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Department of Agriculture (1862- )

A 1.1: Report of the Secretary of Agriculture | 1862-
A 1.1/3: Semiannual Report, Office of Inspector General
A 1.1/4-2: Annual Report on the Food and Agricultural Sciences
A 1.1/4-3: Appraisal of the Proposed Budget for Food and Agricultural Sciences Report to the President and Congress
A 1.1/5: Report on USDA Human Nutrition Research and Education Activities, A Report to Congress
A 1.1/6: Office of Inspector General FY, Annual Plan
A 1.1/7: Annual Report / Board of Contract Appeals
A 1.1/8: Annual Performance Plan and Revised Plan for FY
A 1.1/9: Annual Report of the Judicial Officer
A 1.2: General Publications
A 1.2/10: Priorities for Research, Extension and Higher Education
A 1.2/11: Five-Year Plan for the Food and Agricultural Sciences
A 1.2/12: Accomplishments for Research, Extenstion and Higher Education
A 1.3: Department Bulletins. 1-1500. | 1913-1929
A 1.4/2: Circulars
A 1.5/2: Miscellaneous. 2nd Series.
A 1.7/2: New Releases for [Annual]
A 1.9: Farmers Bulletins | 1889-
A 1.10: Yearbook of Agriculture | 1984-
A 1.10/a: Yearbooks
A 1.11: Regulations | 1936-
A 1.11/3: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
A 1.14/2: Department Circulars
A 1.26: United States Food Leaflets
A 1.34: Statistical Bulletins | 1923-
A 1.34/3: World Indices of Agricultural and Food Production | 1980-
A 1.34/4: Food Consumption, Prices, and Expenditures
A 1.35: Leaflets | 1927-
A 1.36: Technical Bulletins | 1927-
A 1.38: Miscellaneous Publications | 1927-
A 1.38/2: Facts About U.S. Agriculture
A 1.47: Agricultural Statistics
A 1.58/A: Agriculture Decisions | 1942-
A 1.60/2: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications | 1943-
A 1.60/3: Bibliographies and Literature of Agriculture
A 1.68: Program Aids | 1946-
A 1.75: Agriculture Information Bulletins | 1949-
A 1.75/2: Financial Characteristics of U.S. Farms
A 1.76: Agricultural Handbooks | 1950-
A 1.76/2-2: Agricultural Chartbook Enlargements
A 1.76/2: Agriculture Chartbook
A 1.77: Home and Garden Bulletins | 1950-
A 1.82: Marketing Research Reports | 1952-
A 1.85/2: Rural Development Goals
A 1.87: Home Economics Research Reports | 1957-
A 1.89: Telephone Directory
A 1.89/3: Directories
A 1.107: Agricultural Economic Reports | 1972-
A 1.107/2: Food Cost Review
A 1.107/3: Food Marketing Review
A 1.110: Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates
A 1.114: Conservation Research Reports
A 1.129/3: Office of Ethics Newsletter
A 1.129/4: PDSD Newsletter
A 1.130: National Agricultural Lands Study: Reports and Publications
A 1.131: Facts About [various subjects]
A 1.132: AgRISTARS Annual Report
A 1.144: Agricultural Outlook, Conference Proceedings
A 1.145: Report to the Congress, CERCLA/SARA Activities
A 88.19: National Honey Report
A 88.72: Egg and Poultry National Weekly Review
A 92.17/3: Meat Animals, Production, Disposition, and Income, Final Estimates (Quinquennial)
A 93.10/2-2: Agricultural Outlook: Statistical Indicators
A 93.41/6-2: Rural-Urban Continuum Codes

Bureau of Animal Industry (1884-1942)

A 4.2: General Publications

Bureau of Biological Survey (1905-1939)

A 5.4: Circulars

Division of Botany (1869-1901)

A 6.5: Contributions from U.S. National Herbarium

Office of Experiment Stations (1923-1942)

A 10.1: Annual Report

Forest Service (1905- )

