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Department of Health and Human Services (1980- )

HE 1.1: Annual Report
HE 1.1/2-2: Digest of Semiannual Reports and Fiscal Year
HE 1.1/2: Office of Inspector General: Annual Report
HE 1.1/3: Justifications of Appropriations Estimates for Committee on Appropriations, Fiscal Year
HE 1.1/4: Indicators of Welfare Dependence
HE 1.2: General Publications
HE 1.6/3: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 1.6/7-3: PHS Grants Policy Memorandum
HE 1.6/7: Grants Policy Directives 1968-
HE 1.18: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HE 1.41: DHEW Obligations to (various institutions) 1970-
HE 1.42: Syncrisis, The Dynamics of Health 1972-
HE 1.54: Human Services, Monograph Series
HE 1.57: Financial Assistance by Geographic Area, Fiscal Year
HE 1.58: Report to the President and Congress on the Drug Abuse, Prevention, and Treatment Functions 1978-
HE 1.59: Health Data Inventory
HE 1.63: Trends in the Well-Being of America's Children and Youth
HE 1.66:
HE 1.69/2: HIV in Health Care

Administration on Aging (1973-1977)

HE 1.201: Annual Report
HE 1.202: General Publications
HE 1.205: Laws
HE 1.208/2: Information and Referral Services
HE 1.213: HEW Fact Sheets

Youth Development and Delinquency Prevention Administration (1974-1977)

HE 1.302: General Publications

Office of Child Development (1975-1977)

HE 1.402: General Publications
HE 1.409: Annual Report of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare to Congress on Services Provided to Handicapped Children in Project Head Start 1973-

Children's Bureau (1975-1977)

HE 1.452: General Publications
HE 1.458: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 1.459: Children Today
HE 1.480: Child Abuse and Neglect
HE 1.480/5: National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect: Proceedings 1976-

Office of Consumer Affairs (1973- )

HE 1.502: General Publications
HE 1.508: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 1.510: Consumer Legislative Monthly Report

Rehabilitation Services Administration (1975-1977)

HE 1.609: Annual Report of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare to the President and the Congress on Federal Activities Related to the Administration of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
HE 1.612: American Rehabilitation 1975-

Head Start Bureau (1977)

HE 1.808: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

Public Services Administration (1977)

HE 1.902: General Publications

Aging Administration (1991- )

HE 1.1001: Annual Report
HE 1.1002: General Publications
HE 1.1008: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 1.1016: AOA Reports
HE 1.1017: AOA Update
HE 1.1019: Electronic Products

Social Security Administration (1970-1995)

HE 3.1: Annual Report
HE 3.2: General Publications
HE 3.3/3 Social Security Bulletin, Statistical Supplement
HE 3.3/5: Author, Title, and Subject Index to the Social Security Bulletin
HE 3.5: Laws
HE 3.5/3: Legislative History of Titles I-XX of the Social Security Act
HE 3.6/3: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 3.19: Actuarial Studies
HE 3.19/2: Actuarial Notes 1962-
HE 3.21/2: Fact Sheet
HE 3.28/2: Research and Statistics Notes 1978-
HE 3.28/6-2: Monthly Benefit Statistics
HE 3.28/6-3: Monthly Benefit Statistics
HE 3.28/6: Monthly Benefit Statistics
HE 3.44: Social Security Rulings on Federal Old-Age, Survivors, Disability, and Health Insurance
HE 3.44/2: Social Security Rulings, Cumulative Bulletins
HE 3.49: Research Reports
HE 3.56: Office of Research and Statistics: Staff Papers
HE 3.60: Public Assistance Statistics
HE 3.60/2: Requests for AFDC Hearings in Public Assistance, Fiscal Year
HE 3.60/4: Quarterly Public Assistance Statistics
HE 3.61: Public Assistance Recipients and Cash Payments
HE 3.61/2: Public Assistance Recipients in Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas
HE 3.63: Disposition of Public Assistance Cases Involving Questions of Fraud
HE 3.64: AFDC Standards for Basic Needs
HE 3.65: Aid to Families with Dependent Children
HE 3.65/2: Characteristics of State Plans for Aid to Families With Dependent Children Under the Social Security Act, Title IV-A
HE 3.66: OHA (Office of Hearings and Appeals) Law Reporter
HE 3.67: AFDC and Related Income Maitenance Studies
HE 3.67/2: Studies in Income Distribution
HE 3.70: Expenditures for Public Assistance Program
HE 3.71: SSI Recipients by State and County
HE 3.71/2: Program and Demographic Characteristics of Supplemental Security Income Beneficiaries
HE 3.72: Refugee Resettlement Program, Report to Congress
HE 3.73/2: Social Security Beneficiaries by State and County
HE 3.73/3: Social Security Beneficiaries in Metropolitan Areas
HE 3.75: Income of the Population 55 and Over
HE 3.77: Supplemental Security Income Program for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled
HE 3.88: Your Social Security Rights and Responsibilities, Disability Benefits
HE 3.88/2: Your Social Security Rights and Responsibilities, Retirement and Survivors
HE 3.91: Characteristics of Social Security Disability Insurance Beneficiaries

Office of Education (1970-1975)

HE 5.2: General Publications
HE 5.99: Research and Training Opportunities Abroad: Higher Education Programs in Foreign Language and Area Studies
HE 5.280: Vocational Education Publications: Miscellaneous, OE
HE 5.290: Survey of Federal Libraries

Social and Rehabilitation Service (1967-1977)

HE 17.2: General Publications
HE 17.2:St 2/2/ State Expenditures for Public Assistance Programs
HE 17.6: Regualtions, Rules and Instructions
HE 17.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 17.28: Annual Report of Welfare Programs

Administration on Aging (1970-1973)

HE 17.302: General Publications

Medical Services Administration (1970-1977)

HE 17.502: General Publications

National Center for Social Statistics (1970- )

HE 17.602: General Publications
HE 17.610: Public Assistance Statistics
HE 17.617/3: Number of Recipients and Amounts of Payments Under Medicaid and Other Medical Programs Financed from Public Assistance Funds
HE 17.619/2: Work Incentive Program
HE 17.620: Medicaid and Other Medical Care Financed from Public Assistance Funds
HE 17.625: Aid to Families With Dependent Children
HE 17.642: Report on Disposition of Public Assistance Cases Involving Questions of Fraud, Fiscal Year
HE 17.644: Hearings in Public Assistance

Public Services Administration (1976-1977)

HE 17.702: General Publications
HE 17.708: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

Youth Development and Delinquency Prevention Administration (1970-1974)

HE 17.802: General Publications

Education Division (1972-1979)

HE 19.2: General Publications
HE 19.9: Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education: Publications
HE 19.9:R 31/ Resources for Change, A Guide to Projects

Office of Education (1972-1979)

HE 19.101: Annual Report
HE 19.101/2: Administration of Public Law 81-874 and 81-815
HE 19.101/3: Annual Evaluation Report on Programs Administered by the U.S. Office of Education
HE 19.102: General Publications
HE 19.108: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 19.109: Education Around the World
HE 19.111: Monographs on Evaluation in Education
HE 19.111/2: Monographs on Career Education
HE 19.117: National Advisory Committee on the Handicapped: Annual Report 1974-
HE 19.117/2: Report to Congress on Implementation of Public Law 94-142
HE 19.118: Suggested Two-Year Post-High School Curriculums
HE 19.121: Vocational Education Information
HE 19.122: Uses of State Administered Federal Education Funds 1975-
HE 19.125: Right to Read
HE 19.126: Public School Finance Programs
HE 19.129: WS (Work-Study) Reports
HE 19.130: Advisory Committee on Accreditation and Institutional Eligibility: Annual Report
HE 19.131: Advisory Council on Financial Aid to Students: Annual Report
HE 19.132: Community Education Project Description for Fiscal Year
HE 19.132/2: Community Education Advisory Council: Reports
HE 19.135: Higher Education Act Title 2-B, Library Research and Demonstration Program, Abstracts, Fiscal Year
HE 19.136: Women's Educational Equity Act 1976-
HE 19.137: Technical Reports from the Study of the Sustaining Effects of Compensatory Education on Basic Skills 1977-
HE 19.139: Awards, Higher Education Act of 1965 (P.L. 89-329) as Amended Title 3, Strengthening Developing Institutions
HE 19.141: Implementing Title IX and Attaining Sex-Equity : A Workshop Package for Post-Secondary Educators
HE 19.141/2: Implementing Title IX and Attaining Sex-Equity : A Workshop for Elementary-Secondary Educators

