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Department of Commerce (1913- )

C 1.1: Annual Report of the Secretary of Commerce
C 1.1/2: Semiannual Report of the Inspector General to Congress
C 1.1/3: Annual Performance Report, Minority Business Development Agency
C 1.1/6: National Export Strategy
C 1.1/7: U.S. Government Working Group on Electronic Commerce
C 1.1/8: Budget and Annual Performance Plan of the U.S. Department of Commerce
C 1.2: General Publications
C 1.8/3: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 1.8/4: Federal Meteorological Handbooks | 1968-
C 1.14: National Committee on Wood Utilization Publications
C 1.17: Accident Prevention Conference, Publications
C 1.22: St. Lawrence Survey
C 1.26: Export Control, Quarterly Reports
C 1.37: Telephone Directory
C 1.39: Commerce Budget in Brief, Fiscal Year
C 1.53/2: Annual Report
C 1.58/2: Commerce America | 1976-
C 1.58/4: Business America
C 1.60/2: OT Special Publication
C 1.60/3: Reports, OTR-
C 1.60/4: Bulletins, OTB-
C 1.60/7: OT Contractor Reports
C 1.60/8: OT Technical Memorandums
C 1.61: Interagency Auditor Training Center Bulletin
C 1.66: Interagency Task Force on Product Liability: Publications
C 1.66/2: Interagency Task Force on Product Liability: Publications
C 1.70: Statistical Policy Working Papers
C 1.71: National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation: Annual Report | 1977-
C 1.72: Footwear Industry Revitalization Program, Annual Progress Report
C 1.73: Technical Papers | 1979-
C 1.78: Commerce, Journal of Minority Business | 1981-
C 1.79: Minority Business Today
C 1.81: Studies in the Economics of Production
C 1.84: U.S. Automobile Industry
C 1.87: State Statistical and Economic Abstract Series
C 1.88: National Trade Data Bank
C 1.88/2: National Economic, Social, & Environmental Data Bank
C 1.88/3: USA Trade
C 1.90: Japanese Technical Literature Bulletin
C 1.91/2: Stat-USA: The Newsletter
C 1.93: Research Series (OIMA)
C 1.95: Recent Trends in Federal Lab Technology Transfer
C 1.96: Emerging Digital Economy

Minority Business Development Agency (1979- )

C 1.102: General Publications
C 1.108: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 1.115: Annual Business Assistance Report, Fiscal Year

Technology Administration

C 1.202: General Publications
C 1.208/2: National Medal of Technology, Nomination Guidelines
C 1.215: Dynamics of Technology-Based Economic Development: State Science and Technology Indicators

Bureau of the Census (1903-1972, 1975- )

