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Below is a list of the Departments and Agencies featured in our collection. The letter(s) at the beginning of the SuDoc number indicate which Department/Agency produced a grouping of documents.

If you click on a particular letter you’ll then be shown a list of all the documents created by that Department or Agency by topic.

Once you’ve chosen a specific topic of interest click on the SuDoc stem. You’ll be taken to the TCU catalog where it will list all the documents we have in our collection with that SuDoc stem.

For more detailed information on the SuDoc classification system go to the Core Documents research guide.


Department of Transportation (1966- )

TD 1.1: Annual Report, 1967-
TD 1.1/3: Inspector General Semiannual Report to the Congress
TD 1.1/4: The Secretary's Semiannual Report to the Congress
TD 1.1/5: A Report of the Secretary of Transportation Pursuant to the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991
TD 1.1/6: Financial Statement / U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of the Secretary
TD 1.1/7: Report to the Secretary
TD 1.2: General Publications
TD 1.7: Press Releases
TD 1.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 1.17: Automobile Insurance Compensation Studies
TD 1.20/6: Report DOT/OST/P (series)
TD 1.20/7: DOT-RSPD-DPB (series)
TD 1.20/8: Report DOT-I (series)
TD 1.20/10: DOT-T (series)
TD 1.25/3: DOT Talk
TD 1.25/4: The Transportation Link
TD 1.26: National Transportation Report
TD 1.40/3: U.S. International Air Travel Statistics
TD 1.40/4: U.S. International Air Passenger and Freight Statistics
TD 1.46: DOT Employment Facts
TD 1.48: Transportation Safety Information Report
TD 1.53: Aircraft Operating Cost and Performance Report (for aircraft over 60 seats)
TD 1.54: Air Travel Consumer Report

National Transportation Safety Board (1966- )

TD 1.101: Annual Report
TD 1.102: General Publications
TD 1.113: Annual Review of Aircraft Accident Data. U.S. General Aviation
TD 1.113/5: Annual Review of Aircraft Accident Data. U.S. Air Carrier Operations
TD 1.120: Special Study Reports
TD 1.122: National Transportation Safety Board Decisions
TD 1.127: Safety Studies, NTSB/SS- (series)
TD 1.131: NTSB News Digest
TD 1.133: Review of Alcohol as a Cause Factor

Transportation Security Administration

TD 1.202: General Publications

Federal Highway Administration (1966- )

TD 2.2: General Publications
TD 2.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 2.14: Annual Awards: The Highway and Its Environment
TD 2.19: Public Roads
TD 2.20: Fatal and Injury Accident Rates on Federal-Aid and Other Highway Systems
TD 2.23: Highway Statistics, 1945-
TD 2.23/2: Highway Statistics. Summary
TD 2.27: Hydraulic Engineering Circulars HEC
TD 2.30: Report FHWA-RD- (series)
TD 2.30/4: Reports, FHWA-TS- (series)
TD 2.30/5: Reports, FHWA/PL- (series)
TD 2.30/8: Reports, FHWA-TO- (series) / Office of Traffic Operations
TD 2.30/19: FHWA-JPO (series)
TD 2.30/20: FHWA-MCRT (series)
TD 2.36: Enhanced UTCS Software Operator's Manual, Implementation Package
TD 2.42: Federally Coordinated Program of Highway Research and Development
TD 2.56: Highway Joint Development and Multiple Use
TD 2.64: Highway Taxes and Fees
TD 2.66: Summary of Safety Management Audits

Bureau of Public Roads (1967-1969)

TD 2.113: Highway Research and Development Studies Using Federal-Aid Research and Planning Funds

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (1966- )

TD 2.308: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 2.310/2: Accidents of Class 1 Motor Carriers of Passengers
TD 2.312/3: Analysis and Summary of Accident Investigations
TD 2.313: Roadside Vehicle Inspection Report
TD 2.313/2: BMCS National Roadside Inspection

Federal Railroad Administration (1966- )

TD 3.2: General Publications
TD 3.12: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
TD 3.15: FRA-ORD & D (series)

Railroad Safety Office (1966- )

TD 3.108: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

Federal Aviation Administration (1966- )