National Institute of Education (1972-1979)

HE 19.202: General Publications
HE 19.208: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 19.212: NIE Papers in Education and Work 1976-
HE 19.213: bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HE 19.214: National Council on Education Research: Annual Report
HE 19.216: Grants Competitions and RFPS: Planned NIE Activities During the Fiscal Year
HE 19.216/2: Funding Opportunities at NIE, Grants Competitions and Requests for Proposals in Fiscal Year
HE 19.218: Research and Development Series
HE 19.219: Vocational Education Study Publications 1979-
HE 19.220: Women's Studies, Monograph Series

National Center for Educational Statistics (1972-1979)

HE 19.302: General Publications
HE 19.308: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 19.310: Inventory of Physical Facilities in Institutions of Higher Education, Fall
HE 19.311: Sponsored Reports Series
HE 19.312: National Assessment of Education Progress: Reports
HE 19.312:08-BLS Basic Life Skills Reports
HE 19.312/2: National Assessment of Educational Progress
HE 19.313: Expenditures and Revenues for Public Elementary and Secondary Education 1973-
HE 19.315: Digest of Educational Statistics 1962-
HE 19.316: Financial Statistics of Institutions of Higher Education: Property
HE 19.316/2: Financial Statistics of Institutions of Higher Education, Current Funds, Revenues and Expenditures
HE 19.317: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HE 19.318/2: Statistics of Local Public School Systems, Finances
HE 19.319: Adult Basic and Secondary Level Program Statistics, Students and Staff Data
HE 19.323: Bond Sales for Public School Purposes
HE 19.325: Fall Enrollment in Higher Education
HE 19.328: Higher Education Basic Student Charges
HE 19.329: Earned Degrees Conferred
HE 19.330: Students Enrolled for Advanced Degrees 1959-
HE 19.331: Annual Conference on Higher Education, General Information Survey (HEGIS)
HE 19.333: Associate Degrees and Other Formal Awards Below the Baccalaureate
HE 19.335: Neglected or Delinquent Children Living in State Operated or Supported Institutions
HE 19.338: Library Statistics of Colleges and Universities

Office of Public Health and Science (1970- )

HE 20.1/2: Administration of Public Health Service: Report to Congress
HE 20.1/3: Office of Research Integrity, Annual Report
HE 20.2 General Publications
HE 20.3/2: Commissioned Corps Bulletin
HE 20.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.11/3: ODPHP (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion) Publications List
HE 20.13: CCPM (Commissioned Corps Personnel Manual) Pamphlets
HE 20.13/3: Commissioned Corps Personnel Manual
HE 20.16: Health Statistics Plan
HE 20.16/2: Health Statistics Report, Fiscal Year
HE 20.17: Annual Report of the Health Insurance Benefits Advisory Council
HE 20.19: Report of the United States Delegation to the World Health Assembly 1948-
HE 20.20: Health Maintenance Organizations 1975-
HE 20.22: International Health Planning Method Series 1979-
HE 20.23: National Toxicology Program, Review of Current DHHS, DOE, and EPA Research Related to Toxicology Fiscal Year
HE 20.23/2: National Toxicology Program, Annual Plan, Fiscal Year
HE 20.23/3: NTP (National Toxicology Program) Technical Bulletin
HE 20.23/4: Annual Report on Carcinogens 1980-
HE 20.25: Directory of On-Going Research in Smoking and Health 1967-
HE 20.25/2: Health Consequences of Smoking
HE 20.27: National HMO Census of Prepaid Plans
HE 20.29: Prevention
HE 20.29/2: Prevention Report
HE 20.30 Public Health Reports
HE 20.34: ODPHP Monograph Series
HE 20.34/2: ODPHP-Healthfinder
HE 20.36/2: The Physicians Memorandum
HE 20.37: Health Information Resources in the Federal Government
HE 20.38: Fact Sheet
HE 20.40: Closing the Gap, Waging War on Violence
HE 20.40/2: HIV Impact
HE 20.41: Electronic Publications
HE 20.41/2: Office on Women's Health-General Publications

President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (1978- )

HE 20.102: General Publications
HE 20.108: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.114: President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports: Research Reports

National Center for Health Care Technology

HE 20.202: General Publications
HE 20.209: Monograph Series

Indian Health Service (1991- )

HE 20.308: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.316: Trends in Indian Health
HE 20.320: The IHS Primary Care Provider

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (1995- )

HE 20.402: General Publications
HE 20.408: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.409/2: CSAP Substance Abuse Resource Guide
HE 20.410/2: Mental Health Directory
HE 20.410/3: National Directory of Drug Abuse and Alcoholism Treatment and Prevention Programs
HE 20.415: Technical Assistance Publication Series
HE 20.415/2: Technical Assistance Bulletins
HE 20.415/3: CSAP Technical Report
HE 20.416: Statistical Series, Annual Data, Data from the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN)
HE 20.416/2: Annual Emergency Room Data Series
HE 20.416/5: Detailed Emergency Department Tables From the Drug Abuse Warning Network
HE 20.416/6: The DAWN Report
HE 20.416/3: Drug Abuse Warning Network Series D-
HE 20.417/5-2: Overview of findings from the ... National Survey on Drug Use and Health
HE 20.417/5-3: Results from the ... National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Detailed tables
HE 20.417/2: National Household Survey on Drug Abuse: Population Estimates
HE 20.417/3: National Household Survey on Drug Abuse: Main Findings
HE 20.417/4: National Household Survey on Drug Abuse: Results
HE 20.417/5: National Household Survey on Drug Abuse: Summary of Findings
HE 20.417/6: National Household Survey on Drug Abuse: State Estimates
HE 20.418: Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) Series
HE 20.420: CSAP Cultural Competence Series
HE 20.421: Office of Applied Studies, Advance Report
HE 20.422: Methodological Series
HE 20.423: Uniform Facility Data Set (UFDS): Data for...
HE 20.423/3: Drug and Alcohol Service Information System (DASIS) Reports
HE 20.423/2: The Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS)
HE 20.424: Analytic Series
HE 20.425: SAMHSA News
HE 20.426: CSAP Prevention Monograph
HE 20.427: Center for Mental Health Services
HE 20.427/4: Mental Health United States
HE 20.427/5: Mental Health AIDS
HE 20.427/6: National Strategy for Suicide Prevention: a Collaborative Effort of SAMHSA, CDC, NIH, HRSA, HIS
HE 20.427/2: Consumer Information Series
HE 20.429/4: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.429/2: Substance Abuse in Brief
HE 20.429: Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
HE 20.430: SAMHSA Hispanic/Latino Initiative
HE 20.431: Suicidal Thoughts, Suicide Attempts, Major Depressive Episode, and Substance use among Adults

Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Agency

HE 20.502: General Publications
HE 20.516: Hazardous Substances & Public Health

National Center for Health Statistics (1970-1973)

HE 20.2209: Monthly Vital Statistics Report
HE 20.2210: Vital and Health Statistics

National Institute of Mental Health (1970-1973)

HE 20.2402: General Publications
HE 20.2414: Schizophrenia Bulletin
HE 20.2420/2: Crime and Delinquency Issues, Monograph Series

Regional Medical Programs Service (1970-1973)

HE 20.2612: Directory of On-Going Research in Smoking and Health 1967-

National Institutes of Health (1970- )