C 3.2: General Publications
C 3.3: Bulletins 1903-
C 3.5: Special Reports 1900-1913
C 3.6: Regulations, Rules and Instructions
C 3.6/2: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 3.20: Report on Cotton Ginnings by States
C 3.20/3: Report on Cotton Ginnings by Counties
C 3.23: Special Census, 1923, High Point, N.C.; Virgin Islands 1917
C 3.24: Biennial Census of Manufactures 1923-
C 3.24/2: Census of Manufactures: General Publications
C 3.24/3- Census of Manufactures: Geographic Area Series
C 3.24/3: Geographic Area (by States)
C 3.24/4: Census of Manufactures, Preliminary Report: Industry Series
C 3.24/8-5: Census of Manufacturers, Preliminary Report, Summary Series
C 3.24/8: Census of Manufactures, Preliminary Reports
C 3.24/9-2: Annual Survey of Manufactures 1949/50-
C 3.24/9-6: Value of Product Shipments
C 3.24/9-7: Statistics for Industry Groups and Industries
C 3.24/9-8: Expenditures for Plant and Equipment, Book Value of Fixed Assets, Rental Payments for Buildings and Equipment, Depreciation and Retirements
C 3.24/9-9: Geographic Area Statistics
C 3.24/9-10: Annual Survey of Manufactures, Origin of Manufactured Products
C 3.24/9-11: Annual Survey of Manufactures, Value of Manufacturers' Inventories
C 3.24/9-12: Manufacturing: Analytical Report Series
C 3.24/9: Annual Survey of Manufactures Series
C 3.24/12: Subject Bulletin MC
C 3.24/15: Census of Manufactures: Supplementary Reports
C 3.26: Birth, Still-Birth and Infant Mortality Statistics, Annual Report
C 3.30: Census Monographs
C 3.31/4: Census of Agriculture 1840-
C 3.31/5: Special Reports
C 3.31/7: Preliminary Reports, Series AC
C 3.31/9: General Reports
C 3.31/12: Final Volumes
C 3.31/2: State Bulletins
C 3.32: Report on Cotton Ginnings 1922-
C 3.35: Census of Religious Bodies
C 3.40: Mortality Statistics
C 3.41: Weekly Health Index
C 3.46: Marriage and Divorce Annual Reports
C 3.54: Physician's Pocket Reference to International List of Causes of Death
C 3.60: Mental Defectives and Epileptics in State Institutions
C 3.62/2: Maps, Includes U.S. Outline Maps
C 3.62/5: Congressional District Atlas
C 3.62/6: County Subdivision Maps 1930-
C 3.62/10: United States Maps
C 3.132: Addresses
C 3.133: Current Business Reports: Monthly Wholesale Trade
C 3.133/2: Monthly Wholesale Trade, Sales and Inventories
C 3.133/3: Wholesale Trade, Annual Sales and Year-End Inventories of Merchant Wholesalers
C 3.133/4: Combined Annual and Revised Monthly Wholesale Trade
C 3.133/5: Annual Benchmark Report for Wholesale Trade
C 3.134: Statistical Abstract of the United States 1879-
C 3.134/2-1: County and City Data Book
C 3.134/2-2: USA Statistics in Brief
C 3.134/2: Supplements to Statistical Abstract of United States
C 3.134/2:C 83/2 County and City Data Book
C 3.134/3: Pocket Data Book, USA
C 3.134/4: Congressional District Data, CDD-
C 3.134/5-2: State and Metropolitan Area Data Book, A Statistical Supplement
C 3.134/5: State and Metropolitan Area Data Book
C 3.134/6: USA Counties, A Statistical Abstract Supplement
C 3.134/7: Statistical Abstract of the United States
C 3.138/3-2: Annual Retail Trade Report
C 3.138/3-3: Revised Monthly Retail Sales in Inventories
C 3.138/3-4: Current Business Reports, Service Annual Survey
C 3.138/3-5: Motor Freight Transportation and Warehousing Survey
C 3.138/3-6: Current Business Reports: Annual Survey of Communication Services
C 3.138/3-7: Combined Annual and Revised Monthly Retail Trade
C 3.138/3-8: Annual Benchmark Report for Retail Trade
C 3.138/3: Monthly Retail Trade Report
C 3.138/4: Advance Monthly Retail Sales Report
C 3.138/5: Weekly Retail Sales Report
C 3.140: State and Local Government Quarterly Employment Survey
C 3.140/2-3: City Employment in
C 3.140/2-4: Public Employment in
C 3.140/2-5: County Government Employment
C 3.140/2-6: Local Government Employment in Major County Areas
C 3.140/2: Government Employment GE
C 3.141: Financial Statistics of States 1938-
C 3.142: Financial Statistics of Cities 1938-
C 3.145: State and Local Government Special Studies 1936-
C 3.145/4: Census of Governments
C 3.145/5: Census of Governments Preliminary Reports
C 3.145/6: Quarterly Summary of Federal, State, and Local Tax Revenue 1963-
C 3.150: Schedules (A-W)
C 3.158: Current Industrial Reports
C 3.158/2: Advance Report on Durable Goods Manufacturers' Shipments and Orders
C 3.158/4: Current Industrial Reports, Manufacturing profiles
C 3.159: Foreign Commerce and Navigation of United States
C 3.163/3: Census Catalog and Guide 1946-
C 3.163/6: Data Finders
C 3.163/7-2: Census Product Update
C 3.163/7: Monthly Product Announcement
C 3.163/8: Product Primers
C 3.163/9: College Curriculum Support Project Update
C 3.164: Foreign Trade Reports
C 3.164:135 U.S. General Imports and Imports for Consumption, Schedule A Commodity and Country
C 3.164:150 U.S. General Imports Schedule A Commodity Groupings, Geographic Area, Country, and Method of Transportation
C 3.164:155 U.S. General Imports, World Area and Country of Origin by Schedule A Commodity Groupings
C 3.164:210 U.S. Imports for Consumption and General Imports, SIC-based Products and Area 1964-
C 3.164:246 U.S. Imports for Consumption and General imports TSUSA commodity by country
C 3.164:247 U.S. Imports for Consumption, Harmonized TSUSA Commodity by Country of Origin, FT 247
C 3.164:446 U.S. Export, Schedule B, Commodity by Country
C 3.164:447 U.S. Exports, Harmonized Schedule B Commodity by Country, FT-447
C 3.164:450 U.S. Exports, Schedules B Commodity Groupings, Geographic Area, Country, And Method of Transportation 1967-
C 3.164:455 U.S. Exports, World Area by Schedule E Commodity Groupings
C 3.164:610 U.S. Exports of Domestic Merchandise, SIC-Based Products and Area
C 3.164:800 United States Trade with Puerto Rico and with United States Possessions
C 3.164:810 United States Foreign Trade- Bunker Oil and Coal Laden in the United States on Vessels
C 3.164:895 U.S. Trade with Puerto Rico and U.S. Possessions, FT-895
C 3.164:900 U.S. Merchandise Trade: Seasonally Adjusted Exports, Imports, and Trade Balance, FT-900
C 3.164:920 U.S. Merchandise Trade: Selected Highlights, FT-920
C 3.164:925 U.S. Merchandise Trade: Exports, General Imports, and Imports for Consumption
C 3.164:927 U.S. Merchandise Trade: Exports and General Imports by Country
C 3.164:947 U.S. Exports and Imports by Harmonized Commodity
C 3.164:985 U.S. Waterborne Exports and General Imports
C 3.164:986 U.S. Airborne Exports and General Imports, Shipping Weight and Value
C 3.164:990 Highlights of U.S. Exports and Import Trade 1967-
C 3.164:110 United States Imports of Merchandise for Consumption: Commodity by Country of Origin
C 3.164:120 United States Imports of Merchandise for Consumption: Country of Origin by Subgroup
C 3.164:125 U.S. Imports of Merchandise for Consumption. 1943-1966
C 3.164:130- United States General Imports of Cotton Manufactures: Country of Origin by Geneva Agreement Category
C 3.164:350 U.S. General Imports, Commodity, Country and Method of Transportation
C 3.164:380 United States, Airborne General Imports of Merchandise, Commodity by Country of Origin
C 3.164:390 United States Airborne General Imports of Merchandise, Country of Origin by Commodity
C 3.164:400 United States Exports of Domestic and Foreign Merchandise
C 3.164:405 United States Exports of Domestic and Foreign Merchandise under Lend-Lease Program, Calendar Year 1944