A 13.1: Report of the Chief of the Forest Service | 1883-
A 13.1/3: Report of the Forest Service, Fiscal Year (date)
A 13.2: General Publications
A 13.2/2: I don't see a title for this***
A 13.3: Bulletins | 1887-1913; 1986-
A 13.10: Land Areas of the National Forest System | 1905-
A 13.11/2: Lists of Publications
A 13.13: Information Pamphlets Relating to National Forests
A 13.27/16: The Finish Line
A 13.27/2: Forest Products Laboratory: General Publications
A 13.27/7-2: Forest Products Laboratory: Dividends from Wood Research
A 13.27/7: Forest Products Laboratory: List of Publications on [subject]
A 13.28: Maps and Charts
A 13.32/2-4: Wildfire News and Notes
A 13.32/2: Wildfire Statistics
A 13.32/3-4: Forest Service National Fire Plan??
A 13.32/3: Annual Fire Report for National Forests
A 13.32: Fire Management Today
A 13.36: Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
A 13.36/2-2: Forest Service Organizational Directory
A 13.36/2-3: Intermountain Region Organization Directory
A 13.36/2-6: Recreation Guide
A 13.36/2-8: Special Places, A Travel and Tourism Planner's Guide to your National Forests
A 13.36/2-9: Firewood Guides
A 13.36/2: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
A 13.36/5: Area Guide Preliminary Series
A 13.40/1-2: Southern Forest Experiment Station: Annual Letter
A 13.42/2: Northeastern Forest Experiment Station: General Publications
A 13.42/6-2: Northeastern Forest Experiment Station: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
A 13.42/25: Northeastern Forest Experiment Station: NE-INF-
A 13.49/5: Equipment Development and Test Program, Progress, Plans, Fiscal Year
A 13.50: Forest Resource Reports | 1950-
A 13.51/2: Forest Planting, Seeding, and Silvical Treatments in the United States
A 13.52: Forest Insect and Disease Leaflets | 1955-
A 13.52/7: Forest Insect and Diseases Conditions in the Northern Region
A 13.52/12: Forest Insect and Disease, Intermountain Region
A 13.52/2: Forest Insect and Disease Conditions in the United States
A 13.63/2: Southeastern Forest Experiment Station: General Publications
A 13.63/13: Southeastern Forest Experiment Station: Research Information Digest, Recent Publications of Southeastern Forest Experimentation Station
A 13.63/15: Southeastern Forest Experiment Station: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
A 13.65/2: Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station: General Publications
A 13.65/12-2: Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station: Performance Guides
A 13.65/17: Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station: Cultural Resource Report
A 13.66/1: Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station: Annual Report
A 13.66/2: Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station: General Publications
A 13.66/1-2: Joint Fire Science Program Business Summary
A 13.66/12: Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
A 13.66/14: Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station: Recent Publications of the Pacific Northwest Research Station
A 13.66/18: Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station: ECOL Tech Paper
A 13.66/19: Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station: Science Findings
A 13.69/2: Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station: General Publications
A 13.72: Conservation Teaching Aids
A 13.78: Research Papers
A 13.79: Research Notes
A 13.80: Resource Bulletins
A 13.80/2: Resource Reports
A 13.82/2: North Central Forest Experiment Station: General Publications
A 13.82/8: North Central Forest Experiment Station: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
A 13.82/9-2: North Central Forest Experiment Station: NC News
A 13.82/10: North Central Forest Experiment Station: Technical Brief
A 13.83: Annual Grazing Statistical Report
A 13.88: General Technical Reports
A 13.92: Final Environmental Impact Statements and Related Materials
A 13.92/2: Draft Environmental Impact Statements and Related Materials
A 13.95: Forestry Research West
A 13.99/8: National Wildlife Coordinating Group: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
A 13.100: Field Identification Cards
A 13.101: Cultural Resources Overview
A 13.101/2: Studies in Cultural Resource Management
A 13.102: Northeastern Area, NA-FR-
A 13.102/2: SA-FR
A 13.106: NA-FB/P
A 13.110/14: State and Private Forestry: Technical Reports
A 13.110/9: State and Private Forestry: Forestry Reports
A 13.111/2: Smokey's Campaign Catalog
A 13.113: U.S. Timber Production, Trade, Consumption, and Price Statistics
A 13.114/2: National Forest Annual Reports
A 13.117: Important Facts about the Pacific Northwest Region
A 13.118: GIS Application Note
A 13.124: Fisheries, Wildlife, and TES Species Challenge Cost-Share Program Report for the Intermountain Region
A 13.124/2: Challenge Cost-Share Program Report
A 13.134: FHM-NC
A 13.136: Health Hazards of Smoke
A 13.137: Technology and Development Program
A 13.140: Electronic Products
A 13.151: Rocky Mountain Research Station: General Publications
A 13.151/5: Proceedings RMRS-P
A 13.152: Forest Management Program Annual Report (National Summary)
A 13.156: Briefing Book, Alaska Region
A 13.157/2: Alaska Region Annual Monitoring and Evaluation Reports
A 13.163/13: Illinois's Forest Resources in…
A 13.163/15: Iowa's Forest Resources in…
A 13.163/22: Michigan's Forest Resources in…
A 13.163/27: Nebraska's Forest Resources in…
A 13.163/34: North Dakota's Forest Resources in…
A 13.163/41: South Dakota's Forest Resources in…
A 13.66/13: Production, Prices, Employment, and Trade in Northwest Forest Industries, 1963-
A 13.110/14-2: Reforestation and Timber Stand Report

