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Below is a list of the Departments and Agencies featured in our collection. The letter(s) at the beginning of the SuDoc number indicate which Department/Agency produced a grouping of documents.

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Commissions, Committees, and Boards

Y 3.2:AD 9 Social Security Advisory Board, Publications
Y 3.2:B 22/B 22 National Bankruptcy Review Commission, Publications
Y 3.2:C 33 U.S. Census Monitoring Board Publications
Y 3.2:C 43 Commission on Interstate Child Support Publications
Y 3.2:C 44 U.S.-China Security Review Commission Publications
Y 3.2:C 73/2 Commission to Assess the Organization of the Federal Government to Combat the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction Publications
Y 3.2:C 76 Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry Publications
Y 3.2:C 76/B 49 Consumer Bill of Rights and Responsibilities Commission
Y 3.2:D 56 Commission on Dietary Supplement Labels, Publications
Y 3.2:D 71 Advisory Panel to Assess Domestic Response Capabilities for Terrorism Involving Weapons of Mass Destruction Publications
Y 3.2:ED 8 National Education Commission on Time and Learning Publications
Y 3.2:F 21 Commission on Family and Medical Leave Publications
Y 3.2:F 49 International Financial Institution Advisory Commission Publications
Y 3.2:F 76 Judicial Review Commission on Foreign Asset Control Publications
Y 3.2:G 14 National Gambling Impact Study Commission Publications
Y 3.2:G 46 Federal Glass Ceiling Commission Publications
Y 3.2:H 81/2 Bipartisan Millennial Housing Commission Publications
Y 3.2:IM 6 Immigration and Immigrant Policy
Y 3.2:IN 8 Commission to Promote Investment in America's Infrastructure Publications
Y 3.2:J 89 National Commission on Judicial Discipline & Removal Publications
Y 3.2:K 12 Kaho'olawe Island Conveyance Commission: Reports
Y 3.2:L 22 Interagency Land Acquisition Conference Publications
Y 3.2:L 41 Commission on the Advancement of Federal Law Enforcement Publications
Y 3.2:M 66 U.S. Commission on Minority Business Development Publications
Y 3.2:N 84 Commission on the Social Security "Notch" Issue Publications
Y 3.2:OI 5 Interagency Coordinating Committee on Oil Pollution Research Publications
Y 3.2:P 96 National Commission on Severely Distressed Public Housing Publications
Y 3.2:R 24 National Recreation Lakes Study Commission Publications
Y 3.2:R 31 National Commission on Restructuring the Internal Revenue Service Publications
Y 3.2:R 64 Interagency Task Force on U.S. Coast Guard Roles and Missions Publications
Y 3.2:SE 6 Commission on Servicemembers and Veterans Transition Assistance Publications
Y 3.2:SL 2 National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research Publications
Y 3.2:ST 8 Commission on Structural Alternatives for the Federal Courts of Appeals Publications
Y 3.2:T 27 National Commission on Terrorism Publications
Y 3.2:T 27/2 National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States Publications
Y 3.2:T 41 Thrift Depositor Protection Oversight Board Publications
Y 3.2:T 67 U.S. Trade Deficit Review Commission Publications
Y 3.2:T 68 National Commission on Intermodal Transportation Publications
Y 3.2:W 38 Web-based Education Commission Publications

Administrative Conference of the United States (1964- )

Y 3.AD 6:9 Recommendations and Reports of the Administrative Conference of the United States
Y 3.AD 6:11 Resource Papers in Administrative Law
Y 3.Ad 6:1 Annual Report
Y 3.Ad 6:2 General Publications
Y 3.Ad 6:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.Ad 6:10 Studies in Administrative Law and Procedure

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (1959- )

Y 3.AD 9/8:20 A Catalog of Federal Grant-in-Aid Programs to State and Local Governments
Y 3.Ad 9/8:2 General Publications
Y 3.Ad 9/8:10 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
Y 3.Ad 9/8:11 Intergovernmental Perspective
Y 3.Ad 9/8:17 Changing Public Attitudes on Governments and Taxes
Y 3.Ad 9/8:19 Measuring State Fiscal Capacity

American Battle Monuments Commission (1923- )

Y 3.AM 3:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.AM 3:2 General Publications

