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United States documents

U.S. documents are shelved as a separate collection. They are arranged on the shelves by Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) classification which groups materials by issuing agency. Please visit the Government Information office or the research desk in Library Services if you need assistance locating materials.

The documents stacks are accessible from the first floor, on either side of the alcove on the east side of the Gearhardt Reading Room. The stacks are three floors high on either side and do not have elevator access. Library staff are available to assist with the retrieval of documents.

Texas and European Union documents

The TCU Library has a robust collection of Texas state documents. The Texas State Depository Program ceased in July 2011 and the TCU Texas collection is current through that date. Most Texas publications are indexed in the library online catalog. This collection is located on the second level of the documents stacks, on the north side.

The TCU Library is also a European Union Documentation Centre. EU publications are cataloged in the online catalog and are shelved in the main stacks.

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Department of War (1789-1947)

W 1.1: Annual Reports
W 1.2: General Publications
W 1.6: Army Regulations
W 1.33: Field Manuals and Field Regulations
W 1.35: Technical Manuals
W 1.71: Strategic Bombing Survey Publications

Making of America Michigan

W 7.5:Iv 3/2 Report upon the Colorado River of the West, explored in 1857 and 1858 by Joseph C. Ives

U.S. Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA

W 2.2:G 31/2 The war with Germany; a statistical summary

General Staff Corps (1903-1947)

W 2.1: Annual Reports
W 2.2: General Publications

Adjutant General's Department (1913-1947)

W 3.2: General Publications
W 3.11: Army Register
W 3.28: Rules, Regulations and Instructions

Bureau of Insular Affairs (1902-1939)

W 6.1: Annual Report
W 6.13/1: Dominican Customs Receivership: Annual Report

Engineer Department (1802-1947)

W 7.1/1: Annual Report
W 7.5: Explorations and Surveys
W 7.14: Explorations and Surveys for Railroad from Mississippi River to Pacific Ocean
W 7.16/2: Occasional Papers
W 7.22: Miscellaneous Series

Library of Congress American Memory

W 7.14: Reports of explorations and surveys, to ascertain the most practicable and economical route for a railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean

Judge Advocate General's Department (1884-1947)

W 10.2: General Publications

War Plans Division (1892-1903)

W 26.2: General Publications
W 26.3/2: Bulletins Old Series

Ordnance Department (1812-1947)

W 34.14: Report of the Tests of Metals and Other Materials for Industrial Purposes Made with the United States testing Machine at Watertown Arsenal, Massachusetts

Ordnance and Fortification Board (1888-1920)

W 35.1: Annual Report

Signal Office (1860-1947)

W 42.1: Annual Reports

Medical Department (1818-1947)

W 44.2: General Publications

War Records Office (1878-1899)

W 45.5: The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

Making of America Cornell

W 45.5: The war of the rebellion: a compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies

Philippine Islands (1900-1934)

W 49.1: Annual Report

National Guard Bureau (1933-1947)

W 70.1: Annual Report

Isthmian Canal Commission (1902-1905)

W 73.1: Annual Report

Canal Zone (1912-1945)

W 79.2: General Publications

Chemical Corps (1946-1947)

W 91.2: General Publications

American Expeditionary Forces (1914-1920)

W 95.2: General Publications

Army Air Force (1941-1947)

W 108.1: Report of the Commanding General of the Army Air Forces to the Secretary of War

Services of Supply (1940-1947)

W 109.1: Annual Report
W 109.12: Civil Affairs Handbook


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