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  • all TCU affiliated individuals Available to current TCU students, faculty, and staff.
  • Faculty staff graduate students only Available to TCU faculty, staff, and grad students only.
  • Brite affiliated individuals only Available to Brite students, faculty, and staff only.
  • Clark Society affiliated individuals Available to Clark Society members.
  • all patrons Available to all patrons.

Databases by Title: V

Value Line Research CenterAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Provides Company, Mutual Fund, and Industry reports. Company Profiles, Financial Information, Analyst Reports, Ratings, and News links are available. Limited to 6 users at once. Coverage dates: Current.
Victorian DatabaseAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Covers the Victorian age, 1830-1914. It lists editions, books, dissertations, and articles published in more than 500 journals in every field of 19th century British Studies. Journal coverage extends from 1945 to the present. Coverage dates: 1945 - Current.
Virginia Company ArchivesAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Contains documents and papers from the Virginia Company of London, 1606-1624. Also documents settlements in North America, including the Bermudas, trade between Britain and America, the ethnic and gender composition of early Virginia, tensions and early relations between colonists and Native Americans, and London’s early economic history. Coverage dates: 1590-1790.
Visual ThesaurusAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
An interactive dictionary and thesaurus. Coverage dates: Current.
Vocational and Career CollectionAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Designed to meet a wide variety of vocational and technical research needs, this database provides full-text coverage for trade and industry-related periodicals. Publications include Modern Machine Shop, Pediatric Nursing, Wireless Week, Restaurant Business, and more. Coverage dates: 1985 - Current.
Vogue ArchiveAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Contains the entire run of Vogue magazine (US edition), from the first issue in 1892 to the current month. Every page, advertisement, cover and fold-out has been included, with rich indexing enabling you to find images by garment type, designer and brand names. Coverage dates: 1892 - Current.
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