C 3.164:410 U.S. Exports - Commodity by Country
C 3.164:415 United States Exports of Domestic and Foreign Merchandise under Lend-Lease Program, Commodity by Country of Destination
C 3.164:416 United States Exports of Domestic and Foreign Merchandise under United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Program, Commodity by Country of Destination
C 3.164:420 U.S. Exports, Country by Commodity Groupings
C 3.164:425 United States Exports of Domestic and Foreign Merchandise Under Lend-Lease Program, Country of Destination by Commodity
C 3.164:426 United States Exports of Domestic and Foreign Merchandise under United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Program, Country of Destination by Commodity
C 3.164:600 U.S. Waterborne Foreign Trade, Trade Area by U.S. Coastal District
C 3.164:750 U.S. Exports, Commodity, Country, and Method of Transportation
C 3.164:780 United States Airborne Exports of Domestic and Foreign Merchandise, Commodity (Schedule X) by Country of Destination
C 3.164:785 U.S. Exports and Imports by Air
C 3.164:790 U.S. Exports by Air, Country by Commodity
C 3.164:930 United States Foreign Trade
C 3.164:950 United States Foreign Trade
C 3.164:970 United States Foreign Trade, Trade by Customs District
C 3.164:975 Vessel Entrances and Clearances: Calendar Year
C 3.167: Foreign Trade Statistics Notes
C 3.186: Current Population Reports 1947-
C 3.186/2: Money Income of Households, Families, and Persons in the United States
C 3.186/3-2: Voting and Registration in the Election of
C 3.186/3: Voting and Registration in the Election of November
C 3.186/4: Child Support and Alimony, Current Population Reports
C 3.186/5: After-Tax Money Income Estimates of Households, Current Population Reports
C 3.186/6: Marital Status and Living Arrangements
C 3.186/7-2: Estimates of the Population of the United States, by Age, Sex, and Race
C 3.186/7-3: Estimates of the Population of the United States and Components of Change
C 3.186/7: Estimates of the Population of the United States to
C 3.186/8: Population Profile of the United States, Current Population Reports
C 3.186/9: Households, Families, Marital Status, and Living Arrangements, Advance Report
C 3.186/10: Fertility of American Women, Current Population Reports
C 3.186/11: Money Income and Poverty Status of Families and Persons in the United States
C 3.186/12: School Enrollment- Social and Economic Characteristics of Students
C 3.186/13: Characteristics of Households and Persons Receiving Selected Noncash Benefits
C 3.186/14-2: The Hispanic Population in the United States
C 3.186/14: Hispanic Population in the United States, Advance Report
C 3.186/15: Projections of the Number of Households and Families
C 3.186/16: Characteristics of the Population below the Poverty Level
C 3.186/17: Household and Family Characteristics
C 3.186/18: Geographical Mobility
C 3.186/19: Estimates of the Population of Puerto Rico and the the Outlying Areas
C 3.186/20-2: Current Population Reports, Local Population Estimates, County Population Estimates
C 3.186/20: Provisional Estimates of the Population of Counties
C 3.186/21: State Population and Household Estimates, with Age, Sex, and Components of Change
C 3.186/22: Poverty in the United States
C 3.186/23: Educational Attainment in the United States
C 3.186/25: Residents of Farms and Rural Areas
C 3.186/26: Projections of Population of Voting Age, for States
C 3.186/27-2: West, Population and Per Capita Income Estimates for Counties and Incorporated Places
C 3.186/27-3: West North Central, Population and Per Capita Income Estimates for Counties and Incorporated Places
C 3.186/27-4: East North Central, Population and Per Capita Income Estimates for Counties and Incorporated Places
C 3.186/27-5: South, Population and Per Capita Income Estimates for Counties and Incorporated Places
C 3.186/27: Northeast, Population and Per Capita Income Estimates for Counties and Incorporated Places
C 3.186/28: The Asian and Pacific Islander Population in the U.S.
C 3.186/33: How We're Changing: Demographic State of the Nation
C 3.186/41: Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States
C 3.186:P-20 Population Characteristics 1947-
C 3.186:P-23 Special Studies 1954-
C 3.186:P-25 Population Estimates and Projection 1947-
C 3.186:P-26 Federal-State Cooperative Program for Population Estimates 1969-
C 3.186:P-27 Farm Population of the United States
C 3.186:P-28 Special Census of (city or area)
C 3.186:P-57 Labor Force
C 3.186:P-60 Consumer Income 1948-
C 3.186:P-65 Consumer Buying Indicators 1963-
C 3.186:P-70/2 Household Economic Studies
C 3.186:P-95 International Population Reports 1957-
C 3.191: Governmental Finances in the United States
C 3.191/2-2: Finances of Employee-Retirement Systems of State and Local Governments
C 3.191/2-3: State Government Finances
C 3.191/2-4: Governmental Finances in
C 3.191/2-5: City Government Finances in
C 3.191/2-7: County Government Finances
C 3.191/2-8: State Government Tax Collections
C 3.191/2-9: Local Government Finances in Major County Areas
C 3.191/2-10: Government Finances: Public Education Finances
C 3.191/2: Governmental Finances 1965-
C 3.191/3: Governmental Finances and Employment at a Glance
C 3.196: Gold and Silver Movements: United States
C 3.196/3: Summary of U.S. Exports and Imports of Gold and Silver, Calendar Year
C 3.199: Publications of Foreign Countries, Annotated Accession List
C 3.204: County Business Patterns 1943-
C 3.204/3- County Business Patterns, United States
C 3.204/4: County Business Patterns
C 3.204/5: County Business Patterns
C 3.204/6: MSA Business Patterns (NAICS)
C 3.205/3: ISPO (International Statistical Program Office)
C 3.205/6: International Research Documents, ISP-RD-
C 3.205/8-2: Census 2000 Brief
C 3.205/8-3: Census Special Reports
C 3.205/8: Statistical Brief from the Bureau of the Census
C 3.205/9: Bureau of the Census, International Brief
C 3.205: P-90 International Population Statistics Reports
C 3.208: GE-10 Geographic Reports
C 3.208/2: GE-20 Area Measurement Reports
C 3.211/5: Monthly Department Store Sales in Selected Areas 1966-Jan. 1981
C 3.212: Technical Papers
C 3.214: Working Papers 1954-
C 3.215: Housing and Construction Reports
C 3.215/2: Housing Starts in
C 3.215/3: Construction Reports: Value of Construction Put in Place, C30-
C 3.215/4: Current Construction Reports, Housing Units Authorized by Building Permits
C 3.215/5: Authorized Construction - Washington, D.C. Area. C 41-
C 3.215/6: Construction Reports: Building Permits: C 42-
C 3.215/8-2: Current Construction Reports, Special Studies, Expenditures for Nonresidential Improvements and Repairs
C 3.215/8: Part 1- Expenditures on Residential Additions, Alterations, Maintenance and Repairs, and Replacements 1961- Part 2- Expenditures for Additions, Alterations, Maintenance and Repairs, and Replacements on 1-Housing-Unit-Owner-Occupied Properties 1963-
C 3.215/9-2: Construction Reports: Price Index of New One-Family Houses Sold, C27
C 3.215/9-3: Characteristics of New Housing
C 3.215/9: Construction Reports, New One-Family Houses Sold and for Sale
C 3.215/10: Construction Expenditure of State and local Tax Revenue
C 3.215/12: Construction Reports: Permits Issued for Demolition of Presidential Structures in Selected Cities
C 3.215/13: Construction Reports: Housing Completions, C22-
C 3.215/15: Current Construction Reports: New Residential Construction in Selected Metropolitan Areas, C21-