Appalachian Regional Commission (1965- )

Y 3.AP 4/2:9-2/ Appalachia
Y 3.AP 4/2:11/ Appalachian Reporter
Y 3.Ap 4/2:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.Ap 4/2:2 General Publications
Y 3.Ap 4/2:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.Ap 4/2:12/ Appalachian Education Satellite Project Technical Reports

Atomic Energy Commission

Y 3.At 7:2 General Publications
Y 3.At 7:5 Laws
Y 3.At 7:6 Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
Y 3.At 7:6-3 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.At 7:22/ AEC Research and Development Reports
Y 3.At 7:54 Understanding the Atom Series

National Commission on Aids

Y 3.Ac 7:2 General Publications

Advisory Committee on Federal Pay

Y 3.Ad 9/11:2 General Publications

United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy

Y 3.Ad 9/12: Annual Reports
Y 3.Ad 9/12:2 General Publications

African Development Foundation (1984- )

Y 3.Af 8:10/ Beyond Relief

National Commission on Air Quality

Y 3.Ai 7/5:2 General Publications
Y 3.Ai 7/5:9/ Air Waves: A Monthly Bulletin
Y 3.Ai 7/5:10/ Studies (numbered)

National Alcohol Fuels Commission (1978- )

Y 3.Al 1/2:2 General Publications
Y 3.Al 1/2:9 Public Hearings (various cities)

American Revolution Bicentennial Administration (1973-1977)

Y 3.Am 3/6:1/ Reports
Y 3.Am 3/6:2 General Publications
Y 3.Am 3/6:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.Am 3/6:10 Bicentennial Times
Y 3.Am 3/6:12/ Call for Achievement Booklets

Aviation Safety Commission

Y 3.Av 5/2: Reports and Publications

Commission on Bankruptcy Laws of the United States (1970)

Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (1976- )

Y 3.B 27:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.B 27:2 General Publications
Y 3.B 27:3-2/ Bulletins
Y 3.B 27:5 Laws
Y 3.B 27:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.B 27:9 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
Y 3.B 27:16/ Access Currents: Current News from the U.S. Access Board

Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution (1986- )

Y 3.B 47/2:2 General Publications
Y 3.B 47/2:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.B 47/2:15/ Newsletter
Y 3.B 47/2:16/ Calendar

Committee for Purchase from People Who are Blind or Severely Disabled (1974- )

Y 3.B 61:6 Regulation, Rules, and Instructions

Board for International Broadcasting (1973- )

Y 3.B 78:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.B 78:9/ Budget

Advisory Board for Cuba Broadcasting

Y 3.B 78/2:1/ Report by the Advisory Board for Cuba Broadcasting

U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (1990- )

Y 3.C 42:2 Publications
Y 3.C 42/2:16 Investigations and News

National Advisory Council on Child Nutrition (1971- )

Y 3.C 43/2:1/ Annual Report 1971-

U.S. National Commission on the International Year of the Child

Y 3.C 43/3:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.C 43/3:2 General Publications

National Commission on Children

Y 3.C 43/5:2 General Publications

Civilian Conservation Corps (1937-1939)

Y 3.C 49:1/ Annual Reports

Commission on Fair Market Value Policy for Federal Coal Leasing

Y 3.C 63/3:2 General Publications

Commodity Futures Trading Commission (1974- )

Y 3.C 73/5: General Publications
Y 3.C 73/5:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.C 73/5:2 General Publications
Y 3.C 76/5: Reports and Publications

Competitiveness Policy Council

Y 3.C 73/6:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.C 73/6:2 General Publications
Y 3.C 76/3:11-3 Alert Sheets

Consumer Product Safety Commission (1972- )

Y 3.C 76/3:1 Annual Report
Y 3.C 76/3:2 General Publications
Y 3.C 76/3:5 Laws
Y 3.C 76/3:7-3/ NEISS Data Highlights
Y 3.C 76/3:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.C 76/3:11/ Fact Sheets
Y 3.C 76/3:28/ Consumer Product Safety Review

National Commission on New Technological Uses of Copyrighted Works (1974-1978)

Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive

Y 3.C 83/2:1-2 Annual Report to Congress on Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage

National Critical Materials Council (1984- )