HE 20.3001/2: Annual Reports of Committees, Study Sections, Etc.
HE 20.3001/2:D 56/ Digestive Diseases Coordinating Committee
HE 20.3001/2:R 31/2/ General Research Support Program Advisory Committee
HE 20.3001/3: Biennial Report of the National Institutes of Health
HE 20.3002: General Publications
HE 20.3006: Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
HE 20.3007/2: News and Features from NIH, Portfolio Series
HE 20.3007/3: The NIH Record
HE 20.3008: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.3008/2 NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts 1970-
HE 20.3008/2-2: NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts Supplement
HE 20.3008/4: Referral Guidelines for Funding Components of PHS
HE 20.3009: NIH Publications List 1969-
HE 20.3011/2: Division of Computer Research and Technology: Annual Report
HE 20.3013: Public Health Service Grants and Awards
HE 20.3013/2-4: Crisp Biological Research Information
HE 20.3013/2: Biomedical Index to PHS-Supported Research 1961-
HE 20.3013/5: Grants for Training, Construction, Cancer Control, Medical Libraries
HE 20.3013/6 Research Resources Reporter
HE 20.3015: Medical Staff Fellowship at the National Institutes of Health
HE 20.3015/3-2: Student Job Opportunities
HE 20.3015/4: Postdoctoral Training
HE 20.3015/2: Summer Research Fellowship Program at the National Institutes of Health
HE 20.3016: NIH Almanac 1964-
HE 20.3017: Scientific Directory and Annual Bibliography 1956-
HE 20.3018: NIH Public Advisory Groups: Authority, Structure, Functions 1969-
HE 20.3021: Nursing Clinical Conferences Presented by the Nursing Department of Clinical Center
HE 20.3023: Medical and Health Related Sciences Thesaurus 1963-
HE 20.3024: Progress Against Cancer
HE 20.3025: Inventory of Federal Population Research, Fiscal Year 1970-
HE 20.3026: Environmental Impact Statements
HE 20.3027: National Diabetes Advisory Board: Annual Report 1978-
HE 20.3027/2: National Arthritis Advisory Board: Annual Report
HE 20.3027/3: National Cancer Advisory Board: Annual Report
HE 20.3027/4: Annual Report of the National Digestive Diseases Advisory Board
HE 20.3029: National Diabetes Advisory Board: Publications
HE 20.3030 National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference Summaries
HE 20.3032: Arthritis Interagency Coordinating Committee: Annual Report to the Secretary, Fiscal Year
HE 20.3033: Program Highlights
HE 20.3035: Division of Research Service: Annual Report
HE 20.3036: Program in Biomedical and Behavioral Nutrition Research and Training, Fiscal Year
HE 20.3036/2: Personnel Needs and Training for Biomedical and Behavioral Research
HE 20.3036/3: Biomedical Engineering and Instrumentation Branch, Division of Research Branch: Annual Report
HE 20.3037: Telephone and Service Directory
HE 20.3037/4: General Clinical Research Centers: A Research Resources Directory
HE 20.3037/6: Biomedical Research Technology Resources: A Research Resources Directory
HE 20.3037/7: Minority Biomedical Research Support Program, A Research Resources Directory
HE 20.3038/2: Healthline
HE 20.3039: NIH Program Evaluation Reports
HE 20.3041: NIH Data Book, Basic Data Relating to the National Institutes of Health
HE 20.3044: Handbook for Staff Physicians
HE 20.3046: National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference Statements
HE 20.3047: Abstracts of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I and Phase II Projects
HE 20.3047/2: Omnibus Solicitation of the Public Health Service for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant Applications
HE 20.3048: DRG (Division of Research Grants) Report
HE 20.3050: Instructions and Data Specifications for Reporting DHHS Obligations to Institutions of Higher Education and Other Nonprofit Organizations
HE 20.3051: Division of Legislative Analysis Highlights
HE 20.3052: Warren G. Magnuson Clinical Center: Annual Report
HE 20.3052/2: The Warren G. Magnuson Clinical Center (Annual Brochure)
HE 20.3053/2: NIH Extramural Programs, Funding for Research and Research Training
HE 20.3054/2: Participating in NIH Research
HE 20.3058: National Institutes of Health Disease Prevention Report
HE 20.3061: The NIH Catalyst
HE 20.3062: Fact Sheet, National Institutes of Health
HE 20.3067/15: Fact Sheets
HE 20.3067: National Genome Research Institute: General Publications
HE 20.3068/2: Annual bibliography of significant advances in dietary supplement research
HE 20.3068: Office of Dietary Supplements update
HE 20.3069: Career Development
HE 20.3070/2: ORWH supported research
HE 20.3070/3: ORWH supported conferences
HE 20.3070: ORWH
HE 20.3071: Monitoring Adherence to the NIH Policy on the Inclusion of Women and Minorities as Subjects of Clinical Research, Comprehensive Report

Bureau of Health Manpower Education (1970-1973)

HE 20.3102: General Publications

National Cancer Institute (1970- )

HE 20.3151: Annual Report
HE 20.3151/7: Division of Extramural Activities: Annual Report
HE 20.3151/2: Division of Cancer Research Resources and Centers: Annual Report
HE 20.3151/3: Division of Cancer Etiology: Annual Report
HE 20.3151/4: Division of Cancer Prevention and Control: Annual Report
HE 20.3151/5: Division of Cancer Treatment: Annual Report
HE 20.3151/6: Division of Cancer Biology and Diagnosis: Annual Report
HE 20.3151/9: Division of Clinical Sciences Annual Research Directory
HE 20.3152 General Publications
HE 20.3153/4: NCI Cancer Bulletin
HE 20.3158: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.3158/2: AIDS-Oncology Resources Handbook
HE 20.3159/2: Carcinogenesis Technical Report Series NCI-CG-TR-
HE 20.3161 Journal of the National Cancer Institute 1940-
HE 20.3162: NCI Monographs 1959-
HE 20.3162/2: Cancer Research Safety Monograph Series
HE 20.3162/3: NCI Monographs
HE 20.3162/4: Native American Monograph
HE 20.3162/5: SEER Monograph
HE 20.3165: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HE 20.3168/5-2: President's Cancer Panel Meeting, Transcript of Proceedings
HE 20.3168/2: National Cancer Program, Strategic Plan Series 1973-
HE 20.3168/3: National Cancer Program Publications Series
HE 20.3168/4: National Cancer Program, Report of the Director
HE 20.3168/5: National Cancer Program: Report of the President's Cancer Panel
HE 20.3168: National Cancer Program: Report of the National Cancer Advisory Board
HE 20.3169: Progress Against Cancer 1974-
HE 20.3170: International Cancer Research Data Bank Program
HE 20.3171: National Cancer Institute Smoking and Health Program
HE 20.3172: Report of the Division of Cancer Treatment NCI
HE 20.3172/2: Cancer Treatment Symposia
HE 20.3172/3: Cancer Progress Report Highlights
HE 20.3173: International Cancer Research Data Bank Program: Special Listing
HE 20.3173/3: Oncology Overview, NCI/ICRDB
HE 20.3174: National Cancer Institute Fact Book
HE 20.3176: NCI Grants Awarded, Fiscal Year
HE 20.3177: Annual Report on National Cancer Institute and Environmental Protection Agency Projects
HE 20.3178: Field Studies and Statistics Program
HE 20.3180/2-2: NCI Investigational Drugs. Chemical Information (database)
HE 20.3180/2: NCI Investigational Drugs, Chemical Information
HE 20.3180/3: CCPDS (Centralized Cancer Patient Data Systems) Public Report
HE 20.3182: Cancer Facts
HE 20.3182/7: Fact Sheet
HE 20.3183/3: Publication Catalogue and Order Form
HE 20.3184: Smoking, Tobacco, and Cancer Program, Annual Report
HE 20.3184/2: Smoking and Tobacco Control Monographs
HE 20.3186: Cancer Statistics Review
HE 20.3186/2: The Researchers' Toolbox
HE 20.3187: Title Survey of Compounds Which Have Been Tested for Carcinogenic Activity
HE 20.3188/4: Center for Cancer Research Annual Research Directory
HE 20.3188/2: Division Of Cancer Epidemiology And Genetics, Annual Research Directory
HE 20.3189: Office of the Directory, Annual Report
HE 20.3190: National Cancer Institute Budget Estimate
HE 20.3193: Electronic Products
HE 20.3196/2: Familial Melanoma Study News
HE 20.3197/2: Conversion of Neoplasms by Topography and Morphology ICD-0-2 to ICD-9
HE 20.3197/3: Conversion of Neoplasms by Topography and Morphology ICD-0-2 to ICD-2
HE 20.3197/4: Conversion of Neoplasms by Topography and Morphology ICD-0-2 to ICD-1
HE 20.3199/4: Equal Access
HE 20.3199/2: Radiologic Technologists Health Study Update