National Agricultural Library (1962-1978, 1981- )

A 17.1: Report of the Librarian
A 17.2: General Publications
A 17.18/2: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
A 17.18/4: Quick Bibliographic Series
A 17.18/5: List of Journals Indexed in Agricola
A 17.18/6: Agri-Topics
A 17.20: Pesticides Documentation Bulletin | 1965-1969
A 17.22: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
A 17.23: Agricultural Libraries Information Notes
A 17.24: Special Reference Briefs
A 17.25: Search Tips Series
A 17.27/2: Animal Welfare Information Center Bulletin
A 17.27/3: AWIC Resource Series
A 17.27: AWIC (Animal Welfare Information Center)
A 17.29: Rural Information Center Publication Series
A 17.31: Electronic Products
A 17.32: Educational and Training Opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture
A 17.33: Sources of Free or Low-Cost Food and Nutrition Materials
A 17.84/4: ?

Office of Communications (1987- )

A 21.2: General Publications
A 21.9/5: Farmers' Bulletins

Bureau of Public Roads (1918-1939)

A 22.1: Annual Report
A 22.2: General Publications

Bureau of Soils (1901-1927)

A 26.5: Field Operations of the Bureau of Soils

Bureau of Crop Estimates (1914-1921)

A 27.4: Circulars

Weather Bureau (1890-1940)

A 29.2: General Publications

General Counsel (1955- )

A 33.2: General Publications

Bureau of Agricultural Economics (1922-1953)

A 36.1: Annual Report
A 36.2: General Publications
A 36.25: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
A 36.50: Agricultural Outlook Charts
A 36.103: Land Policy Review

Fixed Nitrogen Research Laboratory (1921-1926)

A 38.2: General Publications

Extension Service (1970-1978; 1981- )

A 43.1: Annual Report
A 43.2: General Publications
A 43.4: Extension Service Circulars. ESC 1- 1926-
A 43.16/2: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides

Food and Drug Administration (1930-1940)

A 46.1: Annual Report

Agricultural Adjustment Administration (1933-1942)

A 55.1: Annual Report
A 55.2: General Publications

Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine (1934-1942)

A 56.1: Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine

Natural Resources Conservation Service (1935-1942, 1945- )