TD 4.2: General Publications
TD 4.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 4.8/2: FAA Handbook
TD 4.12/2: Notices to Airmen
TD 4.20/2: Administrator's Fact Book
TD 4.41: Annual Financial Report
TD 4.61: Annual Report of Accomplishments Under the Airport Improvement Program
TD 4.64: The Federal Aviation Administration Plan for Research, Engineering, and Development
TD 4.72: FAA Strategic Plan
TD 4.77: Aviation Capacity Enhancement Plan
TD 4.81: Catalog of Aeronautical Charts and Related Products
TD 4.158: Airport Safety and Standards Office: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 4.210: Airport Safety and Standards Office: Aviation Medical Report, AM- (series)
TD 4.802: Civil Service Security Service: General Publications

Coast Guard (1966- )

TD 5.11: Boating Statistics
TD 5.14: The Coast Guard Reservist
TD 5.44: Emergency Response Contacts Listing Directory: National Contingency Plan
TD 5.51: Polluting Incidents in and Around U.S. Waters

Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (1966- )

TD 6.1: Annual Report

Federal Transit Administration (1968- )

TD 7.1 Annual Report
TD 7.2: General Publications
TD 7.4: Circulars
TD 7.5: Laws
TD 7.10: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
TD 7.10/2: Urban Mass Transportation Abstracts
TD 7.11/2: National Urban Mass Transportation Statistics
TD 7.20: Report on Funding Levels and Allocations of Funds

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (1970- )

TD 8.2: General Publications
TD 8.5/2: Traffic Laws Commentary
TD 8.5/3: Driver Licensing Laws Annotated
TD 8.6: Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
TD 8.6/2: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations
TD 8.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 8.9: Motor Vehicle Safety Defect Recall Campaigns
TD 8.9/2: Safety Related Recall Campaigns for Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Equipment, Including Tires
TD 8.12: Report on Activities Under the National Traffic & Motor Vehicle Safety Act
TD 8.12/2: Report on Activities Under the Highway Safety Act
TD 8.13: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
TD 8.14/2: Consumer Aid Series
TD 8.16: Report on the International Technical Conference on Experimental Safety Vehicles, 1971-
TD 8.21: Proceedings - International Congress on Automotive Safety
TD 8.22: NHTSA Technical Reports
TD 8.26: Automotive Fuel Economy Program
TD 8.27: Fatal Accident Reporting System; Traffic Safety Facts
TD 8.29: Report DOT-TSC-NHTSC- (series)
TD 8.30: Fact Books
TD 8.32: National Automotive Sampling System, Crashworthiness Data System
TD 8.37: Autofacts (series)
TD 8.39: Youth Fatal Crash and Alcohol Facts
TD 8.40: Traffic Safety Digest
TD 8.8/3: Highway Safety Program Manual

Office of Hazardous Materials Transportation (1975- )

TD 9.2: General Publications
TD 9.11: Annual Report on the Administration of the Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act

Research and Special Programs Administration (1977- )

TD 10.2: General Publications
TD 10.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 10.12: Annual Report of Pipeline Safety
TD 10.13: Program Solicitation / Small Business Innovation Research Program
TD 10.14: University Transportation Centers Project Abstracts

Maritime Administration (1981- )

TD 11.1: MARAD: The Annual Report of the Maritime Administration
TD 11.2: General Publications
TD 11.6: Laws
TD 11.9: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
TD 11.9/2: Marad Publications
TD 11.12: A Statistical Analysis of the World's Merchant Fleets
TD 11.14: Merchant Fleets of the World
TD 11.16: Foreign Flag Merchant Ships Owned by U.S. Parent Companies
TD 11.19: Domestic Waterborne Trade of the United States
TD 11.20: Bulk Carriers in the World Fleet
TD 11.25: Report on Survey of U.S. Shipbuilding and Repair Facilities
TD 11.27: Maritime Subsidies
TD 11.30: A Report to the Congress on the Status of the Public Ports of the United States
TD 11.33: Maritime Administration University Research Program

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

TD 12.1: Transportation Statistics Annual Report
TD 12.1/2: National Transportation Statistics
TD 12.2: General Publications
TD 12.11: Posters
TD 12.15/2: Air Carrier Traffic Statistics Monthly
TD 12.15/3: Air Carrier Financial Statistics Quarterly
TD 12.18: Journal of Transportation and Statistics

Surface Transportation Board

TD 13.2: General Publications
TD 13.6/2: Surface Transportation Board Reports: Decisions of the Surface Transportation Board of the United States
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