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Best Bets for Company & Industry

Provides private and public U.S and international business data, industry news, facts and figures, executive contact information, the ability to access industry profiles and much more. Additionally, clients now have immediate access to contact information for over 250 million U.S. consumers. This enhanced search tool features specific information - name, address, previous address, age, number of household members and reverse phone number lookup capabilities
Coverage dates: Current.
Provides in-depth Domestic and Global Industry analysis. Also includes Risk Ratings reports and US Business Environment Profiles. iExpert Summaries provide brief overviews of industries and are designed for job interviews.
Coverage dates: Current.
Provides Company & Industry analyst reports. Includes information on Executives, Ownership, Company Financials, Equity Pricing, Filings, News links, and Competitors. Industry Reports may include the following geographies: North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, or Latin America.
Coverage dates: Varies.

More databases for Company & Industry

Major trade and industry news. It includes in-depth coverage of companies, products, executives, trends, and other topics for more than 3,140 publications, with over 2,930 in full-text.
Coverage dates: 1916 to present.
Provides in-depth analysis of insurance companies including credit reports and M&A reports. Includes both public and private US, Canadian and Non US insurers. Can limit search based on geographic location.
Coverage dates: Current.
Provides provides full text and abstracts for Business topics. Also includes Investment reports, Company Profiles, Industry news, and M&A news.
Coverage dates: 1980 - Current.
Contains information on companies, industries and more in the context of timely news, statistical data, and in-depth reports. SWOT reports available. Includes journals, magazines, trade publications, corporate profiles, statistical rankings, and more.
Full-text articles and abstracts for Business topics. Company profiles, industry analysis, market research reports, country reports, and SWOT analysis are also available. Includes journals, magazines, trade publications, analyst reports, statistics, and more. Contains Harvard Business Review.
Coverage dates: 1886 - Current.
This database analyzes millions of data points on venture capital, startups, patents, partnerships and news mentions to help you see tomorrow's opportunities, today. For remote access to this database, you will have to VPN into the TCU network.
Coverage dates: 1990 to present.
Data-Planet offers access to over 3,800 indicators model-based indicators in 13 enormous datasets from Easy Analytic Software Inc. (EASI). Using input data from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Mediamark, Data-Planet offer your users access to demographic characteristics, consumer spending, and behavior patterns for a wide range of geographic areas—State, counties, census tracts, and block groups.
Coverage dates: 2012 to Current.
This dataset provides historical prices for equities trading on more than 50 global exchanges. Daily open, close, high, low, and volume statistics are reported.
Coverage dates: 1990 to Current.
Provides information, analytics, and news on financial markets. Covers all the major financial markets: equity, fixed income, commodities, and foreign exchange. Limited to 1 user at a time.
Coverage dates: 1970s to present.
A Dow Jones product that provides Business News. Mostly newspaper articles, but also contains Conference Call transcripts, Company & Industry analysis, and Stock Quotes. Contains the Wall Street Journal.
Coverage dates: Varies.
Contains thousands of legal forms available with more forms being added daily. Official, State Specific, Federal, Business, Personal, Real Estate and General forms covering hundreds of legal subjects and issues. Warning: Public users should consult an attorney in your state for serious legal matters. Forms include forms drafted by attorneys for a particular legal matter, forms from public records and participating companies and attorneys. "Official" forms for many states are also included.
Coverage dates: Current.
One of the most popular ways of teaching World History is through the story of Global Commodities and the way in which these transformed the world. This project focuses on fifteen significant commodities whose stories are often intertwined.
Coverage dates: 18th-20th Century.
Provides Company analysis, Industry analysis, Macroeconomic information, Financial information, and News for emerging markets in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.
Coverage dates: Current.
Access competitive benchmarking data by examining industry ratios for public and private companies in 800 lines of business. See both historical and current ratios.
Coverage dates: Three years ago to Current.
Online full text for many of the top consumer legal reference books, plus thousands of forms from Texas and other states to assist the general public in legal matters of all kinds.
Coverage dates: 2000 to Current.
MarketLine Advantage is an interactive platform that gives your students anytime access to a unique mix of company, industry, country and financial data for every major marketplace in the world.
Contains historical data for the following: Commodity Yearbook, Company information from the Million Dollar Directory, Key Business Ratios, Annual Reports, Municipal Manuals, Industry Reports, Ford Equity Research Reports, and SEC Archive Collection.
Coverage dates: 1909 - present.
Provides market research reports for U.S. and European markets. Reports include consumer behavior, SWOT analysis, brand share analysis, advertising, trends, marketing strategies, and more. Also contains reports on specific groups and their consumer behavior.
Coverage dates: 2001 - Current.
An investment database that tracks mutual funds, stocks, and other managed investments. Includes Company Profiles, Financial Information, Key Ratios, Valuation, Transcripts, Analyst Reports, News links, and more. Limited to 2 users at once.
Provides news articles for financial, medical, and legal information. Transcripts and wire services are also available. Other special features include: Company Profiles, SEC filings, Biographies, Country Information, Federal and State Cases, Patents, Broadcast Transcripts, and more. Replaces LexisNexis Academic. Saving documents and searches, and annotating documents are a few of the additional features after registering for a personal account.
Provides research reports, analyst reports, and articles for international company, industry, marketing, consumer, country, and economic information.
Coverage dates: Current.
Private company information including financials, deal history, key contacts, ownership, M&A, venture capital and private equity.
Coverage dates: Current. Some historical financials.
Supply chain information including procurement and purchasing research in the US, with reports on over 1000 product and service categories.
Coverage dates: Current.
A comprehensive source of business and investment information including, Mutual Fund/ETF reports, Bond reports, company profiles, dividend records, earnings guide, stock reports, industry surveys, and more.
Coverage dates: 1996 - present.
Access articles, books, and videos for small business and entrepreneurial topics. Provides information on business basics, industry information by small business type, start-up kits and business plans, and more.
Coverage dates: 1986-Current.
Multidisciplinary statistics database containing 1.5 million statistics, facts and market data with coverage on more than 80,000 topics. Includes industry, company and consumer information, with about 50% of the data from U.S. sources. The remaining information is global, with rich data for Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Statistics can be exported in multiple formats for re-use or additional analysis.
Coverage dates: 2008 - present.
Tracks and forecasts number of weddings, spending, and consumer trends for the wedding industry.
Coverage dates: 2008 to present.
Provides directory lists of American Companies with Global Operations and Foreign Companies with Global Operations.
Coverage dates: Current.
Provides Company, Mutual Fund, and Industry reports. Company Profiles, Financial Information, Analyst Reports, Ratings, and News links are available. Limited to 6 users at once.
Coverage dates: Current.
Contains information on M&A, IPO, private equity and venture capital deals and rumors. The deal reports include financial summaries.
Coverage dates: Current. Some historical.

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