A 57.1: Report of the Chief of the Soil Conservation
A 57.1/5: Accomplishments Report (Natural Resources Conservation Service)
A 57.2: General Publications
A 57.6/2: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
A 57.9: Soil Conservation
A 57.9/2: Soil & Water Conservation News
A 57.15: Technical Publications
A 57.24: Erosion Survey
A 57.38: Soil Surveys
A 57.46/10: Wyoming State Basin Outlook Report
A 57.46/11-2: State Annual Data Summaries. Idaho Cooperative Snow Survey Data of Federal-State-Private Cooperative Snow Survey
A 57.46/19: Colorado Basin Outlook Report
A 57.46/21: State Annual Data Summaries. Arizona Cooperative Snow Survey Data of Federal-State-Private Cooperative Snow Survey
A 57.46: Arizona State Basin Outlook Report for…
A 57.52: Soil Survey Investigation Reports
A 57.54: National Plant Materials Centers: Annual Technical Reports
A 57.54/4: Plant Solutions
A 57.56: Habitat Management for [various animals]
A 57.69: Important Farmlands
A 57.72: Special Reports (series)
A 57.74: Historical Notes (series)
A 57.75: Conservation and your Community
A 57.75/2: Outreach Insider
A 57.77: Soil Quality Information Sheets
A 57.78: National Cooperative Soil Survey Newsletter
A 57.78/2: Coastal Plainer
A 57.79: Watershed Planning and You!
A 57.80: Plants Database
A 57.81/10: Georgia Annual Report
A 57.81/11-2: Hawaii Current Developments
A 57.81/11-3: Conservation Update (Hawaii)
A 57.81/11-4: Hawaii State Association of Resource Conservation and Development Areas Annual Report
A 57.81/11: Hawaii Annual Report
A 57.81/12-2: Executive Update
A 57.81/12: Idaho Current Developments
A 57.81/13: Illinois Report
A 57.81/14: Hoosier headlines, a bimonthly Indiana NRCS newsletter
A 57.81/15: Iowa Report, Natural Resources Conservation Activities
A 57.81/16-2: Kansas Highlights
A 57.81/16: Kansas Report
A 57.81/17: Kentucky NRCS Newsletter?
A 57.81/19-2: Conservation Briefs
A 57.81/19: Maine Natural Resources Conservation Activities
A 57.81/20: Annual Report, Conservation Activities in Maryland
A 57.81/21: Conservation Connection (Massachusetts)
A 57.81/22: Michigan Report
A 57.81/23: Minnesota Report, Natural Resources Conservation Activities
A 57.81/25-2: Upper White River Review
A 57.81/25: Missouri Report
A 57.81/26: Montana Report on Natural Resources Conservation Activities
A 57.81/27-2: RC&D Report
A 57.81/27-3: Resource Conservation and Development Highlights
A 57.81/27-4: Neb News
A 57.81/27: Nebraska Report, Natural Resources Conservation Report
A 57.81/28: Nevada State Story
A 57.81/29: The inside scoop?
A 57.81/2: NRCS Alaska News?
A 57.81/3-2: Alabama NRCS tech news?
A 57.81/31-2: Natural Resources Reporter
A 57.81/31: Past Year's Accomplishments (New Mexico)
A 57.81/32: New York Report
A 57.81/33-2: Conservation Connection (North Carolina)
A 57.81/33: North Carolina Report
A 57.81/34: Current Developments, North Dakota
A 57.81/35: Conservation matters
A 57.81/37: Annual Report (Oregon)
A 57.81/3: NRCS Alabama Current Developments?
A 57.81/4-3: Arkansas Conservation News?
A 57.81/40-2: South Carolina's Current Developments
A 57.81/40: South Carolina Natural Resources Conservation Activities
A 57.81/41: South Dakota NRCS Update
A 57.81/42-2: Current Developments (Tennessee)
A 57.81/42: Annual Report (Tennessee)
A 57.81/47: Current Developments?
A 57.81/48: West Virginia NRCS news and views
A 57.81/4: Arkansas Annual Report
A 57.81/5: California Report Natural Resources Conservation Service Activities
A 57.81/6: The Colorado Connection?
A 57.81/7: NRCS, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Connecticut
A 57.81: Horizons (Arizona: Online)
A 57.82: NRCS Technology News
A 57.83: Soil Data Mart
A 57.90: TSP Express

Office of Budget and Finance

A 58.1: Annual Report

Commodity Exchange Administration (1936-1942)

A 59.1: Annual Report

Plant and Operations Office (1939- )

A 60.1: Annual Report

Farm Security Administration (1937-1942, 1945-1946)

A 61.10: Social Research Report

Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (1938-1942, 1947- )

A 62.1: Annual Report
A 62.58/5: Document and Supplemental Standards Handbook

Risk Management Agency (1996- )

A 62.51: Program compliance and integrity annual report to Congress?
A 62.58/2: Crop Insurance Handbook (CIH)
A 62.58/3: New Program Development Handbook
A 62.58/4: Classification Standards Handbook
A 62.65: Report to Congress, New and Specialty Crops

Agricultural Marketing Service (1939-1942)

A 66.1: Annual Report

Foreign Agriculture Service (1953- )

A 67.1: Annual Report
A 67.1/2: Foreign Agriculture (annual)
A 67.2: General Publications
A 67.7/3: AgExporter
A 67.18: Foreign Agriculture Circular
A 67.18:FC- Cotton
A 67.18:FCAN- Canned Fruit
A 67.18:FCB- Cocoa Beans
A 67.18:FCF- Citrus Fruits
A 67.18:FCOF Coffee
A 67.18:FD Dairying
A 67.18:FDAP- Deciduous Fruit
A 67.18:FDF- Dried Fruits
A 67.18:FDP- Dry Beans and Peas
A 67.18:FFVS U.S. Seed Exports
A 67.18:FG- Grain: World Markets and Trade
A 67.18:FH- Hops
A 67.18:FHON- Honey
A 67.18:FLM Livestock and Meats
A 67.18:FLM MT- Livestock and Meats?
A 67.18:FN- Nuts
A 67.18:FOP- Oilseeds and Products
A 67.18:FPE- Poultry and Eggs
A 67.18:FS Sugar, Molasses, and Honey
A 67.18:FT- Tobacco
A 67.18:FVF- Vegetable Fibers
A 67.18:GOL- Grains, oilseeds, and livestock?
A 67.18:WCP World Crop Production
A 67.18:WSD- Grains, soybeans, cotton?
A 67.26: Foreign Agricultural Service, Miscellaneous. FAS-M-1 1956-
A 67.27: The World Agricultural Situation
A 67.35: Report of the United States Government to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
A 67.40: U.S. Export Sales
A 67.40/2: Trade Leads
A 67.44: Food for Peace, Annual Report on Public Law 480
A 67.45: Agricultural Trade Highlights
A 67.46: Agricultural Export Assistance Update Quarterly Report
A 67.52: America the Bountiful
A 67.40/4: U.S. Exports of Reported Agricultural Commodities for Marketing Years
A 67.40/5: Trade Policies and Market Opportunities for U.S. Farm Exports