Y 3.C 86:2 General Publications
Y 3.C 86/2:2 General Publications

Commission for the Improvement of the Federal Crop Insurance Program

Y 3.C 88:2 General Publications

National Commission on Dairy Policy

Y 3.D 14:2 General Publications

Defense Manpower Commission (1973- )

Y 3.D 36:1/ Report
Y 3.D 36:9/ Defense Manpower Commission Staff Studies and Supporting Papers

Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission

Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board

Y 3.D 36/3:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.D 36/3:9/ DNFSB Technical Reports

National Council on Disability

Y 3.D 63/3: General Publications
Y 3.D 63/3:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.D 63/3:2 General Publications
Y 3.D 63/3:8 Handbooks, Manuals, and Guides

Federal Election Commission (1974- )

Y 3.EL 2/3:2-10/ Campaign Finance Law
Y 3.EL 2/3:10/ FEC Journal of Election Administration
Y 3.EL 2/3:11/ Federal Election Commission Record
Y 3.El 2/3:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.El 2/3:2 General Publications
Y 3.El 2/3:5 Laws
Y 3.El 2/3:6 Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
Y 3.El 2/3:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.El 2/3:9-2/ Federal-State Election Law Updates
Y 3.El 2/3:9/ Federal-State Election Law Survey
Y 3.El 2/3:12/ Election Case Law
Y 3.El 2/3:13 Campaign Guide
Y 3.El 2/3:14-2/ Combined Federal/State Disclosure Directory
Y 3.El 2/3:15-2/ FEC Index of Communication Costs
Y 3.El 2/3:15-3/ FEC Index of Independent Expenditures
Y 3.El 2/3:15/ FEC Reports on Financial Activity
Y 3.El 2/3:16/ Federal Elections

National Economic Commission

Y 3.Ec 7/3: Staff Papers, Background Papers and Major Testimony

Federal Interagency Committee on Education (1964- )

Y 3.Ed 8:2 General Publications

National Advisory Council on Adult Education (1974- )

Y 3.Ed 8/4:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.Ed 8/4:2 General Publications

Advisory Council on Women's Educational Programs (1976- )

Y 3.Ed 8/6:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.Ed 8/6:2 General Publications

National Advisory Council on Equality of Educational Opportunity (1972- )

National Advisory Council on Continuing Education

Y 3.Ed 8/8:2 General Publications

Intergovernmental Advisory Council on Education

Y 3.Ed 8/9:2 General Publications

National Commission on Electronic Fund Transfers (1974- )

Y 3.El 2/4:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.El 2/4:2 General Publications

Emergency Conservation Work (1933-1937)

Y 3.Em 3:1/ Annual Reports
Y 3.Em 3:2 General Publications

Emergency Loan Guarantee Board (1972- )

Y 3.Em 3/2:1/ Annual Report

National Commission on Employment and Unemployment Statistics

Y 3.Em 7/2:2 General Publications
Y 3.Em 7/2:9 Background Papers

National Commission for Employment Policy (1978- )

Y 3.Em 7/3:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.Em 7/3:2 General Publications
Y 3.Em 7/3:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.Em 7/3:9 Special Reports
Y 3.Em 7/3:10/ Research Reports
Y 3.Em 7/3:11 Monograph Series

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (1965- )

Y 3.Eq 2:1/ Annual Report 1968-
Y 3.Eq 2:2 General Publications
Y 3.Eq 2:6 Rules, Regulations, and Instructions
Y 3.Eq 2:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.Eq 2:11/ Research Reports
Y 3.Eq 2:12 Equal Employment Opportunity Report
Y 3.Eq 2:12-2/ Minorities and Women in Apprenticeship Programs and Referral Unions
Y 3.Eq 2:12-3/ Minorities and Women in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools
Y 3.Eq 2:12-4/ Job Patterns for Minorities and Women in State and Local Government
Y 3.Eq 2:12-6/ Minorities and Women in Higher Education
Y 3.Eq 2:12-7/ Job Patterns for Minorities and Women in Private Industry
Y 3.Eq 2:13 Posters
Y 3.Eq 2:15 EEOC Mission
Y 3.Eq 2:16/ Coordination of Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Programs
Y 3.Eq 2:17 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
Y 3.Eq 2:19/ Semi-Annual Checklist of EEOC Orders