C 3.215/16: Annual Housing Survey, Supplementary Report, No.1, Summary of Housing Characteristics for Selected Metropolitan Areas
C 3.215/17- Annual Housing Survey: Housing Characteristics for Selected Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area
C 3.215/18-3: Annual Housing Survey: Energy-Related Housing Characteristics
C 3.215/19: American Housing Survey
C 3.215/20: American Housing Brief from the American Housing Survey
C 3.216: Census of Mineral Industries: Bulletins MI-
C 3.216/2: State Bulletin MI-
C 3.216/3: Preliminary Reports
C 3.216/4: Subject Bulletin MI-
C 3.216/5: Final Volumes
C 3.216/7: Summary Series
C 3.223: Census of Population: General Publications
C 3.223/5: U.S. Census of Population: Number of Inhabitants
C 3.223/6: Census of Population: General Population Characteristics, PC 80-1-B
C 3.223/7-6: Census 2000 Profile
C 3.223/18: Census of Population and Housing: Preliminary Reports PHC 80-P
C 3.223/23-2: Census of Population and Housing: Social, Economic and Housing Characteristics (outlying areas)
C 3.223/23: Census of Population and Housing: Summary Characteristics for Governmental Units and Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas, PHC 80-3
C 3.223/25-2: Older Population in the U.S.
C 3.223/25: Population Paper Listings
C 3.223/27: Population Division Working Paper Series Technical Working Papers
C 3.223/28: Characteristics of American Indians and Alaska Natives: By Tribe and Language
C 3.223/29-3: Census of Population and Housing (Decennial Census: 1810)
C 3.223/29-4: Census of Population and Housing (Decennial Census: 1820)
C 3.223/29-5: Census of Population and Housing (Decennial Census: 1830)
C 3.223/29-6: Census of Population and Housing (Decennial Census: 1840)
C 3.223/29-7: Census of Population and Housing (Decennial Census: 1850)
C 3.223/29-8: Census of Population and Housing (Decennial Census: 1860)
C 3.223/29: Census of Population and Housing (Decennial Census: 1790)
C 3.224/4: Census of Housing: Metropolitan Housing HC 80-2
C 3.224/5: Census of Population and Housing: Block Statistics PHC 80-1
C 3.224/12-2: Income and Poverty, Current Population Survey
C 3.227/2: GE-40 Census Tract Papers
C 3.227: Census Tract Memos
C 3.229: ES 2 U.S. Commodity Exports and Imports Related to Output 1968&57-
C 3.230: ES 3 Enterprise Statistics 1963-
C 3.231: Manufactures, Shipments, Inventories, and Orders, Series M 3-1
C 3.233/3: Census of Transportation 1963-
C 3.233/5: Final Reports
C 3.233/6: Truck Inventory and Use Survey
C 3.238: Census and You
C 3.238/2: Small-Area Statistics Papers, Series GE 41-
C 3.238/3: Census Update, Supplement to Data User News
C 3.238/5: Telephone Contacts for Data Users
C 3.238/6: Product/Activity Status Bulletin
C 3.238/7: Data Developments
C 3.238/a: Data User News
C 3.240/7: Data Access Description
C 3.242: Finances of Selected Public Employee Retirement Systems, GR- 1968-
C 3.244: Census Use Study Reports
C 3.245/3: Census of Construction Industries: Final Reports 1967-
C 3.245/4: Census of Construction Industries: Final Volumes
C 3.245/5: Census of Construction Industries: Special Reports
C 3.245/6: Census of Construction Industries: Preliminary Industry Statistics CC
C 3.245/7: Census of Construction Industries: Geographic Area Studies
C 3.245/8: Census of Construction Industries, Subject Series
C 3.246: Computerized Geographic Coding Series GE 60-1-
C 3.249: GBF/Dime Systems
C 3.249/2: Geographic Base (Dime) File, CUE
C 3.250: Woman Owned Businesses, WB-
C 3.252: Factfinder for the Nation, CFF-
C 3.253: Economic Censuses: Reference Series
C 3.253/2: Economic Censuses of Outlying Areas, OAC
C 3.253/3: History of the Economic Censuses
C 3.254: Foreign-Owned U.S. Firms FOF 1979-
C 3.255/2-2: Census of Retail Trade: Geographic Area Statistics, Advance Reports
C 3.255/2: Census of Retail Trade: Geographic Area Statistics
C 3.255/3-2: Census of Retail Trade: Preliminary Report Industry Series
C 3.255/3-3: Census of Retail Trade: Industry Series
C 3.255/3: Census of Retail Trade: Subject Reports
C 3.255/4: Census of Retail Trade: Retail Merchandise Lines Service
C 3.255/5: Census of Retail Trade: Major Retail Centers Statistics
C 3.255/6: Census of Retail Trade: Final Volumes
C 3.255/7: Census of Retail Trade: Nonemployer Statistics Series
C 3.256/2: Census of Wholesale Trade: Geographic Area Series
C 3.256/3-2: Census of Wholesale Trade: Preliminary Report Industry Series
C 3.256/3: Census of Wholesale Trade: Subject Series
C 3.256/4: Census of Wholesale Trade: Final Reports
C 3.256/6: Census of Wholesale Trade: Industry Series WC
C 3.256/7-2: Census of Wholesale Trade: Geographic Area Series (various states)
C 3.257: Census of Service Industries: General Publications
C 3.257/2: Census of Service Industries: Geographic Area Series
C 3.257/3-2: Census of Service Industries: Advance Subject Reports
C 3.257/3-3: Census of Service Industries: Preliminary Report Industry Series
C 3.257/3-4: Census of Service Industries: Industry Series
C 3.257/3: Census of Service Industries: Subject Series
C 3.257/4: Census of Service Industries: Final Reports
C 3.257/5: Census of Service Industries: Nonemployer Statistics Series
C 3.258: Survey of Minority-Owned Business Enterprises, MB
C 3.259: Economic Research Reports
C 3.260: Boundary and Annexation Survey
C 3.261: Special Demographic Analyses, CDS-
C 3.262: Directory of Data Files
C 3.264: Foreign Economic Reports
C 3.266: Federal Expenditures by State for Fiscal Year
C 3.266/2: Consolidated Federal Funds Report
C 3.266/3: Consolidated Federal Funds Reports, CD-CFFR
C 3.267: Quarterly Financial Report for Manufacturing, Mining and Trade Corporations 1947-
C 3.268: Special Publication, P10/PoP
C 3.269: Trade and Employment
C 3.271: 1990 Planning Conference Series
C 3.275: Electronic Products
C 3.276: Consumer Spending Update
C 3.277: Economic and Agriculture Censuses
C 3.277/2: 1997 Economic Census
C 3.277/3: Company Statistics Series (Economic Census)
C 3.278/2: U.S. Imports of Merchandise
C 3.278/3: U.S. Exports of Merchandise
C 3.279: Tiger/Line Files - 1990 Census Version
C 3.281: Census of Population and Housing, Public Law 94-171 Data
C 3.281/2: 1990 Census of Population and Housing Special Tabulation on Aging
C 3.282: Summary Tape Files: STF 1
C 3.282/2-2: Summary Tape Files - STF4
C 3.282/2-3: Summary File 2
C 3.282/2: Summary Tape Files: STF 3
C 3.282/3: Census of Population and Housing Block Statistics
C 3.282/4: Congressional Districts of the United States, Summary Tape Files
C 3.283: Census/Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Special File
C 3.285: Public Use Microdata Files
C 3.286: Subject Reports
C 3.287: Product Profile
C 3.288: Population Trends
C 3.289: Annual Capital Expenditures
C 3.291: Census of Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate Industries
C 3.292: Census of Transportation, Communications and Utilities
C 3.293: ASA/NSF/Census Bureau Research Fellow Program
C 3.294: Zip Code Business Patterns
C 3.294/2-2: Housing Vacancies and Homeownership (CPS/HVS), Annual Statistics
C 3.294/2: Housing Vacancies and Homeownership (CPS/HVS)
C 3.295: Census Bureau News Releases
C 3.297: American Community Survey
C 3.298: Zip Code Business Patterns
C 3.299: International Programs Center Staff Paper
C 3.300: American FactFinder
C 3.301: Landview IV/The Federal Geographic Data