Rural Utilities Service (1994- )

A 68.1: Report of the Administrator / Rural Electrification Administration
A 68.1/2: Annual Statistical Report. Rural Electric Borrowers
A 68.1/3: Statistical Report. Rural Telecommunications Borrowers
A 68.1/4: Annual Report of Energy Purchased by REA Borrowers
A 68.1/6: Water and Environmental Programs Annual Activity Report
A 68.2: General Publications
A 68.3: REA Bulletins
A 68.22: Staff Instructions

Farm Credit Administration (1939-1942, 1943-1953)

A 72.4: Circulars

Agricultural Research Service (1953-1978, 1981- )

A 77.1: Annual Report
A 77.2: General Publications
A 77.6/3: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
A 77.12 Agricultural Research
A 77.12/A: Agricultural Research
A 77.15: ARS (series)
A 77.15/3: Conservation Tillage Facts
A 77.29/2: Northern Plain Facts
A 77.31: Advances in Agricultural Technology, AAT (series)
A 77.38/2: U.S. National Arboretum Publications
A 77.39: Annual Report of the Western Wheat Quality Laboratory
A 77.41: GRIN Taxonomy for Plants?
A 77.101: Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Agricultural and Industrial Chemistry, Agricultural Research Administration
A 77.245: Family Economics Review
A 77.301: Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
A 77.501: Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Research Administration
A 77.515: Plant Inventory 1898-
A 77.516: NSF Reports (series)
A 77.519: Healthy Animals
A 77.708: Family Economics Review

Publications Relating to the Care of Animals and Poultry (1953-1978)

A 77.201: Annual Report

Publications Relating to Entomology and Plant Quarantine (1953-1978)

A 77.302: General Publications

Publications Relating to Horticulture (1953- )

A 77.518/2: TEKTRAN
A 77.518: Food and Nutrition Research Briefs

Publications Relating to Home Economics and Human Nutrition (1953- )

A 77.702: General Publications

War Food Administration (1943-1945)

A 80.1: Annual Report

Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (1961-1994)

A 82.1: Annual Report
A 82.2: General Publications
A 82.77: The Fertilizer Supply
A 82.82: ASCS Background Information BI-
A 82.82/2: ASCS Commodity Fact Sheets
A 82.89/2: Agricultural Conservation Program: Fiscal Year Statistical Summary
A 82.90: State Data Profiles, Calendar Year
A 82.92: Forestry Incentives Program
A 82.93: Emergency Conservation Program
A 82.94: Water Bank Program: From Inception of Program through [date]

Commodity Credit Corporation (1945- )

A 82.301: Annual Report
A 82.311: Commodity Credit Corporation Charts

Commodity Exchange Authority (1947-1974)

A 85.1: Annual Report

Agricultural Marketing Service (1972- )

A 88.2: General Publications
A 88.6: Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
A 88.11/20: Long Staple Cotton Review
A 88.11/3: Monthly Cotton Linters Review
A 88.11: No label
A 88.14/13: Dairy Market Statistics, Annual Summary
A 88.16/3-3: National daily hog and pork summary?
A 88.17/12-2: National daily cattle and beef summary?
A 88.17/12-3: National daily feeder and stocker cattle am summary
A 88.17/12: National weekly cattle and beef summary?
A 88.18/2-4: Daily grain review?
A 88.34/12: Annual Report on Tobacco Statistics
A 88.40: AMS
A 88.60: Pesticide Data Program
A 88.61: Livestock & Seed Division
A 88.65: Bean Market News
A 88.69/2-2: National Directory of Farmers Market and Direct Marketing Associations
A 88.69/2-3: Farmer's Markets Listed by State
A 88.72/2: International Egg and Poultry Review
A 88.72/3: Weekly Egg Products Report
A 88.72/4: USDA Broiler market News Report
A 88.72/5: USDA Egg Market News Report
A 88.72/6: USDA Turkey Market News Report

