Bibliographies on Theology and Ethics

(most but not all) compiled by Charles Bellinger



Bibliography on the History of Christian Ethics (overviews)

Bibliography on Ethics and the Bible

Bibliography on Early Christian Ethics

Bibliography on St. Augustine's Moral Thought

Bibliography on Thomas Aquinas and Medieval Moral Thought

Bibliography on Reformation Ethics

Bibliography on Enlightenment Moral Thought

Bibliography on Modern Christian Ethics

Bibliography on Eastern Orthodox Ethics

Bibliography on Anglican Ethics

John Howard Yoder Bibliography

Selected Works by and about Alasdair MacIntyre



Bibliography on Sept. 11 and Religion

Religion and Violence: A Bibliography


Theology and Philosophy

Bibliography on Soren Kierkegaard

Bibliography on Nietzsche and Religion

Critiques of Enlightenment Thought, from a Theological Perspective

Histories of Christian Theology in the 20th Century

Introductions to Christian Theology

Selected Works of Christian Theology (2000-2004)

Systematic Theologies

Theological Education and Distance Learning: A Working Bibliography

Brite Divinity School Faculty Bibliographies

Bibliographies compiled by others:

Girardian Annotated Bibilography

Mimesis: Documentation of the Mimetic Theory of Rene Girard


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