Coast and Geodetic Survey (1903-1965)

C 4.1: Annual Report of the Director
C 4.2: General Publications
C 4.19/2: Publications 1957-
C 4.21: Digest of Geodetic Publications Tidal Current Tables
C 4.41/2: Technical Bulletins 1958-

Bureau of Corporations (1903-1944)

C 5.2: General Publications

Bureau of Fisheries (1903-1939)

C 6.3: Bulletins

Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (1906-1913)

C 7.1: Annual Reports

Bureau of Labor (1903-1913)

C 8.3: Bulletins

Bureau of Lighthouses (1910-1939)

C 9.2: General Publications

Bureau of Manufacturers (1903-1912)

C 10.8: Commercial Relations

Bureau of Navigation (1903-1932)

C 11.1: Annual Reports
C 11.2: General Publications
C 11.5: Annual List of Merchant Vessels
C 11.6: Navigation Laws

National Institute of Standards and Technology (1934- )

C 13.1: Annual Report
C 13.1/12-10: CSTL technical activities
C 13.1/12-9: Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory Annual Report
C 13.1/13: Accomplishments and Opportunities (NIST Center for Neutron Research)
C 13.1/7: Polymer Science and Standards Division, Annual Report
C 13.2: General Publications
C 13.3: Bulletins
C 13.4: Circulars
C 13.6/2: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 13.8: Technologic Papers
C 13.10: Special Publications
C 13.10:250- Calibration and Test Services of the National Bureau of Standards
C 13.10:260- Standard Reference Materials 1951-
C 13.10:305/ Publications of the National Bureau of Standards
C 13.10:315- Bibliography on the High Temperature Chemistry and Physics of Materials
C 13.10:400- Semiconductor Measurement Technology. Quarterly Report
C 13.10:440 Color Universal Language and Dictionary of Names
C 13.10:480-20 Directory of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Associations and Research Centers 1978
C 13.10:500-42 Guide to Computer Program Directories 1977
C 13.10:739/ Directory of Federal Government Certification and Related Programs 1998
C 13.10:800- Computer Security - Guide
C 13.10:950- Advanced Technology Program Performance of Completed Projects
C 13.10/3-3: NCWM Publications
C 13.10/3: Report of the National Conference on Weights and Measures
C 13.10/4: Laser Induced Damage in Optical Materials
C 13.11: Handbooks H1- 1918-
C 13.11/2: NIST Handbook, Specifications, Tolerances, and Other Technical Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices
C 13.13: Dimensions, NBS 1925-1981
C 13.16: Letter Circulars
C 13.20: Commercial Standards CS 1-
C 13.20/2: Product Standards PS- 1966-
C 13.21: Commercial Standards
C 13.22: Journal of Research 1928-
C 13.29: Building Materials and Structures Report
C 13.29/2: Building Science Series 1965-
C 13.30: Mathematical Tables
C 13.37: List of Publications LP
C 13.44: Monographs 1959-
C 13.46: Technical Notes TN 1959-
C 13.46/2: NBS Reactor: Summary of Activities
C 13.46/3: Tech Beat
C 13.48: National Standard Reference Data Series, NSRDS-NBS 1964-
C 13.48/4-2: NIST Standard Reference Materials Price List
C 13.48/4-3: Standard Reference Materials Price List
C 13.48/4: Standard Reference Materials
C 13.52: Federal Information Processing Standards Publications 1968-
C 13.53: NBS Consumer Information Series 1971-
C 13.55: Model Weights and Measures Ordinance (year), Provisions as Adopted by the National Conference on Weights and Measures
C 13.57/2: NIST-GCR Grantee/Contractor Report
C 13.58: National Bureau of Standards Interagency Reports, NBSIR- 1973-
C 13.58/2: Technical Activities, Center for Analytical Chemistry
C 13.58/3: Technical Activities, Office of Standard Reference Data
C 13.58/5: NIST Serial Holdings
C 13.58/7: Directory of NVLAP Accredited Laboratories
C 13.58/9: Technical Activities, Center for Chemical Physics
C 13.58/10: Technical Publication Announcements
C 13.58/11: Technical Progress Bulletin
C 13.58/13: Annual Conference on Fire Research, Book of Abstracts
C 13.58/14: Annual Report on the Implementation of Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-119 and P.L. 104-113
C 13.58/18: Directory of Accredited North American Quality System Registration Organizations (NAQSRO)
C 13.65/2: Engineering Postdoctoral Research Associateship Program
C 13.68: Annual Accomplishments Report, Affirmative Action Program for Minorities and Women
C 13.70: TBT News
C 13.70/2: National Measurement Laboratory, News Features
C 13.71: Technical Activities, Surface Science Division
C 13.72: Status Report of the Energy-Related Inventions Program
C 13.73: Institute for Computer Sciences and Technology: Annual Report
C 13.75: Technology at a Glance
C 13.77: Computer Systems Laboratory, Annual Report

Steamboat-Inspection Service (1903-1932)

C 15.1: Annual Reports
C 15.5: Laws Governing Steamboat Inspection Service

Division of Printing and Publications

C 16.2: General Publications

Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce (1912-1953)

C 18.2: General Publications
C 18.5/1: Foreign Commerce Weekly 1940-
C 18.7: Monthly Summary of Foreign Commerce of United States
C 18.11: Special Agents Series
C 18.15: Miscellaneous Series
C 18.25: Trade Information Bulletins
C 18.26/2: Foreign Commerce Yearbooks
C 18.27: Trade Promotion Series
C 18.28: Domestic Commerce Series
C 18.33: Distribution Cost Studies
C 18.35/2: Special Supplements
C 18.204: Trade of the United States with
C 18.206: Economic Series
C 18.223: International Reference Service
C 18.228: Inquiry Reference Service
C 18.270: Business Establishment, Employment and Taxable Pay Rolls Under Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Program
C 18.271: Domestic Commerce Series
C 18.274: Transportation Series
C 18.275: Business Economics Series

Patent and Trademark Office (1975- )