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (1975- )

HE 20.3201: Annual Report
HE 20.3202 General Publications
HE 20.3203: Publications
HE 20.3208: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.3211: Report of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Advisory Council
HE 20.3211/2: National Heart, Blood Vessel, Lung, and Blood Program: Annual Report of the Director of the National Heart and Lung Institute 1974-
HE 20.3213: Multiple Risk Intervention Trial, Public Annual Report
HE 20.3216: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's Fact Book for Fiscal Year
HE 20.3218: Fact Sheets
HE 20.3219: Devices and Technology Branch Contractors Meeting, Summary and Abstracts
HE 20.3221: Division of Lung Diseases, Program Report
HE 20.3224: Minority Programs of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
HE 20.3226: Morbidity and Mortality: Chartbook on Cardiovascular, Lung and Blood Diseases

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (1970- )

HE 20.3252: General Publications
HE 20.3264: Recombinant DNA Technical Bulletin 1987-
HE 20.3268: HIV Sequence Compendium
HE 20.3269: HIV Molecular Immunology

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (1985- )

HE 20.3301: Annual Report
HE 20.3302: General Publications
HE 20.3308: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.3310/3: Diabetes Dateline, The National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse Bulletin 1980-
HE 20.3316: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HE 20.3320: NIAMDD Research Advances
HE 20.3320/2-2: Cystic Fibrosis
HE 20.3320/2-3: Digestive Diseases
HE 20.3320/2-4: Diabetes Mellitus
HE 20.3320/2: Arthritis, Rheumatic Diseases, and Related Disorders
HE 20.3321: Arthritis Program, Annual Report to the Director 1977-
HE 20.3323: Digestive Diseases Clearinghouse Fact Sheets
HE 20.3323/2: National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse
HE 20.3323/3: Fact Sheets National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse
HE 20.3324/2-2: Kidney disease research updates
HE 20.3324/2-3: Urologic diseases research updates
HE 20.3324/2: Research Updates in Kidney and Urologic Health
HE 20.3325: United States Renal Data System, Annual Data Report
HE 20.3326: Prevent Diabetes Problems

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (1970- )

HE 20.3351: Annual Report
HE 20.3351/2: Center for Research for Mothers and Children, Progress Report
HE 20.3351/3: Center for Population Research, Progress Report
HE 20.3352: General Publications
HE 20.3358: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.3362/6: CPR (Center for Population Research) Monograph Series
HE 20.3362/7: Report to the Advisory Child Health and Human Development Council
HE 20.3364/3: NICHD News Notes
HE 20.3365: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Intramural Research Program: Annual Report of the Scientific Director
HE 20.3366: Demographic and Behavioral Sciences Branch, NICHD: report to the NACHHD Council

National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (1970- )

HE 20.3401: Annual Report
HE 20.3401/2: National Institute of Dental Research Indexes
HE 20.3402: General Publications
HE 20.3415: Fact Sheets
HE 20.3417: Spectrum Series

National Institute of General Medical Sciences (1970- )

HE 20.3451: Annual Report
HE 20.3452: General Publications
HE 20.3459: New Medical Science for the 21st Century
HE 20.3461/2: Pharmacology Research Associate Program
HE 20.3461/3: Pharmacology and Biorelated Chemistry Program: Biennial Report
HE 20.3464: Catalog of Cell Cultures and DNA Samples
HE 20.3465/2: NIGMS Research Reports
HE 20.3466: Cellular and Molecular Basis of Disease Program, Annual Report
HE 20.3469: NIGMS Minority Programs Update
HE 20.3470: Findings
HE 20.3471: Biomedical Beat
HE 20.3472: NIGMS Feedback Loop

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (1975- )

HE 20.3501: Annual Report
HE 20.3502: General Publications
HE 20.3502:C 33/3/ NINCDS Cerebral Palsy Research Program
HE 20.3502:M 91/ NINCDS Multiple Sclerosis Research Program
HE 20.3502:N 39/3/ NINCDS Neuromuscular Disorders Research Program
HE 20.3502:P 22/ NINCDS Parkinson's Disease Research Program
HE 20.3502:St 8/ NINCDS Stroke Research Program
HE 20.3508: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.3510: NINCDS Monographs 1965-
HE 20.3512: NINDS Research Profiles
HE 20.3513: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HE 20.3517: Report of the Panel on Pain to the National Advisory Neurological and Communicative Disorders and Stroke Council 1979-
HE 20.3520: Fact Sheets

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (1970- )

HE 20.3551: Annual Report
HE 20.3551/2: National Toxicology Program, Annual Plan, Fiscal Year
HE 20.3552: General Publications
HE 20.3559: Environmental Health Perspectives
HE 20.3560: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HE 20.3562: Annual Report on Carcinogens

National Library of Medicine (1970- )

HE 20.3601: Annual Report
HE 20.3602: General Publications
HE 20.3602:H 34/ Medical Subject Headings, Annotated Alphabetic List
HE 20.3603/2: NLM Technical Bulletin
HE 20.3608: Film Guides
HE 20.3608/5: Genetics home reference: your guide to understanding genetic conditions
HE 20.3609/3: National Library of Medicine Current Catalog: Annual Cumulation 1966-
HE 20.3612/3-3: Permuted Medical Subject Headings
HE 20.3612/3-4: Medical Subject Headings: Annotated Alphabetic List
HE 20.3612/3-5: Medical Subject Headings: Tree Structures
HE 20.3612/3-7: Medical Subject Headings: Supplementary Chemical Records
HE 20.3612/3-8: Medical Subject Headings: Supplement to Index Medicus
HE 20.3612/4: List of Journals Indexed in Index Medicus
HE 20.3614: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HE 20.3614/5: Health Sciences Audiovisuals
HE 20.3615: Bibliography of the History of Medicine 1980-
HE 20.3615/2: Current Bibliographies in Medicine
HE 20.3615/3: AIDS Bibliography
HE 20.3618/2: List of Serials Indexed for Online Users
HE 20.3619: National Library of Medicine Newsline
HE 20.3619/3: National Library of Medicine Staff Directory
HE 20.3620/2: Tox Town
HE 20.3624: Entrez: Document Retrieval System
HE 20.3624/4: PubChem
HE 20.3624/2: NCBI Newsletter
HE 20.3625: Gratefully Yours
HE 20.3629/2: NIH MedlinePlus
HE 20.3666: Inside NIDCD Information Clearinghouse

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders

HE 20.3652: General Publications

John E. Fogarty International Center for Advanced Study in the Health Sciences (1970- )

HE 20.3701/3: International Training and Research Program in Population and Health Progress Report
HE 20.3701/2: National Institutes of Health Annual Report of International Activities, Fiscal Year 1969-
HE 20.3702: General Publications
HE 20.3708: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.3710: Fogarty International Center Proceedings 1969-
HE 20.3712: Statistical Reference Book of International Activities 1969-
HE 20.3713: Fogarty International Center Series on Preventive Medicine

National Eye Institute (1970- )

HE 20.3751: Annual Report
HE 20.3752: General Publications
HE 20.3758: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.3766: Outlook

National Institute on Aging (1976- )