Farmer Cooperative Service (1953-1978)

A 89.11: General Reports
A 89.15: FCS Information

National Agricultural Statistics Service (1986- )

A 92.2: General Publications
A 92.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
A 92.9/17-3: Turkeys, Final Estimates (Quinquennial)
A 92.9/3-2: Poultry Production and Value, Final Estimates (quinquennial)
A 92.10: Milk Production
A 92.10/5: Dairy Products Annual Summary
A 92.11/10-7: Vegetables, Final Estimates (Quinquennial)
A 92.11/11-2: Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes, Final Estimates (Quinquennial)
A 92.11/8-2: Citrus Fruits, Final Estimates (Quinquennial)
A 92.16: Agricultural Prices
A 92.16/2: Agricultural Prices, Annual Summary
A 92.16/3: Prices Received. Minnesota-Wisconsin Manufacturing Grade Milk
A 92.18/6-4: Cattle, Final Estimates (Quinquennial)
A 92.18/7-3: Hogs and Pigs, Final Estimates (Quinquennial)
A 92.24: Crop Production
A 92.24/2: Crop Production. Prospective Plantings
A 92.24/4-2: Crop Production. Acreage
A 92.24/4: Crop Production. Summary
A 92.24/5: Farm Numbers, Land in Farms
A 92.24/3-2: Crop Values, Final Estimates (Quinquennial)
A 92.24/5-2: Agricultural Land Values and Cash Rents
A 92.28/2-2: Honey, Final Estimates (Quinquennial)
A 92.34: SRS (series)
A 92.39: Acreage
A 92.40: Farm Production Expenditures
A 92.50: Agricultural Chemical Usage. Field Crops Summary
A 92.50/2: Agricultural Chemical Usage, Restricted Use Summary
A 92.53 1997 Census of Agriculture. Geographic Area Series
A 92.54 1997 Census of Agriculture. Subject Series
A 92.56: Childhood Agricultural Injuries

Economic Research Service (1961-1978, 1981- )

