Francisco Lozada Bibliography

Associate Professor of New Testament and Latina/o Church Studies, Brite Divinity School



Lozada, Francisco. A Literary Reading of John 5 : Text as Construction. New York: Peter Lang, 2000.


Edited or translated books

Lozada, Francisco, and Tom Thatcher, eds. New Currents through John : A Global Perspective. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2006.  


Articles and essays

Lozada, Francisco. "Journey and the Fourth Gospel: A Latino/a Exploration." Interpretation 65, no. 3 (July 2011): 264-75.

_____. "Identity." In Handbook of Postmodern Biblical Interpretation, edited by A. K. M. Adam, 113-119. St. Louis: Chalice Press, 2000.


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