HE 20.3852: General Publications
HE 20.3858: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.3859: Science Writer Seminar Series
HE 20.3860: NIA Report to Council on Program
HE 20.3861: Age Page
HE 20.3862: Special Report on Aging
HE 20.3863: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HE 20.3866: Intramural Annual Report, National Institute of Aging
HE 20.3868: Directories
HE 20.3869: Progress Report on Alzheimer's Disease

National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disorders

HE 20.3902: General Publications
HE 20.3908: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.3916: Handout on Health (series)
HE 20.3917: Questions and Answers about [various topics]
HE 20.3918: NIAMS IRPartners

National Institute of Drug Abuse (1994- )

HE 20.3952: General Publications
HE 20.3958: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.3958/2: Therapy Manuals for Drug Addiction
HE 20.3959/2: Publications Catalog
HE 20.3965: Research Monograph Series 1975-
HE 20.3965/3: Mind over Matter (series)
HE 20.3966: Problems of Drug Dependence
HE 20.3967: NIDA Notes
HE 20.3967/2: NIDA Capsules
HE 20.3968: National Survey Results on Drug Use from the Monitoring the Future Study
HE 20.3968/2: The Monitoring the Future, National Results on Adolescent Drug Use. Overview of Key Findings
HE 20.3969: Epidemiologic Trends in Drug Abuse
HE 20.3972: Science and Practice Perspectives

Food and Drug Administration (1970- )

HE 20.4001: Annual Report
HE 20.4001/4: NCTR Research Accomplishments and Plans
HE 20.4001/5: Performance Report to Congress for the Prescription Drug User Fee Act of 1992
HE 20.4001/6: PDUFA Financial Report
HE 20.4001/7: Annual Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) report fiscal year
HE 20.4001/2: PMS (Program Management System) Blue Book
HE 20.4001/3: Office of Management and Systems Annual Performance Report
HE 20.4002: General Publications
HE 20.4003/2-2: Directory of United States Poison Control Centers and Services
HE 20.4003/2: National Clearinghouse for Poison Control Centers, Bulletin 1957-1982
HE 20.4003/4: Laboratory Information Bulletin
HE 20.4005: Laws
HE 20.4006: Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
HE 20.4008: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.4010: FDA Consumer 1967-
HE 20.4010/a: FDA Consumer
HE 20.4010/4: FDA Consumer Special Report
HE 20.4012: National Drug Code Directory 1969-
HE 20.4033: FDA Quarterly Activities Report
HE 20.4037/3: Directories
HE 20.4039: FDA Enforcement Report
HE 20.4039/2: The Enforcement Story
HE 20.4040: FDA Technical Bulletins 1981-
HE 20.4045: Discussion of FDA Priorities
HE 20.4046: Food and Drug Administration, Summary of Significant Accomplishment and Activities in Fiscal Year
HE 20.4047: FDA Almanac
HE 20.4050: Pamphlets
HE 20.4051: Regulatory Research Perspectives
HE 20.4052: Pamphlets
HE 20.4053: OWH Update
HE 20.4054/2: FY ... MDUFMA financial report required by the Medical Device User Fee and Modernization Act of 2002
HE 20.4054: Performance report to Congress for the Medical Device User Fee and Modernization Act of 2002
HE 20.4055: FY ... ADUFA financial report required by the Animal Drug User Fee Act of 2003

Bureau of Radiological Health (1971-1983)

HE 20.4102: General Publications
HE 20.4108: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.4121: Report of State and Local Radiological Health Programs
HE 20.4123: Radiation Recommendations

Center for Drugs and Biologics (1984-1987)

HE 20.4202: General Publications

Bureau of Medical Devices (1977-1984)

HE 20.4308: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (1979- )

HE 20.4502: General Publications
HE 20.4508: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.4509: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications

Center for Devices and Radiological Health (1984- )

HE 20.4601/2: CDRH ombudsman annual report
HE 20.4601: Annual Report
HE 20.4602: General Publications
HE 20.4606: Regulations, Rules, Instructions
HE 20.4608: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.4608/2: Compliance Guidance Series
HE 20.4615: Radiation Recommendations
HE 20.4618: Office of Science and Technology Annual Report
HE 20.4618/2: Office of Device Evaluation (ODE), Annual Report

Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (1987- )

HE 20.4701: Annual Report
HE 20.4702: General Publications
HE 20.4708: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.4708/2: Center for Drug Evaluation and Research Reference Guide
HE 20.4715: Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations
HE 20.4716: Drugs@FDA

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research

HE 20.4801: Annual Report
HE 20.4802: General Publications

Health Services Administration (1973-1982)

HE 20.5009: Health Services Reports 1971-1974

Bureau of Health Care Delivery and Assistance (1973-1983)

HE 20.5114: MCHS Research Series
HE 20.5114/2: Research to Improve Health Services for Mothers and Children

Indian Health Service (1973-1983)

HE 20.5310: Indian Health Trends and Services
HE 20.5312: To the First Americans, Annual Report of the Indian Health Program 1967-

Bureau of Health Personnel Development and Service (1980- )

HE 20.5602: General Publications

Health Resources Administration (1973-1982)

HE 20.6002: General Publications
HE 20.6011: Public Health Reports Sept.-Oct. 1974-

Bureau of Health Planning (1978- )

HE 20.6102: General Publications

National Center for Health Statistics (1973- )

HE 20.6202: General Publications
HE 20.6208: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.6208/3-2: Instruction Manual Part 8A, Vital Records Geographic Classification, Federal Information Processing Standards
HE 20.6208/3: Instruction Manual Part 8, Vital Records Geographic Classification
HE 20.6208/4-2: Instruction Manual Part 2c, ICD 9 ACME Decision Tables for Classifying Underlying Causes of Death
HE 20.6208/4-3: Instruction Manual Part 2b, Instructions for Classifying Multiple Causes of Death
HE 20.6208/4-4: Instruction Manual Part 2a, Instructions for Classifying the Underlying Cause of Death
HE 20.6208/4-5: Instruction Manual Part 2a, ICDA Eighth Revision of Decision Tables for Classifying Underlying Causes of Death
HE 20.6208/4-6: Instruction Manual Part 2d, NCHS Procedures for Mortality Medical Data System File Preparation and Maintenance
HE 20.6208/4: Instruction Manual Part 2e, Nonindexed Terms, standard Abbreviations, and State Geographic Codes Used in Mortality Data Classification
HE 20.6208/5: Instruction Manual Part 4, Demographic Classification and Coding Instructions for Death Records
HE 20.6208/6-2: Instruction Manual Part 3b, Classification and Coding Instructions for Fetal Death Records
HE 20.6208/6: Instruction Manual Part 3a, Classification and Coding Instructions for Live Birth Records
HE 20.6208/13: International Health Data Reference Guide
HE 20.6208/14: Instruction Manual Part 11, Computer Edits for Mortality Data
HE 20.6209: Vital and Health Statistics 1963-
HE 20.6209:1/ Vital and Health Statistics Series 1
HE 20.6209/2: Current Listing and Topical Index
HE 20.6209/3: Advance Data from the Vital and Health Statistics of NCHS 1976
HE 20.6209/4-2: National Health Interview Survey, Computer Processing Procedures, Calendar Year
HE 20.6209/4-3: National Health Interview Survey (NHIS)
HE 20.6209/4-7: 1987 Birth Cohort Linked Birth/Infant Death Data Set Series 20
HE 20.6209/4: Current Estimates from the National Health Interview Survey
HE 20.6209/5: Disability Days, United States
HE 20.6209/6: Surgical and Nonsurgical Procedures in Short-Stay Hospitals, United States
HE 20.6209/7: National Hospital Discharge Survey: Annual Summary
HE 20.6209/8: Inpatient Utilization of Short-Stay Hospitals by Diagnosis, United States
HE 20.6209/9: Detailed Diagnoses and Procedures for Patients Discharged from Short-Stay Hospitals, United States
HE 20.6209/13-2: Summary Health Statistics for U.S. Children
HE 20.6210: Vital Statistics of the United States 1937-
HE 20.6210/2: Where to Write for Vital Records
HE 20.6211: Annual Report of the United States National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics Fiscal Year 1956-
HE 20.6212: Health Resources Statistics
HE 20.6213/3: News of the Hispanic Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
HE 20.6214: Proceedings of the Public Health Conference on Records and Statistics 1962-
HE 20.6214/2: Public Health Conference on Records and Statistics, National Meeting Announcement
HE 20.6215: U.S. Decennial Life Tables
HE 20.6216: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HE 20.6217: Monthly Vital Statistics Report
HE 20.6218: Statistical Notes for Health Planners
HE 20.6219: National Reporting System for Family Planning Services: Annual Report
HE 20.6220: NCHS Publications on (various subjects) 1979-
HE 20.6221: Data on Licensed Pharmacists
HE 20.6223: Health, United States
HE 20.6225: NCHS Catalog of University Presentations
HE 20.6226/2: Public Use Data Tape Documentation, Detail Natality
HE 20.6226/4: Public Use Data Tape Documentation, Divorce Data, Detail
HE 20.6230: Healthy People 2000, Statistical Notes
HE 20.6233: Aging Trends (series)

