3.43/2: Commercial Buildings Characteristics
E 3.43/3: Residential Energy Consumption Survey: Housing Characteristics
E 3.43/4: Residential Energy Consumption Survey: Consumption and Expenditures
E 3.44: Indexes and Estimates of Domestic Well Drilling Costs
E 3.44/2: Costs and Indexes for Domestic Oil and Gas Field Equipment and Production Operations
E 3.46/3: Domestic Uranium Mining and Milling Industry, (year) Viability Assessment
E 3.46/4: World Nuclear Fuel Cycle Requirements
E 3.46/5-2: Uranium Purchases Report
E 3.46/5: Uranium Industry
E 3.47: Energy Conservation Indicators, Annual Report
E 3.48: Directory of Energy Information Administration Model Abstracts
E 3.49: Energy Facts
E 3.50: Annual Outlook for U.S. Electric Power
E 3.51: Commercial Nuclear Power, Prospects for the United States and the World
E 3.52: Profiles of Foreign Direct Investment in U.S. Energy
E 3.54: Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey: Consumption of Energy
E 3.54/2: Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey: Changes in Energy Efficiency
E 3.54/3: Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey: Fuel Switching
E 3.56: U.S. Energy Industry Financial Developments
E 3.57: Technical Report TR
E 3.58: Estimates of U.S. Biomass Energy Consumption
E 3.59: Emissions of Greenhouse Gases in the United States
E 3.59/3: The Greenhouse Gas Volunteer: The Newsletter of the Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases Program
E 3.60: Energy Infodisc
E 3.62: Energy Information Administration (EIA) Survey Forms

Economic Regulatory Administration (1977- )

E 4.11: DOE/RG

Western Area Power Administration (1977- )

E 6.1: Annual Report
E 6.1/4: Annual Performance Plan
E 6.3/2: Biomass Bulletin

Southeastern Power Administration

E 8.1: Southeastern Power Administration, Annual Report

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

E 9.2: General Publications
E 9.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
E 9.16: Technical Reports
E 9.17: Conference Papers
E 9.18: Subcontractor Reports
E 9.19:540-36878 S&FP rule promotes alternative fuels to cut need for foreign oil
E 9.19:540-37333 Evaluating the safety of a natural gas home refueling appliance (HRA)
E 9.20: Environmental report

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

E 10.2: General Publications
E 10.16: EREN Network News
E 10.17: Progress Report for Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, and Infrastructure Technologies Program
E 10.18:W 72 Wind Energy Benefits
E 10.18:W 72/2 Wind Energy Myths
E 10.19:
E 10.20: National Idling Reduction Network News
E 10.21: Fiscal Year Annual Report
E 10.22: Annual report to Congress on federal government energy management and conservation programs
E 11.16/2-3: EM Update
E 11.16/2-4: Annual report ... radioactive waste shipments to and from the Nevada Test Site (NTS)
E 11.16/2-5: Environmental monitoring report for the Nevada Test Site
E 11.16/4: Strategic Plan
E 12.8/2: Publication Standards Manual
E 12.15: Netlog
E 12.16: Fire in the Ice: methane hydrate newsletter
E 12.17: Eye on Environment
E 12.18: The carbon sequestration newsletter
E 12.1: National Energy Technology Laboratory accomplishments FY


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