A 93.2: General Publications
A 93.9/4-2: Major Land Uses
A 93.9/4: Outlook and Situation Report. Farm Real Estate Market Developments
A 93.9/8: Agricultural Finance Outlook & Situation
A 93.9/10-2: Agricultural Finance Statistics
A 93.10/2: Agricultural Outlook
A 93.11: Wheat Outlook & Situation
A 93.11/2: Feed Outlook and Situation Report
A 93.11/3: Outlook and Situation Report. Rice
A 93.12/2: Situation and Outlook Report. Vegetables and Specialties
A 93.12/3: Situation and Outlook Report. Fruit and Tree Nuts
A 93.16: National Food Review
A 93.16/3: National Food Review
A 93.17/4: Foreign Agricultural Trade of United States, Trade by Countries
A 93.17/8: Foreign Agricultural Trade of United States, Trade by Commodities
A 93.17/9: Agricultural Exchange Rate Data Set
A 93.17/10: State Export Data
A 93.17/11: U.S. Fertilizer Imports/Exports
A 93.17/12-2: WTO Domestic Support Notifications
A 93.17/12-3: WTO Tariff Levels
A 93.17/12: WTO Export Subsidy Notifications
A 93.17/3: U.S. Foreign Agricultural Trade Statistical Report
A 93.17/7-2: Foreign Agricultural Trade of the United States. Fiscal Year Supplement
A 93.17/7-3: Foreign Agricultural Trade of the United States. Calendar Year Supplement
A 93.17/7-4: Foreign Agricultural Trade of the United States. Calendar Year Supplement. Supplementary Tables
A 93.17/7-5: U.S. Agricultural Trade Update
A 93.17/7: Foreign Agricultural Trade of the United States (FATUS)
A 93.21: ERS- (series) 1961-
A 93.21/2: ERS- Foreign (series) 1961-
A 93.23/2: Oil Crops Outlook
A 93.25: Tobacco Situation and Outlook Report
A 93.26: The Journal of Agricultural Economics Research
A 93.27: Foreign Agricultural Economic Report (series)
A 93.27/2-2: International Macroeconomic Data Set
A 93.27/2: International Baseline Data
A 93.28: Agricultural Economic Reports
A 93.29/2-10: Outlook and Situation Report. Eastern Europe
A 93.29/2-11: Outlook and Situation Report. China
A 93.29/2-12: Outlook and Situation Report. Latin America
A 93.29/2-13: Outlook and Situation Report. Sub-Saharan Africa
A 93.29/2-14: Outlook and Situation Report. Cropland Use and Supply
A 93.29/2-15: Outlook and Situation Report. South Asia
A 93.29/2-16: Outlook and Situation Report. North America and Oceania
A 93.29/2-19: Situation and Outlook Series. Asia International Agriculture and Trade Reports
A 93.29/2-2: Agricultural Situation Supplements (various areas)
A 93.29/2-20: Situation and Outlook Series. International agriculture and trade reports. NAFTA
A 93.29/2-3: Outlook and Situation Report (various areas)
A 93.29/2-4: Outlook and Situation Report. Agricultural Land Values and Markets
A 93.29/2-6: Situation and Outlook Report. Middle East and North Africa
A 93.29/2-7: Situation and Outlook Series. Newly Independent States and the Baltics
A 93.29/2-8: Outlook and Situation Report. Southeast Asia
A 93.29/2-9: Outlook and Situation Report. Western Europe
A 93.29/2: Situation and Outlook Report. World Agriculture
A 93.29/3: World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates
A 93.29/4: Food Security Assessment
A 93.31/3: Sugar and Sweetener, Outlook and Situation
A 93.33/2: Farmline
A 93.34: Foreign Gold & Exchange Reserves
A 93.34/2: World Economic Conditions in Relation to Agricultural Trade
A 93.35: Net Migration of the Population: By Age, Sex, and Color
A 93.41: Rural Development Research Reports (series)
A 93.41/2: Rural Development Perspectives RDP- 1978-
A 93.41/3: Rural Conditions and Trends
A 93.41/5: Rural Indicators Map Machine
A 93.41/6: Rural-Urban Commuting Area Codes
A 93.41/7: Rural Poverty at a Glance?
A 93.42: Aquaculture Outlook and Situation
A 93.43: Outlook for U.S. Agricultural Exports
A 93.44: ERS Staff Papers (series)
A 93.44/2: Abstracts of Staff Reports
A 93.44/4: Cotton Ginning Charges, Harvesting Practices, and Selected Marketing Costs
A 93.44/5: ERS Staff Paper (numbered)
A 93.44/6-2: Agricultural Baseline Projections Tables
A 93.44/6-3: Agricultural Baseline Database
A 93.44/6: USDA Agricultural Baseline Projections to (year)
A 93.45: Economic Indicators of the Farm Sector
A 93.45/2-2: Economic Indicators of the Farm Sector. Costs of Production. Livestock and Dairy
A 93.45/2: Economic Indicators of the Farm Sector. Costs of Production
A 93.45/3: Economic Indicators of the Farm Sector. National Financial Summary
A 93.45/4: Economic Indicators of the Farm Sector. Farm Sector Review
A 93.45/5: Economic Indicators of the Farm Sector. Production and Efficiency Statistics
A 93.45/6: Economic Indicators of the Farm Sector. State Financial Summary
A 93.45/7-2: Briefing Room, Farm Financial Management
A 93.45/7: Farm Business Economics Report
A 93.45/8-2: Farm Income Data
A 93.45/8: Farm Balance Sheet Data
A 93.46/3: Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Situation and Outlook
A 93.48: World Food Needs and Availabilities
A 93.52: Food Spending in American Households
A 93.60: Food Assistance and Nutrition Research Report (series)
A 93.60/3: Food Assistance Landscape
A 93.61: Food Assistance and Nutrition Research Program
A 93.61/2: Food Assistance and Nutrition Research Program
A 93.62: Amber Waves
A 93.63: DatelineERS
A 93.64: Food Consumption (Per Capita) Data System
A 93.65/2-2: Organic Wholesale Prices
A 93.65/2: Organic Production
A 93.65: Adoption of Genetically Engineered Crops in the U.S.
A 93.66/2: Normalized Prices
A 93.66/3: State Total Factor Productivity in Agriculture
A 93.66: Commodity Costs and Returns
A 93.67: Environmental Quality Incentives Program Data
A 93.68/2: Foodborne Illness Cost Calculator
A 93.68: Food Security in the United States: CPS Food Security Supplement
A 93.69: State Fact Sheet (various states)
A 93.72: County-Level Poverty Rates (various states)
A 93.73/2-2: Rural America at a glance?
A 93.73/2-3: Rural Children at a glance
A 93.73/2-4: Rural Hispanics at a glance
A 93.73/2: ??
A 93.73: ??

Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service (1961-1978, 1981- )

A 94.2: General Publications
A 94.14: Inventory of Agricultural Research
A 94.19: National SARE/ACE Report to Congress
A 94.23: Small Farm Digest
A 94.26: Program Information
A 94.27: Plant Sciences Update
A 94.28: Family Economics News

Food and Nutrition Service (1969- )

A 98.2: General Publications
A 98.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
A 98.8/2-2: Food Stamp Program Quality Review Handbook
A 98.8/2: FNS (FS) Handbooks
A 98.9: FNS- (series) 1969-
A 98.11: Food and Nutrition
A 98.14/2: National Advisory Council on Maternal, Infant, and Fetal Nutrition Biennial Report
A 98.17: Study of WIC Participant and Program Characteristics
A 98.18: Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
A 98.19: Commodity Foods
A 98.20: Family Economics and Nutrition Review

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (1972- )

A 101.2: General Publications
A 101.10/2: APHIS (series)
A 101.22: Horse Protection Enforcement
A 101.22/2: Animal Welfare Report
A 101.22/3: APHIS' Animal Care Report
A 101.26: Animal Welfare. List of Licensed Dealers
A 101.29/3: NWRC Annual Publications List
A 101.29/4: Innovative Solutions to Human-Wildlife Conflicts: National Wildlife Research Center Accomplishments

Rural Development Policy Office (1981-1986)

A 102.2: General Publications

Food Safety and Quality Office (1977-1981)

A 103.2: General Publications

Federal Grain Inspection Service (1976- )

A 104.1: Annual Report

Economics and Statistics Service (1980-1981)

A 105.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
A 105.10: Agricultural Situation
A 105.10/3-2: World Agricultural Situation Supplements
A 105.10/3: World Agricultural Situation 1971-
A 105.14/2: U.S. Foreign Agricultural Trade Statistical Report
A 105.19/3: Agricultural Finance Outlook
A 105.22: Foreign Agricultural Economic Reports 1961-
A 105.25: ESCS- (series) 1978-
A 105.26/2: Agricultural Prices, Annual Summary
A 105.27/2: Farm Index
A 105.35: Agricultural Finance Review
A 105.39: Acreage
A 105.40: Rural Development Research Reports (series)
A 105.50: Agricultural-Food Policy Review

Science and Education Administration (1978-1981)

A 106.2: General Publications
A 106.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
A 106.12: Agricultural Review and Manuals ARM-
A 106.14: Soil, Water, and Air Sciences Research Annual Report
A 106.14/2: Directory, Natural Resources Locations
A 106.16: Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
A 106.17: Family Economics Review
A 106.19: Catalog of Seed and Vegetative Stock Available from the Southern Regional Plant Introduction Station
A 106.24: Advances in Agricultural Technology ATT (series)
A 106.25/2: Annual Report of the National Research Programs, Crop Protection
A 106.25: Annual Report of the National Research Programs, Crop Production
A 106.33: Livestock and Veterinary Sciences, Annual Report of the National Research Programs

Office of Governmental and Public Affairs (1978- )

A 107.2: General Publications:
A 107.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
A 107.10: Publications and Visuals, Quarterly List
A 107.12: List

Office of Transportation (1980- )

A 108.2: General Publications

Agricultural Cooperative Service (1981- )

A 109.9: ACS Service Report | 1980-
A 109.10: RBS Research Report
A 109.10/2: Cooperative Information Reports
A 109.11: Rural Cooperatives

Food Safety and Inspection Service (1981- )

A 110.2: General Publications
A 110.10: Food News for Consumers | 1984-
A 110.13: FSIS-
A 110.13/2: FSIS Background
A 110.15: List of Proprietary Substances and Nonfood Compounds Authorized for Use Under USDA Inspection and Grading Programs
A 110.17: FSIS Food Safety Review
A 110.18: Standards and Labeling Policy Book

Human Nutrition Food Service (1981- )

A 111.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
A 111.9: Nationwide Food Consumption Survey, Reports
A 111.9/3: Continuing Survey of Food Intake by Individuals

Consolidated Farm Service Agency

A 112.8: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
A 112.15: CFSA Commodity Fact Sheet
A 112.17: Crop Insurance Research and Development Bulletins
A 112.23: Foreign Ownership of U.S. Agricultural Land
A 112.24: Monthly Summary

The Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration

A 113.1: Annual Reports
A 113.2: General Publications

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A 114.2: General Publications
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