Commission on Executive, Legislative and Judicial Salaries (1967- )

Y 3.Ex 3/3:1/ Report of the Commission on Executive, Legislative and Judicial Salaries
Y 3.Ex 3/3:2 General Publications

National Advisory Council on Continuing Education (1965- )

Y 3.Ex 8:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.Ex 8:2 General Publications

Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation (1987- )

Y 3.F 22/2:1/ Annual Report

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (1933- )

Y 3.F 31/8:1-2/ FDIC Statistics on Banking
Y 3.F 31/8:1-3/ Merger Decisions
Y 3.F 31/8:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.F 31/8:2 General Publications
Y 3.F 31/8:22/ Data Book, Operating Banks and Branches
Y 3.F 31/8:23/ Trust Assets of Banks and Trust Companies
Y 3.F 31/8:24/ FDIC Consumer News
Y 3.F 31/8:25/ Changes Among Operating Banks and Branches
Y 3.F 31/8:26/ Historical Statistics on Banking
Y 3.F 31/8:27/ FDIC Banking Review
Y 3.F 31/8:28/ Survey of Real Estate Trends
Y 3.F 31/8:29/ FDIC Quarterly Banking Profile
Y 3.F 31/8:31/ Real Estate Asset Inventory
Y 3.F 31/8:34 FDIC: Financial Institution Letters (FILS)
Y 3.F 31/8:35/ Report on Underwriting Practices

Federal Council on Aging (1956-1962)

Y 3.F 31/15:1/ Annual Report to the President
Y 3.F 31/15:2 General Publications
Y 3.F 31/15:8 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
Y 3.F 31/15:10/ Status Report

Federal Council for Science and Technology (1959-1963)

Y 3.F 31/16:9/ Interagency Committee on Oceanography Pamphlets
Y 3.F 31/16:11/ Annual Report on Government Patent Policy

Federal Executive Board (1961- )

Y 3.F 31/20:2 General Publications
Y 3.F 31/20:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.F 31/20:8-2/ Fiscal Year Directory Baltimore Federal Executive Board

Federal Service Impasses Panel (1969- )

Y 3.F 31/21-2:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.F 31/21-2:9/ Subject-Matter Index and Table of Cases

Federal Labor Relations Authority (1979- )

Y 3.F 31/21-3:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.F 31/21-3:2 General Publications
Y 3.F 31/21-3:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.F 31/21-3:9-3/ Administrative Law Judge Decisions Report
Y 3.F 31/21-3:9-4/ Citator: Decisions of the Federal Labor Relations Authority
Y 3.F 31/21-3:9/ FLRA Report of Case Decisions and FSIP Releases
Y 3.F 31/21-3:10-3/ Staff Draft Subject Matter Index of the Decisions of the Federal Labor Relations Authority
Y 3.F 31/21-3:10-4/ Decisions of the Federal Labor Relations Authority
Y 3.F 31/21-3:12/ Report on Case Handling Developments of the Office of the General Counsel
Y 3.F 31/21-3:13 Rules and Regulations
Y 3.F 31/21-3:14-11 Case Information Sheets
Y 3.F 31/21-3:14-3 Federal Service Impasses Panel Releases
Y 3.F 31/21-3:15/ FLRA Bulletin

No label

Federal Labor Relations Council (1969-1979)

Y 3.F 31/21:9/ Decisions and Interpretations of the Federal Labor Relations Council
Y 3.F 31/21:10/ FLRC Report of Case Decisions and FSIP Releases

Federal Committee on Ecological Reserves

Y 3.F 31/22:9/ A Directory of Research Natural Areas on Federal Lands of the United States of America

Federal Interagency Committee on the International Year of Disabled Persons

Y 3.F 31/24:1/ Annual Report

Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (1979- )

Y 3.F 49:1/ Annual Report

Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the United States (1954-1980)

Board of Foreign Scholarships (1946- )

Y 3.F 76/4:1 Annual Report

Commission on Organization of the Government for the Conduct of Foreign Policy (1972-1974)

Y 3.F 76/5:2 General Publications

Commission on Review of the National Policy Toward Gambling (1975- )