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (1989- )

HE 20.6501/2: CERTS Annual Report
HE 20.6502: General Publications
HE 20.6508: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.6509: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HE 20.6509/3: AHCPR Publications Catalog
HE 20.6511: NCHSR Research Digest Series
HE 20.6512: NCHSR Research Report Series
HE 20.6512/2: NCHSR Research Summary Series
HE 20.6512/3: NCHSR Research Proceedings Series
HE 20.6512/4: NCHSR Research Management
HE 20.6512/5: AHRG Research Activities
HE 20.6512/6: Program Notes
HE 20.6512/7: Health Technology Assessment Reports
HE 20.6513: National Health Care Expenditures, Data Preview 1980-
HE 20.6513/2: National Health Care Expenditure Study
HE 20.6514: Provider Studies Research Note
HE 20.6514/2: NCHSR Health Care for the Aging
HE 20.6514/3: HCUP-3 (Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project) Research Note
HE 20.6514/4: Electronic Products
HE 20.6517: National Medical Expenditure Survey, Research Findings
HE 20.6517/9: MEPS (Medical Expenditure Panel Survey) Research Findings
HE 20.6517/2: AHCPR National Medical Expenditure Survey Data Summary
HE 20.6517/3: National Medical Expenditure Survey Methods
HE 20.6517/4: Intramural Research Highlights, National Medical Expenditure Survey
HE 20.6517/6: MEPS (Medical Expenditure Panel Survey) Highlights
HE 20.6517/7: MEPS Chartbook
HE 20.6517/8: Methodology Report (series)
HE 20.6518: Conference Summary Report
HE 20.6519: AHCPR Long-Term Care Studies
HE 20.6520: Clinical Practice Guideline
HE 20.6520/5: Guide to clinical preventive services: report of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force
HE 20.6520/2: Quick Reference Guide for Clinicians
HE 20.6521: ACSUS (AIDS Cost and Services Utilization Survey) Report
HE 20.6523: Electronic Products
HE 20.6524: Evidence Report/Technology Assessment
HE 20.6524/2: Criteria for Distinguishing Effectiveness from Efficacy Trials in Systematic Reviews
HE 20.6525/2: National Healthcare Quality Report
HE 20.6525: National Healthcare Disparities Report

Bureau of Health Professions (1975-1983)

HE 20.6601: Annual Report
HE 20.6602: General Publications
HE 20.6608: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.6611: Background Papers
HE 20.6612: Directory of Grants, Awards, and Loans
HE 20.6614: GMENAC (Graduate Medical Education National Advisory Committee) Staff Papers 1977-
HE 20.6615: Nurse Training Act of 1975, Report to Congress 1978-
HE 20.6616: National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program, Report by Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare to Congress

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (1980- )

HE 20.7002: General Publications
HE 20.7008: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.7008/2: CDC Lab Manual
HE 20.7008/3: Immunology Series
HE 20.7009: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 1952-
HE 20.7009/a: Separates
HE 20.7009/2-2: MMWR Recommendations and Reports
HE 20.7009/2-3: MMWR Surveillance Summaries from the Center for Infectious Diseases
HE 20.7009/2-6: Morbidity and Mortality Report, Summary of Notifiable Diseases, United States
HE 20.7009/2: MMWR CDC Surveillance Summaries
HE 20.7009/5: MMWR Reports on AIDS
HE 20.7011: Measles Surveillance, Reports
HE 20.7011/2: Congenital Malformations Surveillance, Reports
HE 20.7011/4: Trichinosis Surveillance, Annual Summary
HE 20.7011/5: Neurotropic Viral Diseases Surveillance
HE 20.7011/6: Hepatitis Surveillance, Reports
HE 20.7011/7: Psittacosis, Annual Survey
HE 20.7011/8: Malaria Surveillance, Annual Summary
HE 20.7011/10: National Nosocomial Infections Study, Reports
HE 20.7011/11: Rabies, Zoonosis Surveillance, Summary
HE 20.7011/13: Foodborne and Waterborne Disease Outbreaks, Annual Summary
HE 20.7011/14: Influenza-Respiratory Disease Surveillance
HE 20.7011/15: Salmonella Surveillance, Annual Summary 1964-
HE 20.7011/20: Abortion Surveillance, Annual Summary
HE 20.7011/24: Nutrition Surveillance, Annual Summary
HE 20.7011/25: Encephalitis Surveillance, Annual Summary
HE 20.7011/27: Rickettsial Disease Surveillance
HE 20.7011/28: Intestinal Parasite Surveillance
HE 20.7011/30-2: Surgical Sterilization Surveillance, Hysterectomy
HE 20.7011/30: Surgical Sterilization Surveillance, Tubal Sterilization
HE 20.7011/31: Poliomyelitis Surveillance Summary
HE 20.7011/32: Guillain Barre Syndrome Surveillance
HE 20.7011/33: Water-Related Disease Outbreaks Surveillance
HE 20.7011/34: Mumps Surveillance
HE 20.7011/35: Enterovirus Surveillance
HE 20.7011/36: Adverse Events Following Immunization Surveillance
HE 20.7011/37: Biologics Surveillance
HE 20.7011/38: HIV/AIDS Surveillance
HE 20.7011/39: NREVSS Monthly Report
HE 20.7013: Tuberculosis Statistics, (year), States and Cities
HE 20.7013/2: TB Notes
HE 20.7018: STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) Fact Sheets
HE 20.7018/3: Trends in Reportable Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the United States
HE 20.7026: Memorandum Series
HE 20.7030: Module
HE 20.7035: Dear Colleague
HE 20.7036/2: Rabies Information Exchange
HE 20.7038/2: HIV/AIDS Prevention Newsletter
HE 20.7039/2: Electronic Products
HE 20.7042/2: Health United States and Healthy People 2000 Review for Windows
HE 20.7042/5: Healthy People 2000 Review
HE 20.7042/6: Health United States
HE 20.7042/7: Publications from the National Center for Health Statistics
HE 20.7044: CDC Wonder
HE 20.7045: United States Cancer Statistics, Incidence and Mortality
HE 20.7046: Genomics and Population Health…United States
HE 20.7048: Meeting Minutes

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (1974- )

HE 20.7101: Annual Report
HE 20.7102: General Publications
HE 20.7108: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.7111: NIOSH Research Reports
HE 20.7111/2: NIOSH Technical Reports
HE 20.7112/2: Subfile of the Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances
HE 20.7112/3: Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances
HE 20.7112/4: Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances, Permuted Molecular Formula, Index
HE 20.7112/5: Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances (Cumulative) Supplement
HE 20.7113: Special Hazard Review
HE 20.7114: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HE 20.7114/2-2: NIOSH Publications and Products
HE 20.7123: NIOSH Alert
HE 20.7125/2: NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluation Report
HE 20.7126: NIOSH Research and Demonstration Grants
HE 20.7129: Electronic Products
HE 20.7130: Information Circulars
HE 20.7131: Report of Investigations
HE 20.7133: AgConnections: Agricultural safety and health
HE 20.7134: NIOSH eNews