C 21.1/2 Annual Report of the Commissioner of Patents 1837-
C 21.1/2: Annual Reports to Secretary of Commerce
C 21.1/3: Trademark Public Advisory Committee Annual Report
C 21.1/4: Patent Public Advisory Committee Annual Report
C 21.2: General Publications
C 21.2:T 67/ General Information Concerning Trademarks
C 21.3/2: Classification Definitions
C 21.5: Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office: Patents
C 21.5/2: Index of Patents Issued from the United States Patent Office 1920-
C 21.5/3: Index of Trademarks Issued from the United States Patent Office
C 21.5/4 A: Patent and Trademark Office Notices
C 21.5/4: Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Trademarks 1971-
C 21.5/5: Consolidated Listing of Official Gazette Notices Re Patent and Trademark Office Practices and Procedures, Patent Notices
C 21.5/6-2: Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office: Patent
C 21.5/6: Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Patents
C 21.8: Rules of Practice
C 21.9/2: Patent Attorneys and Agents Available to Represent Inventors Before the United States Patent Office
C 21.12: Manual of Classification
C 21.12/2: Index to Classification
C 21.14/2-3: A Guide to Filing a Non-Provisional (Utility) Patent Application
C 21.14/2: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 21.15: Manual of Patent Examining Procedures
C 21.28: Directories
C 21.28/2: Information Directory
C 21.36: Trilateral Statistical Report

Bureau of Mines (1925-1934)

C 22.8: Mineral Resources of United States

Bureau of Air Commerce (1934-1938)

C 23.7/2: Airway Bulletins

Radio Division (1927-1932)

C 24.2: General Publications
C 24.5: Radio Stations of the U.S.

Federal Employment Stabilization Office (1934-1939)

C 26.2: General Publications

Shipping Board Bureau (1933-1936)

C 27.9/4: Imports and Exports of Commodities by U.S. Coastal Districts and Foreign Trade Regions

Weather Bureau (1940-1965)

C 30.2: General Publications
C 30.3/2: Climatic Summary of the United States, Supplement
C 30.15: Supplements
C 30.17/3: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
C 30.21/2: Climatological Data for Arctic Stations
C 30.21/3: Climatological Data for Antarctic Stations
C 30.24: Daily River Stages 1903-
C 30.25: United States Meteorological Yearbook
C 30.51: Climatological Data, National Summary
C 30.66/2: Key to Meteorological Records Documentation
C 30.75: Research Progress and Plans of the Weather Bureau, Fiscal Year 1960-
C 30.75/2: Current Federal Meteorological Research and Development Activities 1962/63-
C 30.77: Summer Student Trainee Report

Civil Aeronautics Administration (1940-1959)

C 31.102: General Publications

National Inventors Council (1940-1963)

C 32.7: Information Bulletins

Bureau of Public Roads (1949-1966)

C 37.1: Highway Progress Annual Report of the Bureau of Public Roads
C 37.2: General Publications
C 37.5: Laws
C 37.7: President's Highway Safety Conference
C 37.18: Highway Fianace

Federal Maritime Board (1950-1961)

C 39.101: Annual Reports

Maritime Administration (1950-1981)

C 39.201: Annual Report 1950-
C 39.202: General Publications
C 39.202:Oc 2/ Review of United States Oceanborne Foreign Trade
C 39.216/2: Relative Cost of Shipbuilding in Various Coastal Districts of the United States, Report to Congress 1963-
C 39.222: Domestic Waterborne Trade of the United States

Bureau of Domestic Commerce (1970-1972)

C 41.2: General Publications
C 41.6/9: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 41.12: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
C 41.18: Printing and Publishing
C 41.30/3: Construction Review 1955-
C 41.34/2: Annual Statistical Supplement

Bureau of International Commerce (1963-1972)

C 42.2: General Publications
C 42.9/2: World Trade Series

Office of Business Economics (1953-1972)

C 43.2: General Publications
C 43.8/3: Supplement to Survey of Current Business

Economic Development Administration (1965- )

C 46.1: Annual Report 1966-
C 46.2: General Publications
C 46.5: Laws
C 46.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 46.9/2: Economic Development 1965-June 1973
C 46.9/3: Economic Development U.S.A.
C 46.17: Maps and Charts, Qualified Areas
C 46.24: Economic Redevelopment Research
C 46.26: Research Review 1967-
C 46.29: Economic Development Research Reports

United States Travel and Tourism Administration (1961-1996)

C 47.1: Annual Report 1962-
C 47.2: General Publications
C 47.12: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 47.15: Summary and Analysis of International Travel to the U.S.
C 47.15/4: Arrivals and Departures by Selected Ports, Statistics of Foreign Visitor Arrivals and U.S. Citizen Departures Analyzed by U.S. Ports of Entry and Departure 1963-
C 47.15/5: International Travellers to the U.S., Annual Summary
C 47.18: Patterns of Foreign Travel in the U.S.
C 47.19: Study of the International Travel Market
C 47.20: Marketing U.S. Tourism Abroad
C 47.2:P 69 Plant Tours for International Visitors to the United States

Bureau of International Programs (1961-1963)

C 49.8/1: World Trade Information Service, Part 1, Economic Reports
C 49.8/3: World Trade Information Service, Part 3, Statistical Reports

National Technical Information Service (1970- )

C 51.2: General Publications
C 51.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 51.11/8: NTIS Products and Services Catalog
C 51.15: Directory of Federal Statistical Data Files
C 51.19: Directories
C 51.19/2: Directory of Federal and State Business Assistance
C 51.22/2: The NTIS/GPO FDLP Depository Access to Reports, Technical & Scientific (DARTS)

Environmental Science Services Administration (1965-1970)

C 52.2: General Publications
C 52.13: ESSA Monographs
C 52.14: ESSA World
C 52.15: ESSA Technical Reports 1966-
C 52.20: ESSA Professional Papers
C 52.23: Collect Reprints, ESSA Institute for Oceanography

Office of Foreign Direct Investments (1968-1974)

C 54.2: General Publications

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (1970- )

C 55.1/4: NOAA business report
C 55.2: General Publications
C 55.6: Regulations, Rules and Instructions
C 55.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 55.11: Monthly Weather Review
C 55.13: NOAA Technical Reports
C 55.13/2: NOAA Technical Memorandums
C 55.14: NOAA 1971-
C 55.14/a: Separates
C 55.16: Federal Plan for Marine Environmental Prediction, Fiscal Year
C 55.16/2: Federal Plan for Meteorological Services and Supporting Research, Fiscal Year 1968-
C 55.20: Natural Disaster Survey Reports NDSR
C 55.22: NOAA Atlases 1971-
C 55.22/2: Maps
C 55.26: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
C 55.27: Weather Modification, Summary Report
C 55.27/2: Weather Modification Activity Reports 1973-
C 55.27/3: Weather Modification Reporting Program
C 55.28: Hydrometeorological Reports 1938-
C 55.29: NOAA Undersea Research Program, Fiscal Year Reports
C 55.31: Report to the Congress on Ocean Dumping and Other Man-Induced Changes to Ocean Ecosystems 1973-1974
C 55.31/2: Report to Congress on Ocean Pollution, Overfishing and Offshore Development 1975-1983
C 55.32: Report to the Congress on Coastal Zone Management
C 55.32/6: Management Plans
C 55.35: NOAA Dumpsite Evaluation Reports
C 55.36: NOAA Data Reports OMPA-
C 55.38: SEA Grant Biennial Report
C 55.43: Office of Marine Pollution Assessment: Annual Report
C 55.43/2: Office of Marine Pollution Assessment, Technical Plan for Fiscal Year
C 55.44: National Climate Program: Annual Report
C 55.49: NOAA Estuary-of-the-Month, Seminar Series
C 55.49/2: NOAA Coastal Ocean Program, Regional Synthesis Series
C 55.49/3: NOAA Coastal Ocean Program, Decisions Analysis Series
C 55.49/4: NOAA Coastal Ocean Program, Project News Update
C 55.49/6: Fellow News
C 55.49/7: Coastal Connections, A Bimonthly Publication Focused on Tools for Coastal Resource Managers
C 55.52: Earth System Monitor
C 55.56: Globe Offline
C 55.58: Sanctuary watch
C 55.59: Topside