Commission on the Role of Gold in Domestic and International Monetary Systems

Native Hawaiians Study Commission

Y 3.H 31/2:2 General Publications

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (1966- )

Y 3.H 62:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.H 62:2 General Publications
Y 3.H 62:5 National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as Amended
Y 3.H 62:6 Regulations, Rules, Instructions
Y 3.H 62:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.H 62:9 Memorandums

United States Capitol Historical Society

Y 3.H 62/2:9/ We the People [Calendar]

U.S. Supreme Court Historical Society

Y 3.H 62/3:2 General Publications

White House Historical Association

Y 3.H 62/4:2 General Publications

United States Holocaust Memorial Council

Y 3.H 74:2 General Publications
Y 3.H 74:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.H 74:11/ Directory of Holocaust Institutions
Y 3.H 74:13 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications

Interagency Council on the Homeless

Y 3.H 75:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.H 75:2 General Publications
Y 3.H 75:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.H 75:17 Fact Sheets

National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research (1977- )

Y 3.H 88:2 General Publications

Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy (1978-1980)

Y 3.Im 6/2:2 General Publications

National Advisory Council on Indian Education (1965- )

Y 3.In 2/10:1/ Annual Report

Interdepartmental Committee on the Status of Women (1963-1978)

Y 3.In 8/21:1/ Report on Progress in [year] on the Status of Women

Inter-American Foundation (1969- )

Y 3.In 8/25:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.In 8/25:2 General Publications
Y 3.In 8/25:15/ Grassroots Development: Journal of the Inter-American Foundation
Y 3.In 8/25:16/ Country Focus Series

Interagency Task Force on Small Business Finance

Y 3.In 8/29:9 Studies of Small Business Finance

Interparliamentary Union, United States Group

Y 3.In 8/30:2 General Publications

Interagency Task Force on Acid Precipitation

Y 3.In 8/31:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.In 8/31:2 General Publications

Japan-United States Friendship Commission (1975- )

Y 3.J 27:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.J 27:2 General Publications
Y 3.J 27:7/ The Commissioner: The Newsletter of the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission

Joint Publications Research Service (1949-1979)

Y 3.J 66:13/ JPRS (series)

Legal Services Corporation (1974- )

Y 3.L 52:1/2 Semiannual Report to Congress
Y 3.L 52:2 General Publications

National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (1970- )

Y 3.L 61: General Publications
Y 3.L 61:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.L 61:2 General Publications

National Institute for Literacy (1991- )

Y 3.L 71: General Publications
Y 3.L 71:2 General Publications
Y 3.L 71:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.L 71:16/ Literacy Leader Fellowship Program Reports
Y 3.L 71:18/ Policy Updates
Y 3.L 71:21/ Linkages: Linking Literacy & Learning Disabilities

Lowell Historic Canal District Commission (1975-1977)

National Commission for Manpower Policy (1973-1978)

Y 3.M 31:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.M 31:2 General Publications
Y 3.M 31:9 Special Reports

Marine Mammal Commission (1972- )

Y 3.M 33/3: General Publications
Y 3.M 33/3:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.M 33/3:2 General Publications
Y 3.M 33/3:9-2/ Survey of Federally-Funded Marine Mammal Research and Studies
Y 3.M 33/3:9/ Reports, MMC (series)

Council on Graduate Medical Education (1987- )

Y 3.M 46/2: General Publications

Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (1987- )

Y 3.M 46/3:1/ MEdPAC Report to Congress

Merchant Marine and Defense Commission

Y 3.M 53/2:2 General Publications

United States Metric Board (1975-1982)

Y 3.M 56:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.M 56:2 General Publications

Migratory Bird Conservation Commission (1929- )

Y 3.M 58:1/ Annual Report

Commission for the Study of International Migration and Cooperative Economic Development

Y 3.M 58/2:2 General Publications

National Commission on Migrant Education

Y 3.M 58/3:2 General Publications

Minimum Wage Study Commission

Y 3.M 66/2:1/ Annual Report

Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission (1978- )

Y 3.M 66:9 Decisions

Monitored Retrievable Storage Review Commission

Y 3.M 74/2:2 General Publications

Motor Carrier Ratemaking Study Commission

Y 3.M 85/2:2 General Publications

National Narcotics Intelligence Consumers Committee (1978- )