Bureau of Health Education (1973-1984)

HE 20.7208: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (1998- )

HE 20.7252/2: Get the Facts
HE 20.7252: General Publications
HE 20.7253: Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the NIH
HE 20.7265: Diez aspectos que debe conocer al evaluar los recursos médicos en Internet

Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention (1973- )

HE 20.7302: General Publications
HE 20.7308: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.7309: Sexually Transmitted Disease Statistics
HE 20.7309/2-2: Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance, Supplement: Chlamydia…
HE 20.7309/2-3: Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance, Supplement: Gonococcal Isolate Surveillance Project
HE 20.7309/2-4: Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance, Supplement: Syphilis Surveillance Report…
HE 20.7309/2: Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance
HE 20.7310: Tuberculosis in the United States
HE 20.7310/2: TB Notes
HE 20.7311/2: Immunization Abstracts and Bibliography
HE 20.7312: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HE 20.7316: Directory of STD Clinics
HE 20.7317: Fluoridation Census
HE 20.7320: HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report
HE 20.7320/3: Fact Sheets (NCHSTP-HIV/AIDS Prevention Division)
HE 20.7320/2: HIV/AIDS Prevention Newsletter

Bureau of Laboratories (1973-1984)

HE 20.7409: Immunology Series

National Center for Environmental Health (1984- )

HE 20.7502: General Publications
HE 20.7511: Summary of Sanitation Inspections of International Cruise Ships
HE 20.7511/2: Sanitation Inspections of International Cruise Ships
HE 20.7513: Brochures
HE 20.7515: National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals
HE 20.7618: Assisted reproductive Technology Success Rates
HE 20.7620: Preventing Chronic Diseases: Public Health Research, Practice, and Policy
HE 20.7622: Fact Sheets

National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (1984- )

HE 20.7602: General Publications
HE 20.7608: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.7610: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HE 20.7610/2: Smoking and Health Bulletin
HE 20.7611: Suicide Surveillance Summary
HE 20.7614: The Health Consequences of Involuntary Smoking
HE 20.7615: Reports of the Surgeon General
HE 20.7617: Chronic Disease Notes & Reports

National Center for Infectious Diseases (1984- )

HE 20.7802: General Publications
HE 20.7808: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.7811: Arbovirus Surveillance, Reference, and Research
HE 20.7817: Emerging Infectious Diseases
HE 20.7818: Health information for International Travel
HE 20.7818/2: Summary of Health Information for International Travel

Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Agency (1992-1995)

HE 20.7901: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Biennial Report
HE 20.7901/2: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Annual Report
HE 20.7902: General Publications
HE 20.7908: Handbooks, Manuals, and Guides
HE 20.7916: Fact Sheets
HE 20.7917: Case Studies in Environmental Medicine

National Center for Injury Prevention and Control

HE 20.7952: General Publications
HE 20.7956: Injury Control Update: A Quarterly Publication of the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control

National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (1992- )

HE 20.7957: Violence Surveillance Summary

National Immunization Program

HE 20.7962: General Publications
HE 20.7968: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (1992-1995)

HE 20.8001: Annual Report
HE 20.8002: General Publications
HE 20.8008: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.8011: Summary Proceedings of the Fourth ADAMHA Annual Conference of the State and Territorial Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Authorities
HE 20.8012/3: Prevention Pipeline
HE 20.8018: Prevention Activities of the Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration
HE 20.8018/2: OSAP (Office for Substance Abuse Prevention) Prevention Monograph
HE 20.8018/3: OSAP Technical Report
HE 20.8018/5: OSAP Cultural Competence Series
HE 20.8020: Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Mental Health Services Block Grant, Report to Congress
HE 20.8025: Technical Assistance Publication Series
HE 20.8026: SAMHSA News
HE 20.8027: CSAP Special Reports
HE 20.8029: Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP)

National Institute of Mental Health (1973- )

HE 20.8102: General Publications
HE 20.8108: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.8109: Psychopharmacology Bulletin 1959-
HE 20.8109/a: Separates
HE 20.8110: Mental Health Statistics Series 1968-
HE 20.8110/2: Mental Health Service System Reports
HE 20.8114/3: Crime and Delinquency Topics, Monograph Series
HE 20.8115/a: Separates
HE 20.8116: Statistical Notes 1969-
HE 20.8122/2: New Dimensions in Mental Health, Report from the Director
HE 20.8125: Primary Prevention Publication Series
HE 20.8126: Trends in Mental Health
HE 20.8127: Mental Health in Deafness 1977-
HE 20.8128: Plain Talk About
HE 20.8131: Science Reports
HE 20.8131/2: Science Monographs
HE 20.8132: Studies in Social Change
HE 20.8136: Division of Intramural Research Programs: Annual Report
HE 20.8137: Mental Health, United States

National Institute on Drug Abuse (1973- )

HE 20.8202: General Publications
HE 20.8208: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.8210: Marihuana and Health, Annual Report to the Congress from the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare 1971-
HE 20.8212/3: Statistical Series, Series E
HE 20.8212/5: Statistical Series, Series A 1977-
HE 20.8212/6: Statistical Series, Series F 1976-
HE 20.8212/7: Statistical Series, Series G 1979-
HE 20.8212/10: Statistical Series, Series H
HE 20.8212/11: Statistical Series Annual Data, Data from the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN)
HE 20.8214: Research Issues
HE 20.8215: Report Series
HE 20.8216: Research Monograph Series 1975-
HE 20.8216/2-2: Services Research Monograph Series
HE 20.8216/2: Services Research Monograph Series, National Polydrug Collaborative Project, Treatment Manuals 1976-
HE 20.8216/3: Services Research Reports
HE 20.8216/5: Problems of Drug Dependence
HE 20.8217: Treatment Program Monograph
HE 20.8217/2: Treatment Research Monograph
HE 20.8217/3: Treatment Research Reports
HE 20.8217/4: NIDA Notes
HE 20.8217/5: Prevention Research Reports
HE 20.8217/6: NIDA Research Report Series
HE 20.8219: Drug Use Among American High School Students
HE 20.8220/2: Drug Abuse and Drug Abuse Research
HE 20.8224: Prevention Resources Series
HE 20.8226: Addresses
HE 20.8228: Drug Abuse Prevention Monograph Series
HE 20.8230: Clinical and Behavioral Pharmacology Research Report
HE 20.8230/2: Clinical Report Series
HE 20.8231: Demographic Characteristics and Patterns of Drug Use of Clients Admitted to Drug Abuse Treatment Programs in Selected States
HE 20.8231/2: Demographic Characteristics and Patterns of Drug Use of Clients Admitted to Drug Abuse Treatment Programs in Selected States, Trend Data
HE 20.8232: Office of Science Monograph Series
HE 20.8234: NIDA Capsules
HE 20.8235: Drug Abuse Services Research Series
HE 20.8236: Technical Reports

National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (1973- )

HE 20.8301: Annual Report 1972-
HE 20.8302: General Publications
HE 20.8308: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.8308/2: NIAAA Treatment Handbook Series
HE 20.8308/3: U.S. Alcohol Epidemiologic Data Reference Manual
HE 20.8309: Alcohol and Health Research
HE 20.8313: Special Report to the U.S. Congress on Alcohol and Health
HE 20.8315: Research Monographs
HE 20.8316: Report to the United States Congress on Federal Activities on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
HE 20.8317: Statistical Compendium on Alcohol and Health
HE 20.8319: State Resources and Services for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Problems
HE 20.8321: Annual Report of Intramural Research Program Activities FY
HE 20.8322: Alcohol Alert
HE 20.8323: Project Match Monograph
HE 20.8326: Alcohol policy information system
HE 20.8327: NIAAA Newsletter
HE 20.8328: NIAAA Director's report on Institute activities to the National Advisory Council on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
HE 20.8329: FrontLines : Linking Alcohol Services Research and Practice
HE 20.9121: PHPC (Public Housing Primary Care Program) Bulletin