National Weather Service (1970- )

C 55.102: General Publications
C 55.108: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 55.108/2: Weather Service Observing Handbooks 1969-
C 55.108/3: Forecaster's Handbooks 1967-
C 55.108/6: AFOS Handbook
C 55.109: Monthly and Seasonal Weather Outlook 1946-
C 55.111: Operations of the National Weather Service 1970-
C 55.127: Aware
C 55.129/2: The Climate Bulletin
C 55.132: Critical Path
C 55.133: National Implementation Plan for Modernization of the National Weather Service
C 55.134: A Summary of Natural Hazard Deaths in the United States
C 55.136: Climate PredictionCenter Atlas
C 55.194: Climate Diagnostic Bulletin

National Centers for Environmental Prediction

C 55.136/2: Northern hemisphere winter summary
C 55.136/3: Southern hemisphere winter summary
C 55.137: Service Assessments
C 55.139: Storm Courier
C 55.140: Worldwide Marine Radiofacsimile Broadcast Schedules
C 55.141: Tsunami newsletter

National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (1970- )

C 55.201/2: National Geophysical Data Center: Annual Report
C 55.202: General Publications
C 55.208: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 55.209: Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin 1924-
C 55.211: Monthly Climatic Data for the World
C 55.212: Storm Data 1959-
C 55.214/41: Texas
C 55.214: Climatological Data, National Summary
C 55.216/9: Idaho
C 55.219/2: Key to Geophysical Records Documentation 1972-
C 55.220/5: World Data Center A for Solid Earth Geophysics Report, SE Series
C 55.220/10: World Data Center-A for Marine Geology and Geophysics Report
C 55.228: Publications 1957-
C 55.233: Climate Impact Assessment, Foreign Countries
C 55.233/2: Climate Impact Assessment, U.S.
C 55.234: CEAS (Center for Environmental Assessment Services) Activities
C 55.237/3: Marine Environmental Assessment: Chesapeake Bay: Annual Summary
C 55.241: NOAA Paleoclimate Publications Series
C 55.242: NOAA Atlas NESDIS
C 55.281: National Climactic Center Publications
C 55.286/6-6: Local Climatological Data, Colorado
C 55.287/58: Historical Climatology Series, Atlases
C 55.287/60-3: Monthly State, Regional and National Cooling Degree Days Weighted by Population
C 55.287/61: Climate Variations Bulletin
C 55.287/63: The National Climatic Data Center Periodical Publications
C 55.291/2: National Oceanography Data Center: Annual Report
C 55.292: World Ocean Atlas
C 55.298: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

National Marine Fisheries Service (1970- )

C 55.301: Annual Report
C 55.301/2: NMFS Northwest Region Organization and Activities, Fiscal Year
C 55.302: General Publications
C 55.305: Laws
C 55.309/2-11: NOAA Fisheries…Report
C 55.309/2-12: Our Living Oceans
C 55.310 Marine Fisheries Review 1939-
C 55.313: Fishery Bulletin 1931-
C 55.316: Statistical Digests 1942-
C 55.327: Administration of the marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972
C 55.327/3-2: U.S. Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Marine mammal Stock Assessments
C 55.327/3-3: Alaska Marine Mammal Stock Assessments
C 55.327/3: U.S. Pacific Marine Mammal Stock Assessments
C 55.328: Environmental Impact Statements
C 55.330: Annual Report Fishery Conservation and Management Act 1977-
C 55.331: Southwest Fisheries Science Center: Report of Activities
C 55.334: Collected Reprints
C 55.346: Billfish Newsletter
C 55.348: North Pacific groundfish observer manual

National Ocean Service (1970- )

C 55.401: Annual Report
C 55.402: General Publications
C 55.408: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 55.413: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
C 55.413/3: Publications of the National Geodetic Survey
C 55.425/4: Tides online
C 55.428: Collected Reprints 1976-
C 55.431: Educational Pamphlets
C 55.433: Outer Continental Shelf Environmental Assessment Program Final Reports of Principal Investigators
C 55.436: National Status and Trends Program, Water Quality Cruise Data Reports
C 55.436/2: National Status and Trends Program for Marine Environmental Quality
C 55.436/3: National Status and Trends Program for Marine Environmental Quality, FY Program Description
C 55.436/4: National Status and Trends Program, Water Quality Annual Report
C 55.439: Report to the Congress on Ocean Pollution, Monitoring and Research
C 55.441: National Shellfish Register of Classified Growing Waters
C 55.442: Environmental Impact Statement
C 55.443/2: Protecting your Channel Islands
C 55.443: Marine Sanctuaries Conservation Series
C 55.444: Wavebreaking News
C 55.445/2: National Marine Sanctuary Program (General Publications)
C 55.446: Accomplishments / National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science

National Earth Satellite Service (1971- )

C 55.502: General Publications
C 55.508: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 55.628: FSL Forum

Environmental Research Laboratories (1971- )

C 55.601/3: National Hurricane Research Laboratory, Fiscal Year Programs, Fiscal Year Projections
C 55.601/6: Hurricane Field Program
C 55.602: General Publications
C 55.608: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 55.612: Collected Reprints: Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratories 1970-
C 55.612/3: Collected Reprints: Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry Laboratory
C 55.616: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
C 55.622: Environmental Assessment of the Alaskan Continental Shelf, Principal Investigator's Report
C 55.622/2: Environmental Assessment of the Alaskan Continental Shelf
C 55.622/3: Environmental Assessment of the Alaskan Continental Shelf
C 55.625: National Severe Storms Laboratory, Annual Report, Fiscal Year
C 55.626: Weather Research Program, Annual Report
C 55.626/2: Program for Regional Observing and Forecasting Services
C 55.628/2: FSL in Review