Y 3.N 16:2 General Publications

National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement (1929-1931)

Y 3.N 21/7: Publications

National Advisory Council on International Monetary and Financial Policies (1966- )

Y 3.N 21/16:1/ Annual Reports

National Academy of Public Administration

Y 3.N 21/28:2 General Publications

Corporation for National and Community Service

Y 3.N 21/29: Publications
Y 3.N 21/29:1-2/ Quarterly Report
Y 3.N 21/29:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.N 21/29:2 General Publications
Y 3.N 21/29:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.N 21/29:10 Directories
Y 3.N 21/29:12 Posters
Y 3.N 21/29:15 SDP Exchange
Y 3.N 21/29:16-2 AmeriCorps: General Publications
Y 3.N 21/29:16-3 AmeriCorps: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.N 21/29:16-14/ AmeriCorps news
Y 3.N 21/29:16-17/ AmeriCorps Leaders Program : A Service Leadership Development Program of the Corporation for National Service : Leader Application Instructions
Y 3.N 21/29:17-2 VISTA: General Publications
Y 3.N 21/29:17-8 VISTA: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.N 21/29:17-16 VISTA Project Directory
Y 3.N 21/29:18-1 Fact Sheets
Y 3.N 21/29:18-8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission

Y 3.N 22:2 General Publications

National Commission on Neighborhoods (1977-1979)

Northern Mariana Islands Commission (1976-1985)

Y 3.N 81/6:9 Welcoming America's Newest Commonwealth: Reports

Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

Y 3.N 81/7:1/ Annual Report

Northwest Power Planning Council

Y 3.N 81/8:1/ Annual Report

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (1975- )

Y 3.N 88: Semiannual Report
Y 3.N 88:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.N 88:2 General Publications
Y 3.N 88:9/ Nuclear Safety
Y 3.N 88:10 NUREG- (series)
Y 3.N 88:10-6/ Interagency Steering Committee on Radiation Standards Annual Report
Y 3.N 88:11-2/ Nuclear Regulatory Commission Issuances (Monthly)
Y 3.N 88:11/ Nuclear Regulatory Commission Issuances (Semiannual)
Y 3.N 88:14/ Telephone Directory
Y 3.N 88/2:1/ Report to the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Secretary of Energy
Y 3.N 88/2:2 General Publications
Y 3.N 88:20/ Report to Congress on Abnormal Occurrences
Y 3.N 88:24/ Licensee contractor and vendor inspection status report
Y 3.N 88:25 Contractor Reports, NUREG/CR-
Y 3.N 88:31/ NRC Brochures
Y 3.N 88:31/0083/ Computer Codes and Mathematical Models
Y 3.N 88:53/ International Agreement Reports
Y 3.N 88:57/ NMSS Licensee Newsletter
Y 3.N 88:60/ Chief Financial Officer's Annual Report
Y 3.N 88:61 Electronic Products

Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (1970- )

Y 3.OC 1:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.OC 1:10-5/ OSHRC Decisions. ALJ Decisions
Y 3.Oc 1:10-3/ Index to Decisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission

Commission on Obscenity and Pornography (1967-1970)

National Occupational Information Coordination Committee (1976- )

Y 3.Oc 1/2:2 General Publications

National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere (1971- )

Y 3.Oc 2:1/ Reports
Y 3.Oc 2:2 General Publications

Old West Regional Action Planning Commission (1965-1981)

Y 3.Ol 1:2 Gerneral Publications

Ozarks Regional Commission (1966-1981)

Y 3.Oz 1:2 General Publications

Panama Canal Commission (1979- )

Y 3.P 19/2:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.P 19/2:2 General Publications

Prospective Payment Assessment Commission

Y 3.P 29:1-2/ Technical Appendixes to the Report and Recommendations to the Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Y 3.P 29:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.P 29:3/ Medicare Prospective Payment and the American Health Care System

United States Institute of Peace (1984- )