Health Resources and Services Administration (1982- )

HE 20.9002: General Publications
HE 20.9008: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.9018: Preview
HE 20.9019: Council on Graduate Medical Education: General Publications
HE 20.9020: Annual Report of the United States Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network and the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients

Bureau of Primary Health Care (1983- )

HE 20.9102: General Publications
HE 20.9108: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.9109/2: The Development and Management of Ambulatory Care Programs
HE 20.9110/9: NHSC in Touch, Free On-Line Service Open to Primary Care Providers
HE 20.9120: Opening Doors

Maternal and Child Health Bureau (1988- )

HE 20.9201: Annual Report
HE 20.9202: General Publications
HE 20.9208: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.9210: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HE 20.9211: Abstracts of Active Projects
HE 20.9212: EMSC (Emergency Medical Services for Children) News
HE 20.9213: Child Health USA
HE 20.9216: NPDP (National Practitioner Data Bank) News

Health Professions Bureau (1983- )

HE 20.9302: General Publications
HE 20.9308: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.9309: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HE 20.9310: Report to the President and Congress on the Status of Health Personnel in the United States
HE 20.9313: Trends in Hospital Personnel
HE 20.9314: Minorities and Women in Undergraduate Education, Geographic Distributions for Academic Year

Indian Health Service (1983-1991)

HE 20.9408: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.9409: Chart Series Book
HE 20.9410: Pharmacy Branch: Annual Report
HE 20.9414: Annual Report to Congress, Indian Civil Service Retirement Act, PL 96-135


HE 20.9502: General Publications
HE 20.9516: HRSA Care Action

HIV/AIDS Bureau (1997- )

HE 20.9508: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 20.9515: HIV/AIDS Evaluation Monograph Series

Office of Child Development (1970-1975)

HE 21.11: Day Care USA
HE 21.12: Annual Report of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare to Congress on Services Provided to Handicapped Children in Project Head Start, 1973-

Children's Bureau (1970-1975)

HE 21.102: General Publications
HE 21.112: Research Relating to Children, Bulletins 1950-

Health Care Financing Administration (1977- )

HE 22.2 General Publications
HE 22.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 22.8/8-2: Part 3, Program Integrity (HCFA Pub.23-3)
HE 22.8/16: Your Medicare Handbook
HE 22.8/17: Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare
HE 22.8/20: Executive/Management Training Handbook
HE 22.15: Health Care Financing Administration Rulings on Medicare, Medicaid, Professional Standards Review, and Related Matters
HE 22.16/2: Research and Demonstrations in Health Care Financing
HE 22.18 Health Care Financing Review
HE 22.18/2: Health Care Financing Review Annual Supplement
HE 22.19/2: Health Care Financing, Research Reports
HE 22.19/4-2: Health Care Financing Program Statistics
HE 22.19/4-3: Health Care Financing Program Statistics, Medicare and Medicaid Data Book
HE 22.19/4: Health Care Financing Notes
HE 22.19/6: Health Care Financing Conference Proceedings
HE 22.19/10: Health Care Financing Special Report
HE 22.21: Medicare Annual Report
HE 22.21/4: Influenza Immunizations Paid for by Medicare
HE 22.26/2: National Medical Care Utilization and Expenditure Survey Series A, Methodological Report
HE 22.26/3: National Medical Care Utilization and Expenditure Survey, Series B
HE 22.26/4: National Medical Care Utilization and Expenditure Survey, Series C
HE 22.30: Budget and Legislative Program, Fiscal Year
HE 22.30/2: Justification of Budget and Legislative Program for Office of Management and Budget
HE 22.33: Justifications of Appropriation Estimates for Committee on Appropriations
HE 22.35: Medicare/Medicaid Nursing Home Information
HE 22.37: HCFA Common Procedure Coding System
HE 22.38: HCFA Rulings
HE 22.41/2: ICD.9.CM International Classification of Diseases
HE 22.42: Financial Report
HE 22.43: HCFA Health Watch

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (1977- )

HE 22.29: Medicare Directory of Prevailing Charges
HE 22.44: Electronic Products
HE 22.46: Health Care Consumer Initiatives

Center for Medicaid and State Operations (1977- )

HE 22.102: General Publications
HE 22.112: Institute for Medicaid Management: Publications
HE 22.116: National Summary of State Medicaid Managed Care Programs

Clinical Standards and Quality Office (1977- )

HE 22.202: General Publications
HE 22.208: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

Strategic Planning Office

HE 22.511: Data Compendium
HE 22.512: Health Care Financing Review
HE 22.512/2: Health Care Financing Review. Statistical Supplement
HE 22.513: Active Projects Reports

Office of Information Services

HE 22.616: Public Use Files Catalog

Office of Human Development Services (1977- )

HE 23.2: General Publications
HE 23.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

President's Committee on Mental Retardation (1978- )

HE 23.102: General Publications

Administration for Children and Families (1977- )

HE 23.1002: General Publications
HE 23.1005: Laws
HE 23.1008: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 23.1010: Research, Demonstration, and Evaluation Studies 1977-
HE 23.1012: Status of Handicapped Children in Head Start Programs 1973-
HE 23.1015: Domestic Violence Information Series 1980-
HE 23.1015/2: Domestic Violence Monograph Series
HE 23.1018: Child Maltreatment: Reports from the States to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System

Head Start Bureau (1977- )

HE 23.1102: General Publications
HE 23.1103: Head Start Bulletin
HE 23.1108: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 23.1108/2: Head Start Program Performance Standards and Other Regulations
HE 23.1110: Mainstreaming Preschoolers

Children's Bureau (1977- )

HE 23.1202: General Publications
HE 23.1208: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 23.1210: Child Abuse and Neglect
HE 23.1210/2: Child Abuse and Neglect Research, Projects and Publications
HE 23.1210/3: Annual Review of Child Abuse and Neglect Research 1978-
HE 23.1210/4: User Manual Series
HE 23.1210:G 51 Interdisciplinary Glossary on Child Abuse and Neglect : Legal, Medical, Social Work Terms
HE 23.1213: Child Welfare Training
HE 23.1217: Child Welfare Outcomes

Family and Youth Services Bureau (1977- )

HE 23.1302: General Publications
HE 23.1308: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 23.1309: Annual Report on Activities Conducted to Implement the Runaway Youth Act
HE 23.1315: The exchange: News from FYSB and the Youth Services Field

Child Care Bureau

HE 23.1402: General Publications

Administration for Public Services (1977- )

HE 23.2002: General Publications
HE 23.2008: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 23.2009: Report to Congress on Title 20 of the Social Security Act 1977-
HE 23.2010: Social Services U.S.A.

Administration on Aging (1977-1991)

HE 23.3002: General Publications
HE 23.3002:T 68/2 Training and Manpower Development Activities Supported by the Administration on Aging Under Title IV-A of the Older Americans Act of 1965, as Amended, Descriptions of Funded Projects
HE 23.3005: Laws
HE 23.3008: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 23.3009: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HE 23.3011: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications

National Clearinghouse on Aging (1977- )

HE 23.3102: General Publications
HE 23.3108: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 23.3109: HEW Fact Sheets
HE 23.3111: AOA Occasional Papers in Gerontology

Rehabilitation Services Administration (1977-1979)

HE 23.4110: State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Program and Financial Plan

Administration for Native Americans (1978- )

HE 23.5002: General Publications
HE 23.5009: Addresses

Administration on Developmental Disabilities

HE 23.6001: Annual Report
HE 23.6015: Electronic Products

Office of Child Support Enforcement (1980- )

HE 24.1: Annual Report
HE 24.1/2: Annual Report
HE 24.2: General Publications
HE 24.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 24.9: Child Support Report
HE 24.13: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HE 24.15: Information Memorandums, OCSE- IM-
HE 24.16: State Legislative Summary, Children and Youth Issues

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (1986- )

HE 25.2: General Publications
HE 25.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HE 25.15: Quarterly Public Assistance Statistics
HE 25.17: Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Report to Congress
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