Oceanic and Atmospheric Research Office

C 55.702: General Publications

Bureau of Economic Analysis (1972-1975)

C 56.102: General Publications
C 56.109/4: Special Supplements to Survey of Current Business
C 56.113: Bureau of Economic Analysis Staff Papers, BEA-SP 1963-

Bureau of the Census (1972-1975)

C 56.202: General Publications
C 56.208: Handbooks, Manuals, and Guides
C 56.210: U.S. Foreign Trade
C 56.212/6: Data Access Descriptions: Miscellaneous Series
C 56.216: Current Industrial Reports
C 56.219/4-2: Current Business Reports: Retail Trade
C 56.220: Census Use Studies
C 56.226: Series Isp. Cents (Census Tabulation System)
C 56.233: County Business Patterns CBP 1943-
C 56.235: Census Tract Papers, GE-40
C 56.242: United States Maps GE 50-
C 56.243/2: Supplements to the Statistical Abstract of the United States
C 56.244: Census of Manufactures: Final Volumes
C 56.244/3: Census of Manufactures: Supplementary Reports
C 56.244/8: Census of Manufactures: Manufacturers' Inventories
C 56.246/2: Census of Transportation: Final Reports
C 56.246/3: Census of Transportation
C 56.251/2: Census of Retail Trade: Area Statistics
C 56.251/6: Census of Retail Trade: Final Volumes
C 56.252/5: Census of Wholesale Trade: Final Volumes
C 56.253/5: Census of Selected Service Industries: Final Volumes
C 56.254/6: Census of Construction Industries: Bound Volumes
C 56.259: Economic Censuses of Outlying Areas
C 56.260: Survey of Minority-Owned Business Enterprises, MB-

Industry and Trade Administration (1977-1980)

C 57.2: General Publications
C 57.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 57.11: Overseas Business Reports
C 57.20: Commerce Business Daily
C 57.21: World Motor Vehicle and Trailer Production and Registration
C 57.24: U.S. Lumber Exports
C 57.29: State Export Series

Bureau of Export Development (1977- )

C 57.102: General Publications
C 57.108: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 57.109: Global Market Surveys
C 57.112: Country Market Surveys CMS-
C 57.114: Commercial News USA
C 57.119: Country market Sectoral Surveys

Bureau of Resources and Trade Assistance (1972- )

C 57.202: General Publications
C 57.210: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications

East-West Trade Bureau (1972- )

C 57.402: General Publications
C 57.408: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 57.412: Market Assessments For (country)

Bureau of Domestic Commerce (1974-1980)

C 57.502: General Publications
C 57.513: Containers and Packaging 1948-1978

United States Fire Administration (1978-1979)

C 58.1: Annual Report 1974-
C 58.2: General Publications
C 58.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 58.13: Fire in the United States 1978-

Bureau of Economic Analysis (1975- )

C 59.2: General Publications
C 59.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 59.9/3: Business Conditions Digest Supplements
C 59.11: Survey of Current Business 1921-
C 59.11/a: Reprints
C 59.11/3: Business Statistics Biennial Supplement to Survey of Current Business 1932-
C 59.11/4: Supplement to Survey of Current Business
C 59.11/5-3: National Income and Products Accounts of the United States
C 59.11/5: National Income and Product Accounts of the United States
C 59.13: International Population Reports P-91-
C 59.14: Bureau of Economic Analysis Staff Papers 1963-
C 59.16/52: State Quarterly Economic Developments
C 59.17: OBERS, BEA Regional Projections
C 59.18: Local Area Personal Income
C 59.19: Methodology Papers U.S. National Income and Product Accounts BEA-MP
C 59.20: Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S. Operations of U.S. Affiliates of Foreign Companies
C 59.20/2: U.S. Direct Investment Abroad, Operations of U.S. Parent Companies and Their Foreign Affiliates Preliminary Estimates
C 59.20/3: Foreign Direct Investment in the United States, Establishment Data for Manufacturing
C 59.24: Regional Economic Information System
C 59.25: SPI State Personal Income 1969-
C 59.28/2: Interactive Access to Fixed Assets Tables
C 59.28: Fixed Assets and Consumer Durable Goods in the United States

National Telecommunications and Information Administration (1978- )

C 60.2: General Publications
C 60.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 60.9: Special Publications NTIA-SP-
C 60.10: NTIA Reports
C 60.11: Technical Memorandum Series NTIA-TM-
C 60.14: Institute for Telecommunication Sciences: Annual Technical Progress Report

International Trade Administration (1980- )

C 61.2: General Publications
C 61.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
C 61.8/2: Guidebook, Caribbean Basin Initiative
C 61.9: Country Market Survey CMS-
C 61.10: Commercial News USA
C 61.10/2: Commercial News USA, New Products Annual Directory
C 61.11/2: Annual Foreign Policy Report to Congress
C 61.12: Overseas Business Reports
C 61.17: East-West Trade Policy Staff Papers
C 61.18 Business America 1978-
C 61.18/2: Export America
C 61.18/4:
C 61.21: International Marketing Events, Market Reserach Survey
C 61.23/2: Export Administration Bulletin 1969-
C 61.24: Export Administration Annual Report 1947-
C 61.25: OPEC Direct Investment in the United States
C 61.25/2: Foreign Direct Investment in the United States
C 61.25/3: Monthly Report on Foreign Direct Investment Activity in the United States
C 61.28: U.S. Trade Performance in (year) and Outlook
C 61.28/2: U.S. Foreign Trade Highlights
C 61.29: International Direct Investment, Global Trends and the U.S. Role
C 61.30: State Export Series
C 61.31: Franchise Opportunities Handbook
C 61.31/2: Franchising in the Economy
C 61.34: U.S. Industrial Outlook
C 61.35/2: LA/C Business Bulletin
C 61.38: Latin American Trade Review
C 61.40: U.S. Merchandise Trade Position at Midyear
C 61.42: BISNIS Bulletin
C 61.42/2: BISNIS Search of Partners
C 61.43: Eastern Europe Business Bulletin
C 61.45: The Big Emerging Markets, Outlook and Sourcebook
C 61.48: U.S. Industry and Trade Outlook
C 61.51: Textile and Apparel Trade Balance Report
C 61.56: Results of Services Conference
C 61.57: Addressing the Challenges of International Bribery and Fair Competition

Bureau of Industrial Economics (1980-1984)

C 62.9: Printing and Publishing -1982
C 62.11: Forest Products Review 1944-1982
C 62.12/2: Copper, Annual Statistical Supplement
C 62.15: Staff Papers BIE-SP-
C 62.19: Industrial Economics Review

Bureau of Industry and Security

C 63.2: General Publications
C 63.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
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