Y 3.P 31:1/ Biennial Report of the United States Institute of Peace
Y 3.P 31:2 General Publications
Y 3.P 31:3 National Peace Essay Contest Brochures Available
Y 3.P 31:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.P 31:10 Directories
Y 3.P 31:15-2/ Peace Watch
Y 3.P 31:17 Bibliographies
Y 3.P 31:18 Series on Religion, Nationalism, and Intolerance
Y 3.P 31:19/ Peaceworks (series)
Y 3.P 31:20 Special Reports

Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation (1972-1996)

Y 3.P 38:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.P 38:2 General Publications

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (1974- )

Y 3.P 38/2: Publications
Y 3.P 38/2:2 General Publications
Y 3.P 38/2:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.P 38/2:11 Forms
Y 3.P 38/2:12 Pension Insurance Data Book: PBGC Single-Employer Program

Physician Payment Review Commission

Y 3.P 56:1/ Annual Report

National Commission for the Observation of World Population Year (1974)

Postal Rate Commission (1970- )

Y 3.P 84/4: Publications
Y 3.P 84/4:2 General Publications
Y 3.P 84/4:9/ [Postal Rate Hearings] Dockets

Commission on Postal Service (1976-1977)

Y 3.P 84/5:1/ Annual Report

Presidential Commission on Catastrophic Nuclear Accidents

Y 3.P 92/6:2 General Publications

Privacy Protection Study Commission (1974)

Y 3.P 93/5:1/ Report
Y 3.P 93/5:2 General Publications

National Center for Productivity and Quality of Working Life (1977-1978)

Y 3.P 94:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.P 94:2 General Publications

Committee on Public Information (1917-1919)

Y 3.P 96/3: Publications
Y 3.P 96/3:6 Red, White, and Blue Series

National Council on Public Works Improvement

National Commission on Severely Distressed Public Housing

Y 3.P 96/9:2 General Publications

Committee on Purchase of Products and Services of the Blind and Other Severely Handicapped (1971-1974, 1993- )

Y 3.P 97:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.P 97:2 General Publications
Y 3.P 97:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.P 97:10 Procurement List

National Study Commission on Records and Documents of Federal Officials (1974-1976)

Regulatory Council

Y 3.R 26:2 General Publications
Y 3.R 26:9/ Calendar of Federal Regulations

Interagency Regulatory Liaison Group

Y 3.R 26/2: Publications
Y 3.R 26/2:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.R 26/2:9/ Regulatory Reporter
Y 3.R 26/2:10 Publication Lists

United States Commission on International Religious Freedom

Y 3.R 27:1/ Annual Report

Resettlement Administration (1935-1937)

Y 3.R 31:1/ Annual Report

Resolution Trust Corporation

Y 3.R 31/2:17/ RTC Review

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Commission (1955- )

Y 3.R 67:2 General Publications

Selective Service System (1948- )

Y 3.Se 4:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.Se 4:2 General Publications
Y 3.Se 4:17 Special Monographs

United States Sentencing Commission (1987- )

Y 3.Se 5: Publications
Y 3.Se 5:2 General Publications
Y 3.Se 5:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

Commission on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Senate

Y 3.Se 5/2: Publications

National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors (1988- )

Y 3.Se 5/3:1/ Reports
Y 3.Se 5/3:2 General Publications

National Commission on Social Security (1977- )

Y 3.So 1: Publications
Y 3.So 1:1/ Annual Report

Southwest Border Regional Commission (1965-1981)

Y 3.So 8/2 General Publications

National Commission on Space

Y 3.Sp 1: Reports and Publications

Strategy Council on Drug Abuse (1972- )

Y 3.St 8:2 General Publications

National Commission on Student Financial Assistance

National Commission on Supplies and Shortages (1974-1977)

Y 3.Su 7/2:2 General Publications

Office of Technology Assessment (1972-1995)

Y 3.T 22/2: Publications
Y 3.T 22/2:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.T 22/2:2 General Publications
Y 3.T 22/2:2-10/ Assessment Activities
Y 3.T 22/2:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.T 22/2:11 Technical Memorandum (series)
Y 3.T 22/2:12 Background Paper (series)

Tennessee Valley Authority (1933- )

Y 3.T 25:1-2/ Financial Statements for the Fiscal Year
Y 3.T 25:1-7/ Power Annual Report
Y 3.T 25:1-16/ Summary of Financial Statements and Sales Statistics, Distributors of TVA Power
Y 3.T 25:1-18/ Statistics, Distributors of TVA Power
Y 3.T 25:1-19/ Semiannual report: Office of the Inspector General
Y 3.T 25:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.T 25:2 General Publications
Y 3.T 25:3-2 National Fertilizer Development Center: Bulletins
Y 3.T 25:4 National Fertilizer Development Center: Circulars
Y 3.T 25:6-2 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.T 25:7 Maps
Y 3.T 25:13-2/ Electricity Sales Statistics (annual)
Y 3.T 25:13-3/ Monthly Load Data Report
Y 3.T 25:17 Technical Reports
Y 3.T 25:24 Technical Notes
Y 3.T 25:30 Power Office Publications
Y 3.T 25:30-2/ Industrial Development in the TVA Area
Y 3.T 25:48/ Division of Fossil and Hydro Power Monthly Report
Y 3.T 25:58/ Load Forecast and Power Summary Prepared for Fiscal Year (date)
Y 3.T 25:59-2/ Water Resources/Water Quality, WR/WQ (series)
Y 3.T 25:59/ Water Resources Reports, WR- (series)
Y 3.T 25:62/ Fossil & Hydro Power Monthly Report
Y 3.T 25:71/ TVA/WM (series)

National Transportation Policy Study Commission (1976- )

Y 3.T 68/2:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.T 68/2:9/ NTPSC Special Reports
Y 3.T 68/2:10/ Working Papers

Commission on the Ukraine Famine

Y 3.Uk 7: Publications

National Commission on Unemployment Compensation (1976-1980)

Y 3.Un 2:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.Un 2:2 General Publications
Y 3.Un 2:9 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications

National Advisory Council on Vocational Education (1968- )

Y 3.V 85:1/ Annual Report
Y 3.V 85:2 General Publications

Water Resources Council

Y 3.W 29:2 General Publications
Y 3.W 29:3/ Bulletins
Y 3.W 29:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.W 29:13/ Supplemental Reports to the Second National Water Assessment

National Commission on Water Quality (1972)

Y 3.W 29/2:1/ Reports
Y 3.W 29/2:2 General Publications

Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission (1995- )

Y 3.W 52/2:2 General Publications

White House Conference on Aging (1958-1961)

Y 3.W 58/4:1/ Reports
Y 3.W 58/4:2 General Publications
Y 3.W 58/4:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.W 58/4:9 State Conference Reports from [state]
Y 3.W 58/4:10 Report of the Mini-Conference on [subject]
Y 3.W 58/4:11 Executive Summary of Technical Committee on [subject]
Y 3.W 58/4:12 Report of Technical Committee on [subject]

White House Conference on Narcotic and Drug Abuse (1962)

Y 3.W 58/5-2:1 The White House Conference for a Drug Free America : Final Report

White House Conference on Handicapped Individuals (1976)

Y 3.W 58/18:1/ Report
Y 3.W 58/18:2 General Publications
Y 3.W 58/18:9/ The National Newsletter

White House Conference on Balanced National Growth and Economic Development (1978)

Y 3.W 58/19:1 Report
Y 3.W 58/19:2 General Publications

White House Conference on Library and Information Services (1978)

Y 3.W 58/20:2 General Publications
Y 3.W 58/20:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

White House Conference on Small Business

Y 3.W 58/21-2:1/ Report
Y 3.W 58/21:2 General Publications

White House Conference on Families (1979)

Y 3.W 58/22:1/ Report
Y 3.W 58/22:2 General Publications

White House Conference on Indian Education

Y 3.W 58/23:2 General Publications

National Commission for Review of Federal and State Laws Relating to Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance (1968)

Y 3.W 74/2:2 General Publications

National Commission on the Observance of International Woman's Year (1975-1978)

Y 3.W 84:1/ Report
Y 3.W 84:2 General Publications
Y 3.W 84:9/ The Legal Status of Homemakers in [various states]
Y 3.W 84:10/ Workshop Guidelines

Task Force on Women, Minorities, and the Handicapped in Science and Technology

Y 3.W 84/3:2 General Publications

Works Progress Administration (1935-1939)

Y 3.W 89/2:2 General Publications
Y 3.W 89/2:17/ Research Monograph
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